Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sweaty balls

Two of my classes are made of what could be called "troubled youth.".... generally, young men aged 14 - 17 who come from horrible family backgrounds including poverty, hunger, crime, and substance abuse.  But we have so much fun in class!  My Educational Assistant and I try to make it a warm, safe, welcoming place for them to come.

One student in particular, Harley, is a very shy, hunky Aboriginal dude whose alcoholic mother (we hear) drinks away their entire welfare check.   So Harley comes to school hungry every day and only eats food provided by our Breakfast Club and lunches shared by teachers.

Last week, Harley reached into his front jeans pocket and pulled out some unwrapped Gummi worms (candy)  and offered them to me and some of the other boys in class. Such generosity!

Never mind that the Gummis were covered in pocket lint and God-knows-what, I ate mine and thanked him graciously.  It was such a great gesture that I could not have turned it down.

(As an aside:  once you've taken a random stranger's cock in your mouth, you become a lot less concerned about germs in general)

Just to tease the boys gobbling up their Gummi worms, I said:  "Hmmmm..... I wonder when was the last time Harley washed his hands?   Just  imagine where they've been all day!"

The boys said  "Ewwwww!"  but kept on eating.  Another boy, thoughtfully sniffed his Gummi worm:  "Hmmm.... it smells like sweaty balls!"  lol!  We killed ourselves laughting. So funny!

Later that day, I was at our city-owned fitness facility in the sauna feeling like some pathetic, old perve, checking out some buff straight dudes, around 18 years old.   The dudes were wearing boxers which they had first worn into the shower.  (everyone is  required to cover up in the sauna for hygenic rerasons)

One dude in particular was most spectacular specimen I've ever seen:  5'-10", lean, buff, sharply defined muscles and of Italian descent.  His pale blue boxers clung so his pink ass cheeks were clearly outlined and in front, OMFG, an thick, eight incher flopped.  Just spectacular!

Hunky Dude's Friend:  "This place sucks. The sauna at the ____ Fitness Centre* is way better.  (*a high end private gym).   They have a sauna AND a steam room.

Hunky Dude:  I never go into the steam room there, man.  It smells like sweaty balls!"

So funny!   Two references to "sweaty balls" in one day!   Go figure!

The Italian dude's body resembled the dude, above left. But Italian dude was MUCH younger, more handsome and fantastically endowed.


  1. bwhahahahaha! sorry, buddybear; "sweaty balls" reminds me of the saturday night live sketch. google it!

  2. For some reason I can't quite put my finger on (although I'd REALLY like to) I can't take my eyes off the guy in the gif! :-)

    1. Yes, I have a weakness for uncut cock! But that low-hanging left ball of his is REALLY hanging low, isn't it?. It looks like it could be painful!

  3. Interesting! I wish the guys would strip down at my gym. Most stay as covered as possible when changing.

    Your students are lucky as hell to have a teacher like you. I know they'll do well!

    Peace <3

    1. Thank you!

      Some of the teenage boys at the gym tend to cover up in the locker room (I'm not interested in them, by the way), but all the men who are +18 or so "let it all hang out" when showering and changing.

  4. LOL! Sounds like you guys have a lot of fun in class. That was so nice of him to share with the class, that just goes to show how big of a heart he has.
    Sweaty ball gummy worms, yummy!

    I hope Harley's mom seeks help with her alcohol problem and Harley doesn't follow in his mother's footsteps. All the best to he and his mom!

    I need to start going to saunas!

    1. Hey average gay dude: thanks for commenting! Yes,we do have a lot in fun in class.

      Despite all the turmoil in his life, Harley seems quite happy at school. For kids like him, it's the safest, happiest place they could be.

      ps: I've added your blog to my blogroll.

  5. My eyes spot photo 4 as I can relate to it right now....Getting out of bed naked.....


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