Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hot Male Strippers Up Close

This is just a short post as my course is very intense and exhauting, running till 8:00 pm most nights.

I arrived at Toronto's gay village at nine o'clock on Friday evening. I was in equal parts exhilarated and terrified. (and exhausted... I'd been up since 4:30 am to make my flight, followed by seven hours of air travel and a three hour drive into Toronto.)   Exhausted or not,  I was determined to get my "gay village" experience.

It was far too early as every club and stripper place was empty.  Also, as Bear of a Man pointed out, "Pride finished less than a week ago so most gays in the village are still recovering from the drugs and booze."

The sidewalk cafes were packed. I walked up and down the street and browsed in every sex shop. I'd planned on making some purchases but frankly, I was overwhelmed by the walls lined with lube, porn DVDs and sex toys of all description. The massive dildos, some of them three inches in diameter just grossed me out!!   Who would ever use them?  Surely, a "fringe" activity!

At home, I am used to being checked out in public by (probably closeted) guys. As I walked down Church Street (looking pretty hot, he says modestly, in biker boots, tight button-fly jeans, tight v-necked Tee), I was struck by the fact that nobody seemed to be checking me out.  After a long while, I figured out that I was being checked out.  The experienced gay guys were just a lot more skilled at it, looking generally in my direction rather than doing the blatant staring-at-the-crotch thing.

Everyone in the Village seemed so relaxed, happy and having a fantastic time.   And EVERYONE looked very stylish, slim and super-hot.  (except perhaps, the sweet 80ish gay couple who had their pants pulled up under their armpits.)

All at once, it was just too much.  I needed to find a more comfortable place so I walked to Remington's , a mainstream male strip club outside of the Village.  It was also empty with just an Asian bachelorette party in progress and a fat teenage boy and several elderly American men watching the show.

I sat down very close to the runway and watched the continuous parade of hot male strippers.  Every one was gorgeous and as sexy as hell, aged from about 20 to 27.  (I asked them their ages later, when they came by to 'visit.')

It was so hot watching them gradually peel off their tight shirts and jeans right in front of me.  The best part was seeing their cocks jiggle as they strutted their stuff.  I instantly got a stirring in my nether regions.

As part of their schtick, the stripper boys would all make eye contact with me (and the other customers) as though they were doing a private strip-tease.   Very embarrassing but so hot...  Sadly, all the guys were shaved, pubes and all.  Ick!

They all had the sexiest undies, mainly pouch-type briefs, no thongs or G-strings.  Some would take their undies right off and fondle themselves, some would just tease with a peek... it was so intense seeing this from just a few feet away.  All the boys were uncut and came in a variety of sizes from average to large to monster. All their cocks were just beautiful.

Sorry to drag this soap opera out, but I am sooo tired... I'll try to finish the stripper story tomorrow. A teaser:  the hottest part was not the nekkid lap dance itself, but having all the hottie strippers trying to sell me their lap dances by pressing up beside me, sweet-talking, rubbing their hands over my nips, inner thighs and bulge.... raging hard-on.


  1. I love reading about your adventures. It almost feels like I was there with you.

  2. No lap dances? Stripping is work and the bills for books and tuition will be due soon!

    Will J

  3. Congrats on your 1st male strip club - I'm usually shy in those places - I find that they are too overwhelming...but the hot guys in tight undies - ummm.....sweet!

  4. Toronto's one of my favorite cities. Never had that experience there.

    The one time I ever saw male strippers (not fully nude, though), I was really surprised that there was no restriction on touching. With female strippers, they're very strict about that.

    Glad you're having a good time.

  5. I can see I must plan trip to Toronto. And soon. Glad you are having fun.

  6. I'd strongly recommend the gay scene in Montreal over Toronto any day!

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