Monday, November 10, 2014

Naked hunks in the shower

Today's pics are of the sort of men who I see every day:  naked, fit men in the shower and sauna at my local athletic complex. Seriously.

I have now lived alone for two months; all my adult children are more-or-less on their own.  I find myself busier than ever.   This comes after 25 years of living with first my wife, then three kids and a shifting array of several dogs.

Those too were very busy years but all my " busy-ness" revolved around the kids and my ex's ending conflicts and drama.  In those early years, her conflicts centred around her family, then my family and all our neighbours but eventually all that negative attention shifted to me. 

No matter what my life looks like now (People now ask me:  "Aren't you lonely, living way out in the country by yourself?" , no matter what my financial concerns are, I am a million times happier than I was in my marriage.

My school days are very busy and I'm now involved in various extra-curriculars:  the Outers Club, the GSA and this week, I'm going with 45 Student Council students for an overnight wilderness camping trip / retreat.  (ps:  it's snowing with a temp of -11 C.  Brrr!)

My weekends generally take the same path, and this past one was no exception:
  1. I sleep in until (to 9:00 a.m.!) on Saturdaywith my dogs cuddled in on either side of me, to overcome my cumulative exhaustion after a busy week.
  2. I take my Australian shephard for a walk through the bush, off-leash.  I walk 4 km and she probably runs about 10 km.  We do this every day but on weekends, Sammy often gets two such walks:  lucky dog.... and me!
  3. I make progress, however slight, on my never-ending renovations.  My goal is to have my FABULOUS new living room (actually a "Great Room" in realtor-speak) by February. 
  4. I entertain a gentleman callers*, sometimes only one, but on the Thanksgiving Day Weekend, I had several horny young gentlemen (all mid-to- late 20s) here three days in a row.   
  5. *For example, yesterday, I had a skinny, big-cocked 27 year old aboriginal dude (6'-2", 120 pounds) in my bed, the loudest, most passionate and hungriest bottom I've ever encountered.   lol
  6. I visit my parents daily, but on weekends, I ensure than they have a variety of cooked meals prepared for several days.  It's fun treating them to a variety of delicious food such as my father's favourite leek and potato soup.
  7. I go to Homo Depot for building supplies, carefully timing my visits so I can go through the till of one of my regulars, Big Red, to get my Gay Discount.  He applies his employee discount to my purchases.  I used to feel guilty about this but what the heck, Homo Depot can afford it and I pay him back in bed. A win-win situation!   lol
  8. I go to our local athletic complex every day without fail, but some of the time, I'm too tired to do much of a workout.   I content myself with checking out the young men in the sauna (wearing the required towel or even better, underwear which they've showered in) or fully naked in the communal shower.  Every day, I am rewarded with numerous spectacular sightings of gorgeous man flesh such as those pictured here.  I often wonder if the clueless straight boys know they are the objects of such lust.


  1. Scott said...

    This is what I'm thinking. I love going to the gym to workout, boy oh boy, I enjoy my well deserved shower. We have a gang type showers at my gym (about 10 showerheads in one big space) I love seeing all the naked cock, balls, and every other manly parts.


    1. Yes, I love the fact the my athletic complex has a very large communal shower, and plenty of nice men of all ages who aren't afraid of getting naked in front of other men!

  2. When all those people say if you are lonely means they would. Good for you to enjoy your own self! Take some "ME" time out for you! After all you been thru! And you still busy upstairs and down so you are doing well!
    As for the showers, in Vancouver at the baths, I was wondering why a few bench there? One time I took a nice long shower and played a bit with a neighbor, I turned to leave and see a few men sitting on the bench looking at my erection. Ok, now I know. LOL.
    I am glad things are falling into place for you!

    1. Thanks, Rick! I occasionally notice a guy (and one time, a nerdy 15 year old boy) who spends WAY, WAY to long in the communal shower, clearly to check out all the cocks and asses.

    2. I got my erection look at big tome too....From senior males still all naked in the male locker room. I felt embarrassed....And I discovered I was circumcised.....and my penis finally went limp....

  3. Hello dear,

    Partnership? .


    Super Fotos G

    1. I added your blog to my blogroll in the NSFW section. Please add mine blog to your list!

  4. So good to see that you are back posting on a regular basis. Really enjoy what you have to say and the pictures are so good as well. Regards.

  5. "Aren't you lonely...?" Never having been married (or having any live-in, long term relationships), I get that question a lot. I think the proper response is "There's a world of difference between living alone and being lonely!"

    Love this post. Thanks.

    Peace <3

    ps, thanks for the addition to the blogroll!

  6. Just wanted to wish you the best...


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