Saturday, September 24, 2011


Our chilly winter weather is setting in, so here are some pics of hotties in socks.

Arghh!!   My computer is not letting me comment on my own blog!  It's probably due to corrupted cached files or cookies or something, so I'll "restore factory settings" and that should fix it up.

To Will:  you are very wise!.  As our nest emptied out, I doubt our marriage would have survived.  We've had difficulties for a very long time. 

My response to Cubby's comment from yesterday: Yes, we do deal with some erratic behaviour. However, but there has been much improvement in this regard recently as my wife looks forward to moving into her beautiful little house.

We've come to some remarkable agreements about practically every aspect of our settlement with considerable concessions made on both sides.  While I don't want to post the details of our settlement here, I've been shocked at how easily we've agreed on things and how fair they are.

As to the timing, I think everything is proceeding along at a meteoric pace.  Our house will be placed on the market  in a week or two, "as is."   When it sells, the deed of our waterfront house will be placed in my name only and I will buy my wife out for half of its value.  The agreed-upon price that I will pay her hasn't changed for our past three meetings, so I think that is settled.   My wife's house purchase has an "indefinite" closing date, so we don't know when she will be able to move in, but ASAP, we hope.

When we are finally living in our separate houses, we will be financially separate as well, with separate bank accounts, salaries and debt.  After my wife retires in June 2012, I will provide her some income support.  We agreed that all alimony payments from me will stop when I retire in about eight years.  At that time, our pensions will be around the same amount.  

All of our "stuff" will be divided by then as well;  much of this work is already completed as we declutter our house.  Since my wife and I each owned a house prior to marriage, most of our stuff is either hers or mine... or came from one of our grandparents.   Very little of it is "ours" which makes the division much simpler.  Neither of us expects any problem in this area.

Since the kids will continue to move freely back and forth between our houses, there will be no discussion of custody payments.   This has worked out very well since February.  It is starting to look like the kids have some sort of an agreement between themselves to switch back and forth between our homes, although they haven't admitted us.    Although my wife and I enjoy a day or two of "alone" time, neither of us is completely alone for any length of time.

After one year's separation in February 2012, we are eligible to get divorced;  we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  We've too much to think about right now! Getting divorced is a long, complicated process.


The drama with my psycho, druggie sister-in-law continued.  As my wife had predicted, her sister showed up on her doorstep late last night, rambling and incoherent, demanding a place to stay.  All by herself, she had driven the 500 miles from her town along one of the most remote northern highways in Canada.

To her credit, my wife refused entry saying, "You are not capable of making rational decisions.  If I let you in, you would place me and my children at risk" and closed the door.  Her sister left in a huff, saying that she knew someone else she could stay with.  In fact, she knows no one else in our town except me.

My wife then phoned the police for assistance and then phoned me, warning me that my crazy sister-in-law might show up.  My daughter and I spent the evening with the lights off and the doors locked, but she never showed.   After 24 hours, there has been no word as to my sister-in-law's whereabouts.  *

* Update:  sister-in-law showed up safely back in her small town, having driven the 500 miles back by herself..  My wife received a call from her  sister's ex-husband (physically abusive and arrogant when they were married, but he seems very supportive now) who has arranged for her to see a doctor on Monday morning)


  1. Best of luck with that in-law. However, I do hope she is okay. With someone like that, not hearing anything may not be a good thing.
    On a happier note, who would have guessed men in socks would be so sexxy in underwear? I guess any gay guy would have known. I esp. like the second one. Could see having him over for a "slumber" party.

  2. The guy in the last pic... I really want to punish him for wearing those socks.

    The guy in the first pic however, looks like he wants me to cuddle him. Please forward him my address.

    "Meteoric pace" is good description. It's really cool to watch it all happening to you, and really makes me glad for you.

  3. anne marie in phillySeptember 24, 2011 at 4:53 PM

    I want the guys; screw the sox, they are U-G-L-Y!

    happy to hear things are working out well for you, buddybear; you deserve it!

    your SIL needs an intervention BAD. hope she gets the help she really needs.

  4. Ugly socks or not, I wouldn't kick any of them out of my bed. Thanks for visiting!


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