Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boxers or Briefs, continued

UPDATE:  Be sure to check the pics on the first post on this topic, Boxers or Briefs?

The comments on yesterday's underwear post were just incredible!!  Thank you all!  Everyone seems to have such strong preferences about their underwear choices.   I was the most surprised at the number of guys who like freeballing (or 'going commando' for the politically correct.).... and here I thought it was just me. 

Jockstraps:  Nothing makes me feel sexier than a wearing a jockstrap, especially under jeans or dress pants.  Great frontage support and the straps cupping under my ass feel great!   I love the feeling of my butt cheeks flapping freely as I walk (my butt cheeks don’t actually flap.... but it’s just knowing that they could flap ...... )

It seems that teenage boys and young men no longer wear jockstraps for sports which require  a protective cup;  it's UnderArmour compression shorts all the way.  Jockstaps, I think, will aways remain a favourite of gay men.  My black jockstrap (pictured at left) and my white one ( front and rear views) were bought for one dollar each at a clearance outlet!  Score!!!

Freeballing:   I never miss an opportunity to  freeball.   I think freeballing is best done with track pants or shorts..... much less chafing;  you must check out D@vid's magnificent freeballing in shorts picture.  During my regular work visits to college campuses, there are sexy college boys freeballing in trackpants and shorts everywhere.  It’s a major distraction, all those dicks flopping this way and that.  I wonder if those boys know how sexy they look while freeballing; I'm starting to think that they doing it just to tease. 

Although the boy pictured at left is not my type, I wouldn't kick him out my bed either.  I'm sure he'll look better one day when he grows some hair.  (from my fave,  The Homo Adventures of Ronny and Tito)

FACT OF THE DAY:  Did you know that the longer the pendulum (ie:  a cock), the slower it will swing back in forth?  When guys are freeballing in track pants or shorts, shorter cocks will swing back and forth very quickly while longer cocks will swing back and forth more slowly.   So... now you know.  Watch for it!

Thongs:  Here's me at work today (in a bathroom with a lock on the door!):  black blazer, black Tee, dark jeans, dress shoes and a thong.  I don't mind how I look or feel wearing it, but I have yet to get used to the string wedged up into my crack.

Thongs aren't my favourite thing and I don't think average men look particularly sexy in them.  I think thongs are at their best on a stripper on-stage or some well-built young guy with an amazing bubble butt. And thongs worn by tubby, middle-aged men... please forget that idea!!!  

Warning:  do not even consider a thong if you have to bend over or squat down a lot at your job.   The string sawing back and forth against your a__hole is incredibly uncomfortable... oh, the chafing!!!

Bikini briefs: I love wearing them as they make me feel darn sexy, especially under skinny jeans.  Please beware that with some styles, you spend all day picking the bikini wedgie out of your ass.... and some are as comfortable as wearing a tourniquet.

These Ginch Gonch  bikini briefs (purchased at a thrift shop) have fun patterns but they are very uncomfortable to wear all day.  They have no ball room at all and believe me, I'm not very big.  All the 2xist  styles are by far my favourites because they have the best pouches and are extremely comfortable to wear.


  1. You big teaser... You make me even loose my french!!! :-)
    The best think about thongs is that you can usually rip them off easily, hihihi!!!

  2. Indeed a tease... Just the right amount of fur and I, for one, could care less about size so long as the package is there!

    Love ya Buddy.... Tom

  3. Woohoo! A bunch of new pics to add to my secret buddy bear file to peruse at a later time when I'm alone and sans clothing...he he he.

  4. Deep Blue & Tom: thank you! You're too kind!

    Sean: go for it, buddy! Don't hold back!!

    anne marie: Thank you! Also, I wasn't kidding about my grandmother's "healthier and happier life." All of her corseted friends developed serious digestive and other health problems in later life; my grandmother was a healthy as a horse to the end.

  5. You are totally getting off doing this, aren't you. You are evil, sitting at home thinking of more ways to give innocent guys like me big hardons, torturing us, making us leak in our shorts. Is this what you want? Is this what you're after?!

  6. Wow- I love your front and back shots in the white jock strap - I almost choked on my dinner whilst I was looking at your post!
    I'm over the briefs and into jockstraps and low hipster trunks. I find the best trunks with a great and comfortable pouch is D&G - it feels so great against your skin! For straps - I love my Andrew Christians!
    Anywho's - thanks for sharing your sexy pics - you do look great in those thongs!

  7. I didn't realize you had a blog... I'm now following it on Google reader

  8. A topic that gets everybody going! Such fun to read! I have too much underwear. I like new ones, so when they start to age, I stop wearing them. But I can't seem to throw them away!

    I've been through phases with bikinis (can't do that any more), traditional tighty whities (don't do those any more, either. I don't like the fly), boxers, knit boxers (I liked those but the leg band wore out too quickly), boxer briefs, and standard no-fly briefs (which is what I'm currently wearing).

    I don't like the idea of a thong (for the same reasons you mention), but I have done the jock a few times either under jeans (very nice feeling) or under office drag (I don't do office drag any more since I quit working for a living).


  9. On a tangential subject I am more than a little surprised at reading how common wearing undies in bed seems to be. I thought it only happened in films, and has always struck me as being unrealistic. Don't guys find it uncomfortable in not giving free rein to one's 'night-wood'? Speaking for myself I can only wear pyjamas with open-fronted-bottoms in Winter and nothing at all in the Summer. Part of me demands the space to expand and would resent being constrained. Got to keep the entire body happy!

  10. sexy pics, made me drool. didn't u freeze your balls off? lol I'd have a warm place to defrost them *wink*

  11. SteveA: too bad I wasn't there to give you the Heimlich maneuver. I must try the D&G and the Andrew Christian trunks. The Andrew Christian guys are always super hot... don't think their undies will look quite the same on me.

    Brent: that's great! We have quite a few similarities in our journeys, you know.

    WCS: Thanks for sharing! Not too much information at all!

    Raybeard: I agree completely.

    Adam: you're a tease! Thanks for the kind offer. It was a "balmy" spring day... around the freezing point and I was only half-nekkid for a few minutes.

  12. Reading about the college guys going commando in their shorts or sweatpants inspired me to find my old fraternity shorts. It didn't take long to find and put them on (without underwear), but I must report that they still fit, although a little tight in a few places, the right places. Heck, I think they look better on me now than they did back in college oh so many many years ago. Memories.

  13. Don't worry about your discomfort in the Ginch Gonch. When you look like that, I'll help you remedy the situation - you won't be wearing them around me very long.

  14. Heavens to betsy; I go away for a few days and One Step at a Time goes running into rated "R" hohoho

  15. MiddleMan: yes, I bet you fill out your fraternity shorts beautifully.

    Will: that's good to know!

    Ur-spo: I resemble that remark!

  16. thanks nice share,.... hahahahaha

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