Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lap Dance

At Remington's, the hottie, shirtless off-duty strippers mingled continuously with the customers.  Since there were very few customers, I got far more attention than would normally have occurred.

The first hottie sat down beside me on the couch, his thighs pressed firmly against mine and began running his hands along my inner thighs to caress my bulge which instantly became a raging, rock-hard boner.  He asked sex-related questions, his face pressed very close as his hands moved all over me, my shoulders, my nips and thighs.  I know all this is to get money out of lonely gay guys craving affection but for me, it was the most intensely gay erotic experience ever .... insane.

Then he asked if I wanted to go with him to a back room.  Shocked, I said "What for?"   I finally understood it was for a private lap dance and we discussed what it involved and the price.

After a while, the next guy came by to try to sell me his lap dance.  The guys were all insanely sexy.  I tried to engage them in conversation. Age?  Do they have another job? How long have they been doing this?  Gay/ straight?  When did they know they were gay?  Where are they from?  

I had similar visits by at least six  guys, all in turn.  Some were sweet Canadian boys (probably straight) who seemed almost shy.  These ones were not the slightest bit touchy-feely.... a disappointment. By now, I wanted to be touched by all these sexy young men.  

The youngest stripper, a sweet Italian boy, didn't do the subtle caressing-of-the-inner thigh thing but grabbed onto my erection like there was no tomorrow, kissing my cheek all the while.   I asked him, "How old are you, young man?"  (20)  and "How old are your parents?"  (younger than me.)  He said, "What, you do think I'm too young?"   I told him to just go away!!   

I watched the strippers perform for another hour while I made my agonizing decision;  which one was I going to pick for my lap dance?   In the end, I picked the guy with the biggest cock, a big, muscular Hispanic guy with a huge, meaty uncut cock and a big set of low-hangers.  Hmmm ... size Queen?

We each paid $5:00 for the room and I paid him $20:00 for about three minutes.  We went into the booth where he stripped naked, stood in front of me and I fondled his cock and balls for a bit and pumped it as though I was giving a hand-job.   I'd never touched a man's cock before, let alone an uncut monster like this one, so it was pretty exciting; I was rock-hard the whole time.  I had an intense craving to have his cock in my mouth and asked if I could do that.  It was against the rules.

He straddled me and I cupped his balls and ran my hands over his nips briefly.   I had him turn around and ran my hands up and down his inner thighs and ass crack.  While it was very pleasant, I found the "sales jobs" of the hottie stripper guys way more erotic.  This was bit clinical.

I returned to the main floor and a smiley, blonde 27 year old stripper came by to sell me his lap dance.  He asked me about my history and I told him about being lately gay, married with kids.  He was very gay, interested, sweet, intelligent and enthusiastic.  He became engrossed in our conversation and soon forgot about selling me his lap dance, He said, "For me, it is not about the sex;  it is the most important part is to have an emotional connection."   Words of wisdom indeed, from a most unlikely source!

I instantly had lap dance buyer's remorse.   I should have had this young man for my lap dance!  Darn!!  The big-cocked black guy was okay, but he wasn't as into it as I would have hoped.

From my vast experience in private lap dances, here is some advice:
  1. Keep an eye on the time during the dance.  Overtime fondling minutes are very expensive!
  2. Bear of a Man suggested, "Be selective about the private dances, I've had some great ones and some real flops! If you can pick out the gay guys, they do tend to be more engaged and really enjoy themselves more, which I find makes it more enjoyable."
  3. If you want to see the ultimate in hot male strippers and acts, go to Montreal and not Toronto.
  4. I recommend that you forget about the paid lap dance completely.  Find yourself a 28 year old hottie who wants to have sex with you for free.  That way, you will have hours of intense kissing, mutual fondling, the giving and receiving of blowjobs and you can fondle his cock and have it in your mouth for as long as time as you want.  This is exactly what  happened to me later in the week ..... yes, I lost my gay virginity!!! (part of it, anyway). 


    1. Once again you have achieved your goal....step by step. Congratulations on this success in your journey. No longer a virgin...I am happy for you!!

    2. I find chatting in strip clubs sometimes a waste of time....if I'm there for a mission, I just see the guy that turns me on most 1st instinct is that I'm right...and then go for it. But yes be carefyul about the dancers - 1 song can turn into 3 and then ou find yourself soon paying $60 instead of $20....

      But happy you're out there and experiencing that part of your life.

      Like Bear of A Man has said - Montreal has some of the best strip joints anywhere - my numerous friends from Montreal have said that!

    3. I can't wait for the full report buddy bear! Those first time stories really get me going!

      Don't make us wait too long.

    4. Wow, you're certainly making up for 'lost' time, aren't you? I'm with Jack above in wanting to read about the next stage of your progress, with ALL the details - and quickly!

    5. I'm so happy for you! Sounds like you really really enjoyed it. Have to say, I was worried it wouldn't be all you had hoped for.
      And of course I am jealous of the guy.

    6. Thanks, guys! Yes, I planning on blogging about my "first time" in a couple of days. I have a "free" afternoon and evening but am debating whether or not I should try another hook-up. I'm too tired and still have an "after-glow" from my first, so maybe not.

      Skier: thank you! Yes, I was incredibly lucky to find (rather, he found me) a sweet, safe guy for my first time. He was so passionate, so completely into me, he might be a tough act to follow!

    7. Well, you've accomplished two things (separately). You've had a tryst and you've also helped some lad with next term's books and fees ;-)

    8. Damn, boy, you sure know how to write a hot blog post! I think it's exciting you got to spend time in a male strip club. I've never been in one. I don't even know where (what city) to find one. Are they only in the mega-cities like Toronto? I'd love to see a man stripping.

    9. Congratulations! I am glad your first time was a wonderful experience! There is a whole world out there to explore!!

    10. Will: Yes, I agree...that young man certainly needed the money. Some of the strippers were students at the university on the same street. I know they weren't lying because I discussed their courses with them, having graduated from the same program myself.

    11. Cubby: I was just describing exactly what I saw. What I liked best about these strippers is that they came on stage in jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt or tank top. They just looked like every other sweet, sexy university boy you see on the street.

      But then, you get the bonus of seeing exactly what they are packing under their jeans. It was surprising to me that a few did not have a particularly impressive bulge in their jeans, yet had really big cocks. It's a mystery!

      Toronto is good place to see male strippers; the strippers there (as I observed) seem to be allowed to not only strip completely naked, but also to have erections on stage. (hot! hot! hot!). If I were you, I would drive a few hours more as the Montreal gay scene cannot be beat!!!

      Wouldn't that be fun to have our next blogger meet-up there!

    12. Montreal - 5 hours. Hmm. Loved the description of Remingtons. I got . . . distracted.

    13. hohoho
      I go away for a few days and find all of this!
      Jolly good fun!

    14. 'bout time! BTW, I'm available for tips on writing hot smut.

    15. RG: Thank you! I've given two blowjobs so far and I think I'm good at it... darn good! Just call me 'Deep Throat King'. Of the two BJs that I've received, I don't think either of the guys was really good at it although there was still pleasure to be had.

    16. Now you have thrown down the gauntlet! I think we 3 (or mor) guys blindfolded. They we will see Who is "Deep Troat King" Cubbie can moderate.

    17. Well just look at you! Great news and sincere congratulations. It not only gets easier from now on, but better, as you explore and become more skilled -- I'm very happy for you.

      The scene in Montreal is very fine indeed -- I think you'll have a good time there.

    18. first of were here in toronto?! how'd i miss that?

      second, you're 100% right about montreal, although the whole "against the rules" is a little bogus.

      whenever i used to get lapdances (haven't been in a million years), i ask the dancer, "what are YOUR rules?" i've given and received some nice hummers in those private rooms!

    19. Kevin, I was only there for two evenings. Sorry! Next time we should try to arrange a meeting! "What are YOUR rules?"... excellent advice. I wish I had know that going in!


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