Saturday, April 23, 2011

Snowy Easter Weekend

We woke up to about four inches of wet snow this morning and it's still snowing heavily.   I love snow and winter and all, but really?  Snow at the end of April!!

Combined with the lousy weather,  I am going around with a huge knot in my stomach;   there will be a small family event later compete with a with a face-to-face meeting     I always appear to be outwardly  positive and optimistic, and I really am most of the time, but the reality is that my gut doesn't lie, I am still pretty tense in these situations.  I just want to be done with all of this!

I have nothing of substance to blog about and I have no half-nekkid Easter-themed pictures of myself  (next year, I promise!!).   So, one day early,  here are some Easter hotties to brighten your day.
The pic of this guy bones me up a little every time I look at it:  I think it's those beautiful thighs.

Jewellry designer Dean Harris
This boy will be a hottie one day, when he grows some fur.
I think men with a bit of salt-and-pepper are hot.  Several bloggers recently, BrettCajun and CB and a couple of others have discussed Just for Men hair dye. Don't even think it! You look fantastic just the way you are!!

Here's a shout-out to a new blogger, Mack, who is writing It must be around here somewhere which I've added to my blogroll.   

Mack is a early 30s, bisexual, married closeted guy with a story very similar to mine.   The main difference is that he is much younger than me and is childless. He is at a crossroads in his life and unsure of how to proceed. 

Mack, I suggest you read the blogs on my Gay/Bi Guys: Married / Divorced with Children blogroll (I'm sure you're already read some of them.)   Please regard each of these as a cautionary tale.  My unsolicited opinion:   no matter how strongly you might desire children, it would be terribly unfair to your wife and future family to bring children into this situation without your wife being told about your sexuality. 


  1. The bunny picture cracks me up, and we have pouring rain and 5ºC here. I don't think that's much better.

    To your point, though, these family obligations, I imagine can be awkward. Sometimes anxiety, though, can overpower the gut feeling. It might be ok, it might be awkward. Probably won't be as bad as you imagine. Just think of it this way: either way, when it's done, you can go and have a stiff drink.

  2. Thanks, Mack! Your first comment!! It will be fine... When I'm alone, I tend to brood about these things. There will be no conflict or unpleasantness because the kids will be with us; we always behave appropriately in front of them.

  3. I was so happy Easter was so late this year cuz i thought the weather would be awesome. Turns out that it isn't better over here. 5ºC and rain too!
    Talk about global warming. ;)
    Happy Easter anyway. Still one more day and it'll be over. Then... the elections! :p

  4. In southern England today has been sweltering. (Heh heh!) Well, okay, sweltering in OUR terms - 70-75 degrees F, which is way TOO hot for me.

    I see that the bunny above is hiding an hirsuted face. What a tease! But I'll bet he has rabbity appetites, if you get my meaning. (nudge nudge, wink wink.)

    I too have often thought about using 'Just For Men' but I'm told that once it's been applied for the first time it's (a) rather obvious and (b) you've got the hassle of keeping up the 'deception' for those who didn't know you before. So long ago I decided to let myself slide into the 'salt and pepper' look, though for some time the former has been much more predominant.

    ....and oh yes, that Dean Harris is one hell of a hottie!

  5. Cute pics... I'd cry if it snowed at this point in the year. I want to feel the warmth of sun on my face and to leave my jacket in the closet.

    I'm curious to read how Easter turns out for you and will keep you in my thoughts.


  6. Just remember to wear your Gay Briefs with Magic Superpowers and you'll be OK.

    More seriously, I imagine that your trepidation is the combination of both familiar and unknown with the hope that everything can be OK, but the knowledge that it can all turn on a dime based on your past experience. Cut everybody a bit of slack in all of this -- you've probably never done it this way before and you are all trying to figure out what the new fit will be (keep in mind that this is practice - life continues on for all). So, trust your gut (ie if something doesn't feel right it probably isn't), but look for and try to discover the kernel of truth in it. If you do, maybe you can come to terms with it before your obligations so that you can respond rather than react.

    Good luck.

  7. anne marie in phillyApril 23, 2011 at 12:39 PM

    I second will. and I would like the hottie with the jelly beans down his back...I could eat them all, one at a time, until (wink wink)!

    you will be fine, step at a time!

  8. 78f in the shade here, getting ready to turn on the AC...

  9. BosGuy - I don't know what Boston you're living in, but it's raining, damp and cold today. There's only been one day where I could leave my jacket at home.

    I'll take the bearded guy with the bunny ears. Have him gift wrapped and delivered to my apartment. Put him on my account. Thanks.

  10. Well I can't complain about the weather but it's a but rainy here in my little corner of the world :)

  11. the trouble with hair dye is once you do it, it must be continued. and that is a nuisance.
    On the other hand, the chin whiskers go first and quickly make me look quite old - and it is easily remedied with Hair for Men or whatever.

  12. Everyone: thanks for commenting and for your support! Our little event went well... I'll mention it in my next post. With every thing like this that we do, we make progress forward, however small.

    RG: Yes, I find that beefy-thighed, bearded, masked, lean-torsoed and fuzzy-legged bunny incredibly hot! I think it's the pink socks.

    anne marie: I wonder how they got the Easter eggs to cling so, as the curve of his ass crack curved downhill.

    Ur-spo: I had forgotten about that; excellent point!! If allowed my whiskers to grown, the grey would make me look like a grizzled old man. My beard is so patchy that I'd never keep it, anyway.

  13. You got 4 inches? I would have figured you had a lot more than that. Just make the most of what you've been given.

  14. Cubby: LOL. The key is to accentuate the positve.

  15. BTW, thanks for the shout out. Somehow, when I read this post the first time, I missed it. Did you add it later, or am I just blind? (I suspect the latter)

  16. I dont know why I have not run across your blog before... but glad I have now... you are on my RSS feed now...look forward to reading more!!

  17. Mack: You're not blind. I added the "shout-out" afterward, in response your earlier comment on this list.

    I later worried that I was being presumptuous in offering you advice about not having children. My experience of coming out and negotiating a marriage break-down is that it's infinitely more complicated and painful with children in the mix.

    Kelly: Thank you! How very exciting!!

  18. No. It's not too presumptuous. It came off as genuine advice.

  19. I agree--the first picture is HOT!

  20. Hi Michael: thanks for commenting and for adding yourself as a follower!


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