Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Gay Virginity Lost!

Actual picture of Hottie Nurse
Rather, I lost some of my gay virginity but certainly not all of it. 

On Monday, I started my work training in a small city several hours outside of Toronto.  On my first night, I set up my first-ever profile on a gay dating / hookup site.  I used my actual face picture and lots of my Undie Monday pictures.  My tagline:

"47 year old newly-out, formerly married gay virgin wants to get close to a guy for the first time ever.  I just want to suck a guy's cock.  If you wanted to suck mine, that would be okay, too."

On Tuesday, I received this message:  "hey I am interested I would so like to meet u my name is Alex!! And late 40's is cool I like men not boys lol. So let me know where u are and when we can meet up I am free pretty much all day friday!! So let me know."  BOING!!

Alex's profile read:

28, 6'0", 165lb, 32w, Swimmer's, Brown Hair, Smooth, White, Looking for Friendship, 1-on-1 Sex, Misc Fetishes, Relationship.   looking for masc men 30+, Pref hairy and average body type muscular is good too but that's not a requirement!   Also have a thing for bald men!! And for sweaty sex!! love licking a mans armpits mmmmmmm :) but not into stink!  Into kissing, sucking, licking, body contact, fucking and of course getting fucked!!! 100% VERS    And Guys please have a face pic!! Thanx

Alex is a nurse;  that is his actual profile picture above, but I cropped out his face.  He also included a couple of full-frontal pics of himself which I won't share here.  Magnificent, uncut cock.  Although he said he was 28, he looked more like 21. 

Over the next two days, Hottie Nurse sent me over 30 text messages as we gradually got to know each other.   He proposed a date on Saturday at noon when my course was finished.  This was the first time that I was available.  Since he was coming off the night shift, he asked if I would want to cuddle with him, naked, when he had his afternoon sleep; I would sleep as well.  I said, "Count me in!!"   How sweet was that!

At an early stage, I was concerned that Hottie Nurse was naturally smooth and had shaved pubes, the complete opposite of me.  I told him that I had rampant pubic hair and an extremely hairy ball (singular) and a hairy shaft.  I offered to shave my ball and shaft and trim my pubes.  He responded "Yes, please!"  Such a polite Canadian boy!   He added that under no circumstances was I to shave my chest or pits as those were his biggest turn-ons.   I would never have done that, anyway;  I love my fur!

He wanted to hear my voice so we arranged for him to phone me on Friday morning (the day before our planned date) during my coffee break.  He phoned right on schedule.  I asked him, "You do know that I'm over twenty years older than you?"   He responded, "Age is just a number!"   How sweet is that!!  He also commented that he was a pretty relaxed guy;  just go with the flow!  We had a great talk ... very natural and unforced.

He asked if I was smoker. (I don't, he does).   He was quite worried about this and promised to not smoke in the hours before we met and use mouthwash before hand.  I said, "You're a sexy young man who wants to take me into his bed.  Do you think I'll be bothered by a little bit of smoke?  I don't think you get how huge this is for me ....  a middle-aged old fart, a gay virgin like me to be with a hot guy like you?"

He said he wanted me to have good time with him.  I said not to worry, "Every single moment I spend with you will be exciting for me.  I guarantee it.  I want to make sure that you have a good time as well .... that's important to me."

After our phone call, he sent me a dozen texts of increasing intensity which I responded to during class.  Naughty!!   Finally he said, "I can't wait any more!.... I want to see you now!!"  I agreed and told my teacher that I needed to miss my afternoon and evening classes due to my spinal pain.  Liar!   Hottie Nurse was to pick me up in one hour at my university residence.

What followed resembled a slapstick comedy show.  I ran back, twenty minutes in the sweltering heat and humidity, sweaty, disheveled and stinking to high heaven.  I had a quick shower and slathered my cock and ball in shaving cream and quickly shaved myself 'down under'.  Hacking away at your genitals with a razor is a lot more difficult than you could ever imagine.... especially when it is done as a race against time.  I did the deed and discovered that razor nicks on your scrotum bleed very much less than nicks on your face;  who knew?  

I shaved my face to avoid giving Hottie Nurse whisker burn, trimmed my nose and ear hairs, had a second shower, put on my sexiest "fuck me" underwear, jumped into my clothes and raced out the door.

While all this was going on, Hottie Nurse was texting me continuously (while driving!) giving me updates, "Fifteen minutes!" then "I'm turning onto your street!" and "Meet me out front!"  The intensity was insane!   I was thinking,  "Am I really doing this?"

He pulled up, I jumped into his car and off we went!  (Yes, I broke every safety rule by getting into the car of someone who I'd never met.  In fact, he looked a lot like Jeffrey Dahmer.   Kids, do as I say, not as I do)   He wasn't very talkative, but  conversation flowed as we drove to his home the next city, 30 minutes away.  I asked him about his family, his job and past relationships.  Hottie Nurse had been in a LTR with a 44 years old guy for four years, but they split up a year ago.   He asked me about my marriage and my gay coming-out story.  He was very sweet and funny and a very aggressive driver.

We arrived at his rented townhouse where I was introduced  to a late 30ish divorced woman who he shared the house with (awkward!) and went to his bedroom.   I stood there feeling as awkward and uncertain as a foolish virgin from the 1950's .....

This post is long enough;  the description of us 'doing the nasty' warrants its own post.   To be continued in two days....


  1. OK - I'm hooked. Can't wait until the next installment!

  2. Sounds super sexy. Can't wait for next Chapter!

  3. I can't wait to read the next bit. I would also love to see the face pic you posted on the gay networking website.

    The profile pic of hottie nurse is not my normal type but I can imagine how much of a turn on it must have been.

  4. anne marie in phillyJuly 19, 2011 at 4:35 PM

    oh my oh my oh my!

    can't wait for part deux!

    unfortunately, the poor thing seems to have no fur; more's the pity.

  5. The pictures I post on my blog are the sort of men I'm attracted to: 40ish, a bit beefy, masculine and furry. Hottie Nurse was none of those things, but I never would have turned him down, not in a million years.

    What he lacked in muscles and body hair, he more than made up for in energy, persistence, sexual aggressiveness and sweetness. No regrets whatsoever!!

  6. Talk about a 'cliffhanger' ending! Feels more like a 'coitus interruptus'.

  7. I'm "squeeeee-ing" with anticipation of reading all about it.

  8. Please understand I'm not being a tease in dragging this story out. I never write posts longer than two pages as people stop reading them in they're too long.

    Since Hottie Nurse and I texted for several days and were together for about six hours, several posts are warranted, given the level of detail I wish to include.

    To an experienced gay guy, the sex itself will seem very 'plain vanilla', I'm sure, but it was most significant event in my gay journey so far. It "rocked my world", as the saying goes.

  9. You are such a tease. Do us a favor, and contact your friend and ask if he would mind you sharing all the pics! Maybe he wants to be an internet super star?

  10. I feel guilty enough that he doesn't know that his profile picture is being used, so I won't be posting his cock pic. Just imagine a pasty-white, completely hairless boy with a swimmer's body, a fat uncut cock and shaved pubes.

  11. This story is hot, but so is your nurse friend. I'm a little flustered from the pic.
    Definitely want to hear more.

  12. ah the excitement of 'youth" :-)

  13. You honestly think we wouldn't read more than two pages when the story, ah, climaxes at the termination of your gay virginity? Think, man, think! :-)

  14. Hey, in toronto here... just love your blog... found it today, can't stop reading the post :)

  15. Hey NC in Toronto: Thanks for reading and commenting!

  16. Need to hear more! Can't wait. This str8wf get so turned on by gay guys. I look forward to the excitment my husband has with his first encounter. I can't wait to hear the rest and reville in the excitment with you. Congrats!!!

  17. AWILTAGM: I think you are a very special lady. One in a million! You must love your husband very much.

  18. I just turned gay an I want to ave my first experience with some one who really knows what to do. someone hook me up. +256700113603

    1. My first experience was with a fellow who into it big time....and I enjoyed it too...

  19. Dali ,a closeted gay,wrote that his closest friend Lorca yearned for a piece of his ass.He considered himself divine and is not explicit about why they tried but
    without succeeding.He must have behaved like ashy victorian maiden despite his
    love for yopung boys who fucked him for money

  20. Studying your treasure trail photo... I almost sent you a photo of me totally naked. But them I realize why you want to be anonymous, and so do I...............


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