Monday, November 24, 2014

Naked Hunks in the Snow

It's mid-Monday morning and I'm here tucked in bed with my doggies instead of being in class.  Our first snow day of the year!   Rather..... it's a partial snow day.

We had freezing rain overnight topped with snow; all school buses are cancelled and the rural schools closed including the rural elementary school nearest my home. 

Unfortunately, our school division keeps the city schools open no matter how treacherous the conditions unless the city declares a "state of emergency:, a rarity.  The motivation:  closed schools = no provincial government funding for the day.

This means that teachers and are expected to drive through treacherous conditions to hang around day in school which is 90% empty of students. But to refuse to come in can result in a severe financial penalty from our employer:  two days' lost pay.  (loss of your own salary AND a deduction from your paycheck  to pay the substitute teacher's salary.)

It's a huge pet peeve among us teachers and our union;  there have been teachers killed in highway accidents while attempting to get to school under such inhumane and treacherous

Very early this morning, I received this text from my ex-wife, the first communication we've had in over a month:

Ex-wife:  All school buses are cancelled because of icy roads.   It's okay to arrive late to school or not at all.  But if you do go in, be careful driving.
Buddy Bear:  I won't go to school until the sanding truck has gone by on the highway.    It probably won't be until noon.   It's like a skating rink outside my door;  the worst I've ever seen.
Ex-wife:  Good.  Thanks.
 Buddy Bear:  :-)

My ex-wife knows me extremely well;  better than anyone, in fact.  She knew that I would have attempted to drive in to school no matter now treacherous the roads.  I NEVER miss going to work.  But she managed to convince me to delay my going in until the driving is safer.

I smiled at the text;  at how she is still concerned about me.  She also did an admirable job of trying not to be too bossy which always had the opposite effect on my actions.

I got a little teary-eyed, actually.   After so many years of hatred, bitterness and crazy behaviour, I never thought we'd reach such a state of civility.


  1. I'd rawther (a nod to dr. spo) see your arse in the snow! :-)

    1. I'll post a pic of my arse in the snow, anne marie, just for you. Soon!

  2. I often wonder why school divisions can cancel school because it is too treacherous for students and teachers (and other 10- and 11-month employees), can expect those of us who are 12-month employees to drive up to 25 miles on those same roads to get to work, so we can sit around and do nothing. Ugh.

    Glad to hear things are OK with the ex!

    Peace <3

    1. Interesting to hear that these things happen in other places, too! Snow days must be fairly rare in Virginia, though.

  3. Poor fellows; they are at risk for frost bite.

    1. One way to treat frost bite is by applying body heat ( such as using your mouth) to the afflicted part. In the case of these fine gentlemen, I volunteer!

  4. How did naked snow men numbers two and three manage to avoid any sign of shrinkage in the cold air) Perhaps the snow wasn't the only thing "fluffy" -- maybe they'd been aided by a fluffer -- #3's friend still has his mouth open, I notice. :-)

  5. You're a funny guy! Maybe there was shrinkage happening and they started out much bigger!

  6. being naked in the snow isn't my cup of tea.....I try getting firewood naked from the outside........But now my balls and etcs wanted back inside me..............

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