Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Can I help carry in your groceries?"

It's Saturday morning and I'm enjoying a balmy-4 C temperature after a week with overnight lows of -19 C.  I'm just not ready for winter!

My mother is doing extremely well with her recovery from knee replacement surgery, so although I go visit every day, I'm no longer doing ALL the cooking.   But school has become increasingly busy as I take on more and more extracurricular activities.  As well, our local our Pride planning (for June 2015) is in full swing

The other evening, I was running many errands in town, all the while being messaged on Grindr by a horny 19 year old university student.   He was persistent but I was SOOOOO exhausted, I didn't want to hook up with anyone!

When he heard that I was in a food store, he messaged: "Can I help you carry in your groceries?"  lol.  So cute!

With that original pickup line, I caved:  "Oh, all right! Where can I pick you up?"   He was outside his student residence;  handsome, intelligent, 5'-11", a little chunky, very sweet and chatty.

The conversation flowed as we drove the 25 minutes back to my house.  He commented how easy I was to talk to and I said he was the same.

We talked about our respective families and coming-out-stories, and talked about favourite recipes like a couple of old grannies.  His was Chicken Milano which I'd like to try.

He wasn't a gay virgin but had only come out (to himself and his family) about ten months earlier.   He just turned 19 so he was the youngest guy I'd ever been with, but he seemed much older both in terms of maturity and that fact that he was a bigger boy.

He turned out to be a fantastic kisser!  Just amazing!  He wasn't comfortable when I started to do ass play on him but he turned out to have a keen interest in doing it to me, which was fun.  For an inexperienced young man, he was quite aggressive, a real "take-charge" kind of lover

I told him:  "Dude!  You're going to be a real alpha-male!  Just taking charge! You have a great future ahead of you .... just fantastic!"  He smiled but I meant every word.  Oddly, I felt proud of him and his passion.

I dropped him off at his university residence, another 50 km of driving for me, and he messaged me his thanks, hoping that we could get together again one day.  A classy young man!

ps:   I regretfully turned down several offers later in the week from some super-hot young guys.  Although they would have driven out to my place, I said "no".  I was just too exhausted and these offers came too late, after midnight!

As well, I am confident enough to know that these were not the only offers I would be getting.  If they're truly interested, they'll try another time!


  1. I can see what you mean about young guys wanting to hit on you. Lucky you! That is great! I got hit on once out in the country. He basically said hi lets meet for fun. 22 yo and hot! Have fun, buddy! Looks like you are doing great!

    1. It's a slow but steady supply of young dudes at the moment. But as I hit 55 and 60, I expect that the young dudes will lose interest entirely.

      Unlike many gay guys who are ONLY attracted to young dudes, I am attracted to all ages of men, but to be honest, but not much older than me.

    2. You will be surprised that not much will change when you hit 55 or 60 so enjoy, Buddy!!

  2. I'm loving the guy in front of his fridge, wielding a water bottle and, somewhat lower, a classic "blunt instrument!" I think he'd be great fun in the sack. Your 19 year old sounds like a real find; I hope you get a second chance it him!

    1. Yes, I love your "blunt instrument" comment! lol The 19 year old have chatted back and forth on Grindr, initiated by him, so I'm sure we'll get together again.

      But as you told me before,there is a never ending supply of young dudes who keep appearing and many that are hotter than him.

  3. I got some time with the boy last night to and from a club meeting. It's always nice and special. We listed our "to-do" list of his/our holiday break. We're going to be busy!

    Peace <3


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