Saturday, April 9, 2011

Casual Friday Hotties

A headless, pantsless and charmless Spo-shirt pic:  a pale imitation of the sexy original.
Recently, I was at my wife's house making a delivery.  I had hoped to just leave immediately but, instead, was invited to stay for supper. It was the first time the four of us sat down at a dinner table since my coming out and our separation three months ago.
The meal was extremely tense, but I think most of the tension came from me.  After years of relentless criticism,  complaints and blame, I was like a kicked cat ...  twitchy and nervous.  However, the meal passed without incident and I did appreciate this small opportunity for normalcy in our family.  Another small step forward!
For the first time, I am now starting to think what it would be like to put myself "out there", to make new gay friends, attend gay events and even begin dating guys.  I'm not ready for all of this just yet but I know I will be, one day.  For now, perving on hot guys will have to do.

In my workplace, we regularly get university students as interns.  At present,  we have seven interns, one woman and six young men in the 23 - 30 age group. Five of the six guys are very hot.  In fact, two of these interns are working under me.... Sean!   RG!   get your minds out of the gutter!!  They're under me...but are not actually ....  under me... well, I wouldn't mind if they were under ... er... oh, you know what I mean .....

As if by design,  every one of these beautiful young men showed up yesterday in jeans and dress shirts for Casual Friday.  All the jeans were some very cool brand, some distressed and all were accented by impeccable dress shoes.   Since when did small-town 20-something young men wear such tight(ish) ass-hugging, bulge-accentuating jeans?  Eye-candy at the photocopier!!  They were all slim of hip with flat abs and lovely legs.... just great!

In the past, we've had our share of male interns who were gay, either fully out or more private about their sexuality.   Earlier this year, one hot intern in his mid 30s was, I'm very sure, in deep denial about his gayness..... it takes one to know one!!!  More on him in another post.

I've always enjoyed my conversations with the gay ones in particular;  they probably suspect that I'm 'one of the family.  I'm fairly sure that most of the present group are hopelessly straight;  still, it is a great pleasure to be working closely with them.

We do get some young woman as  interns.  Generally I find them uninteresting :  they are so serious, they try too hard and always have to "prove" something.  Unfair, I know, since I am a gay man, but I find the young men more enthusiastic and a lot more fun to be around.


  1. Your nut-sack is showing in your Spo Shirt pic. And what a lovely nut-sack it is. Imminently lickable.

  2. I know, RG. I was going to photo-shop it out but I thought, "What the hell! Why be a wimp about it!!"

  3. Just don't dip your pen in the company ink.

  4. Is taken me a long time to get out there and experience the gay culture - I did it when the time was right i.e. when you need to connect with "the family"....I love going to gay clubs, and plays - it's close to home if you know what I mean.

  5. Thanks Will! I'm in a profession governed by legislated codes of professional conduct. I would never in a million years hook up with an intern; it would mean a reprimand from our governing body or even dismissal, as well as setting a terrible example for the interns entering the same profession.

    SteveA: Thanks for sharing your experience. "When the time is right" is the important part.

  6. BB: Don't knock the gutter...I've had some of my best encounters in here. Let me know when you're ready to go slumming.

  7. When I was 37 years old working as a bank manager, one day I found a note on my desk from a 17 year old intern. He wanted to 'get to know me.' Long story short, that was one of the hottest summer affairs (in fact the only one) I had in my life. The irony is I never noticed him because he was an intern for a fellow manager. My fellow manager was straight but knew I was gay (I've been out since I was 21) so he 'spilled the beans' when the intern asked him why I wasn't married. This pleasant reminder has given me an idea for a future blog posting. Enjoy looking at the eye candy. I got lucky and got to sample the candy. Delicious.

  8. Breen: I can't wait! Hold me back!

    Ron: Can't wait to read all the details... I'll bet it will be the hottest story ever!!

  9. Oh what a HOT pic of you! I agree with RG: very lickable!

    I'm glad things are going so well with your family. Sounds like everything is going very well for you.

  10. RG and Cubby: Thank you! I've never received a complement on my ball-sack before. Yet another first!

    RG, I loved the pic of you and Sean. Your beard (or goatee?) looks fantastic on you... Silver Fox! Woof!!!

  11. couldn't help but had to focus on your foot *licks lips* more please

  12. hohoho
    I have to go away from blog land for a while and I see 'nothing has changed' here - how many more photos do you have I wonder?
    What a lot of fun you had with this; you get the prize I think.

  13. Sorry, Dr. Spo: the well has nearly run dry on naughty Spo-shirt pics.... just one pic left! I have lots of me wearing the shirt in spectacular wilderness settings, however.


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