Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spo-Shirt in the Bathtub

Dr. Spo commented recently, "Buddy Bear is sure getting his money's worth with that shirt!"  It's made several blog appearances so far: the shower shots, front and rear, and the Spo-shirt strip tease.

It is a beautiful shirt made with quality fabric, bright colours,  the coolest pattern and impeccable workmanship. (Dr. Spo, you're quite the seamstress!!)  More importantly,  it represents an community, a bond between guys (and now one gal!) all over North America to which now I belong.  Very exciting!!

I had a great deal of fun wearing it and taking pictures in many different settings.  The Spo-shirt arrived during a very difficult week with some upsetting custody issues, so it served to cheer me up enormously.  Things have settled down once again and it ended up not being the "all or nothing" arrangement which it initially seemed. To be perfectly fair and realistic, we now have an arrangement which closer reflects what everyone in the family needs, rather than just what I want.

Here is the where the Spo-shirt has been so far.  The list below was borrowed (with permission) from Erik who is adorable, very funny and a total hottie.

"She is a Warrior Queen. An amazing woman - straight - who has done more for gay rights and championed our causes than most gay men I know. I am honored so she is part of the fundraiser!"

 This post was composed during our morning rush so I'm completely out of time!  I will post just one pic now and the rest tomorrow.   I attempted to recreate studly Daniel Craig's famous naked-in-the-bathtub pic.

This pic of Daniel Craig is from Love is the Devil... a "must-see" gay-themed film.


  1. when I bring my lil yellow rubber duckie may I join you in the bathtub then? ;) damn sexy buddy, looking forward to the other pics

  2. Hmmm, try recreating the shot again, only without the bubbles and shirt. You are way hotter than Daniel Craig.

  3. Nick: a tempting offer! At this point, I don't think I'd say "no" to anything.... and I'm not kidding.

    "Hotter than Daniel Craig?" That's a bit of an overstatement, isn't it, Cubby? Just looking at Daniel makes my man-panties moist. I'd love to have his muscles, but must he be so hairless?

    Cajun: You're funny!!!

  4. Overstatement? Craig looks like a 12 year old hairless boy. You are all man. Yes, I equate manliness with hairiness.

  5. Your bath tub scene is way hotter! Please show us more:)

  6. Thanks, guys! You're too kind! I'm running out of naughty Spo-shirt pics... only a couple left, although there are a great many of the less-revealing variety.

    Anyway, I'm thinking I should alternate the smutty exhibitionist posts with the serious tale of a gay dad coming out, sad and angst-ridden. That was the original goal of this blog. It's funny, I don't feel the slightest bit sad or angst-ridden, most of the time!

  7. Well, you didn't re-create the scene exactly....but, "that will do pig. That will do." LOL

  8. RG: I'm clueless about these movie and music references that keep coming up in comments. I had to google to find that ending quote from the movie Babe. Too funny!

  9. hohoho
    I go away from blogging for a few days and you run amok. You take the prize as the fellow who seems to have had the most joy from this. Jolly good fun!

  10. I really did, Dr. Spo, thanks!! I am expecting that when other bloggers receive the shirt (Kelly?, D@vid?) that we will get to see some interesting pics as well.

  11. You had WAY too much fun with The Shirt! My adventures pale in comparison, but I did have some laughs with it. Whenever someone complimented me—which was a lot—I explained the purpose behind it. My boss brainstormed about the idea, and we may actually do something like this with our elementary kids at the church. Well, not like YOU did.

  12. Seems I caused a stir with my first effort at comment.

    Let me try this again. Birdie is going to receive the cleanest Spo-shirt in history! And, as opposed to others (ahem!) wear it appropriately. ;-)

    What great fun this has been.


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