Monday, July 25, 2011

Wrestler Eye-Candy

How about a change of pace from  my recent posts about my slutty activities?

Several years ago when I was "straight", the Canadian  national university wrestling championships were in town.   For $10, you could watch the muscular, testosterone-fulled guys in action, bulging in their spandex singlets, grunting,  grinding, sweating and putting their hands all over another man....   I so wanted to go, but I just didn't dare!  How could I explain my being there! 

The irony was, when I was in high school phys. ed., I hated wrestling .  The stink!  Touching another guy!  Feeling his package mashed up against you!!  Ewww!   I just hated it!!

After my session with Hottie Nurse,  I  now have an insane craving to have private match with any of these guys.  Just the thought makes me salivate.   Pin me!  Pin me!  All pictures are from the blog College Wrestlers.


  1. OMG -- Love it... First pic and THOSE LEGS!!!!! mmmmmm

  2. I would probably get pinned quickly by those guys hehe

  3. Thanks for commenting, everyone! Hey RAD HOMO, I didn't know you looked at my blog. Exciting!! My all-time favourite wrestler pic #1 is of Tommy Rowlands, formerly of OSU.

  4. anne marie in phillyJuly 25, 2011 at 4:25 PM

    I think there are nicer hawt pix over at sean's "undie monday" today.

    just sayin... ;-)

  5. Number one is number one!! :-)

  6. Am I seeing things or is the guy in Red excited?
    And your Eww comment makes me think of all those guys in high school who made similiar comments. I would think the 100% straight guys (if there even is such a thing) would care at all.

  7. A gay student at my daughter's high school was on the wrestling team and told me that the majority of the team was gay. He said they had a very goood time.

  8. The ancient Greeks always wrestled in the nude.That was the whole point, to ogle at naked men.
    it is fascinating to go to a modern wrestling match. The amount of assurance and denial there is anything homoerotic about Wrestling is extreme.

  9. I love it when college wrestlers pop a boner during matches because of the adrenaline pumping in their system during the competition.

  10. Anonymous: Yes, Mr. Red is excited for sure; it must be pretty common during wrestling matches.

    Dr. Spo: you're a font of knowledge about so many things!

    RG: Yes, that must be pretty hot, as there is no hiding a guy's erection in a wrestling singlet. I'd love to go to a real-life college wrestling match.

  11. First of all, love me some wrestling bulge and some sweaty man-to-man action is alway apropos. I've thought about hitting my high school wrestling matches, but like you, wouldn't know how to explain my being there... and they're kind of young, so it's kind of pervy.

    One thing I wanted to say was, it's so nice, even in the short time that I've known you, to see you exploring your sexuality. You're coming out of your shell in a wonderful journey and I'm happy for you :)

  12. Thanks, D@vid, for your sweet comments! Yes, since I admitted I was gay seven months ago, I've been determined to push ahead with my journey. My journey is far from over; I'm going through a major step ahead (?) right now. It is so exceedingly stressful that I cannot blog about right now but hope to soon.

    For us 40ish guys, watching a high school wrestling match would be very weird and pervy. I would only go to watch a university-level match.


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