Sunday, July 10, 2011

Checking out the Bulge

World's Gayest Suitcase

As typical of air travel in remote regions, my flight to Gayville took over seven hours with three stop-overs including two changes of planes.   The first three legs of the flight were on a 20-seater propeller plane, a cigar-shaped tin can with no washrooms or flight attendants on board.

Both the pilot and co-pilot were very cute and were good to their uniforms.  The co-pilot was a hottie;  he looked about 18 but had to have been in his early 20s.

My adventure started with some gay omens, positive I hope:

FIRST: I borrowed my mother's suitcase for the trip.  While I am comfortable being semi-out, I thought, "Christ.... do I have to use the gayest suitcase in the world?"   The bright blue case had a green yarn pom-pom tied to it.   Lest it open up in transit, my father tied a rainbow-striped strap around it.  (They just happened to have the strap around;  it wasn't used because I'm gay.)

SECOND: At 6:00 am on the tarmac, the hottie co-pilot looked me in the eye and said "Good morning."  Then his eyes travelled down to my bulge and then back up again.  OMFG!  Hey buddy, you need to learn to check out a guy's bulge more discreetly than that!!  It was a great start to my trip.
Hottie Copilot closing plane door
It was cool sitting close
enough to see Hottie Copilot
working his joystick.

Fantastic rainbow is barely visible in this pic.

THIRD: As we took off on a light rain, a fantastic rainbow came view.  A positive omen, I hope.

I'm completely exhausted so this short post will have to do.   For my next post, I will talk about my first evening in Toronto's gay village.  I was frankly terrified but in the end, I found a situation where I felt comfortable.

My first gay evening worked out just fine.  I didn't lose my gay virginity but had about five minutes of fondling action of the biggest, meatiest black cock  that you have ever seen. The fondling included his magnificent low-hangers, ass crack and inner thighs.   More on that later....


    1. anne marie in phillyJuly 10, 2011 at 7:27 AM

      holy WOW!

      and WHAT ASSHAT flagged your blog as objectionable? I wanna hurt them!

      can't wait for more adventures!

    2. Can I officially say: "Welcum to the club!" :D
      All o-men are on your side!

    3. anne marie: I started using the "Adult Content" warning on my own, in case I have some sexy stories to tell. Even my NSFW blogroll is enough for my blog to be considered objectionable. I didn't want to be shut down by Google.

      DeepBlue: Thanks for the support, Jon! My cock-fondling occurred during a private lap-dance (which I paid for) in a back room at the strip club.

    4. anne marie in phillyJuly 10, 2011 at 12:36 PM

      ah, well, since it was you I don't wanna hurt you! I figured it was some blue-haired sarah palin worshipper trying to shut you down.

      I must say, there are some really N-I-C-E manflesh pix down the right column (the NSFW blogs). yummy yum!

    5. heavens!
      You are going to explode with excitement or have a heart attack!

    6. Hey, man, nice to know your trip started off with good omens! Hope you have fun and come back with happy stories to tell!


    7. I'm always a bit surprised at the indignation of some gay men when they're slapped with the Adult Warning -- myself, I'd consider it a compliment and a "badge of honour" a you in Canada (and Dr. Spo in Phoenix) would say.

      Very nice first experience, and thanks for sharing. Now the real news, for which we all wait in hope along with you, will be when the fondling of the biggest, meatiest, etc., etc. occurs without money changing hands! :-)

    8. Thanks, everyone! Yes, I thought it was pretty lame when I paid for that fondling action. But at this stage of my journey, I thought it was well worth it. "Baby steps."

      Right now, I'm exhausted, a bit sore and have come down with a sore throat / cold. My course schedule runs from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Mon-Fri, so I might take a few days of before pursuing any more gay adventures. I will, however, enjoy looking at the cute fellow students / instructors and speculating on who is gay.

    9. I agree with you; paying for a lap dance seems like a pretty good idea at this stage of your journey. Hey, learn from the professionals, right?

      I laughed at your gayest suitcase ever. And that your father put the rainbow strap on it makes it even funnier.

      I just discovered your blog. I saw your comments on a few other blogs I follow, e.g. Dr. Spo, Conflicting Clarity.

    10. anne marie in phillyJuly 11, 2011 at 5:15 PM

      hey java, what took ya so long? welcome to the party, hon!

    11. Mr. Co-Pilot totally wanted you, I can tell. Did he invite you come to the cockpit and play with his stick? C'mon, you can tell...

    12. You paid to fondle big, meaty, black cock. Man, when you come out, YOU come out, 'bout time! So tell me, did you have a change of shirt ready, because, you know, your first shirt was covered in drool from the meat handling? LOL

    13. Uh, yeah . . . he's a hottie!


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