Saturday, April 16, 2011

Boxers or Briefs?

UPDATE:  Be sure to check out some even hotter pics on the second post on this topic, Boxers or Briefs, Continued.

This a popular (and ridiculous!) question asked breathlessly of male celebrities on talk shows and is the subject of a boxers or briefs website.

My answer would be all of the above.   Throughout my 20s and 30s, my underwear choices were strictly functional.   I had the ugliest pair of chocolate brown briefs which for some bizarre reason I decided were my “lucky underwear.”   I wore my tattered lucky underwear at every important event for over 15 years such as during many exams,  job interviews, important personal and work events and at my wedding.

Anyone snooping through my underwear drawer over the past fifteen years would  have noticed a major transformation in the types of underwear to be found there.  It was the biggest development of my early gay journey, although a hidden one because most people don't see your underwear.  As my gayness emerged,  my underwear choices became sexier and more varied.  I developed an increased body awareness and started to think about how my ass and bulbous groin region looked in underwear.  Surely I wasn't the only closeted, married gay guy to gradually develop an interest in sexy underwear?

Some types of underwear made me feel attractive;   I knew that a new pair of underwear were particularly sexy when I got an erection when I tried them on.  (a bit weird, perhaps, but it’s the truth... I still use the same criteria when deciding which pair of jeans to guy)

Boxers:   I like to sleep in boxers as there's ample ball room.  I don’t like them for daily use as the boys can get a bit sore, just hanging there without support.  Also, how do you stuff all that fabric into fitted pants?   I sometimes wear boxers with ‘relaxed fit’ jeans or jeans that are too big.  The extra fabric grabs onto your jeans and keeps them from heading south.

Union suits:   Worn very infrequently.  I only wear this one when it's very cold out and I will be outdoors all day, either working or doing winter sports such as ice fishing.  They keep your lower back nice and warm since there is no gap which occurs when you bend over wearing two-piece long underwear.  This union suit is over 50 years old;  it used to belong to my grandfather!  They can be very sexy but only if unbuttoned down to there.

In response to Cubby's comment:  Union suits were created in Utica, New York and first patented in 1868.  For years,  I have wanted to get  a red union suit which was the traditional colour.   These have a reputation as an old man's underwear but I see them occasionally on some young, cool guys who wear them under distressed jeans but have the top half of the union suit serve as their shirt.

Boxer Briefs: My commonest everyday underwear.  Great support and I like how they feel on my thighs.  They never ride up into a wedgie: Bonus!.  They look great as long as they legs fit snugly onto your thighs.  They look especially good on guys with big, beefy thighs, which I don't have.

This post to be continue in two or three days, with briefs, freeballing and jockstraps.  I might comment on thongs for men, but I won't be posting a pic of me wearing one.  Thongs are not a good look for middle-aged men!


  1. I guess I'm a little slow on the uptake. I've heard the term "union suit" before and just assumed it was a reference to the clothing worn by the northern army during the American Civil War. I had no idea it meant one-piece underwear. So now I know. And yes, it's sexy. Hot in fact.

    I love my boxers, and for some reason they've never ridden up on me. Maybe because I'm not as in shape as you.

    Can't wait for the next post.

  2. I love boxer briefs - like you, I like the support AND the feeling on my upper thighs. And even if you're slightly out of shape, you still can look good in them.

    Also, I HATE briefs with a passion. HATE. PASSION. LOL

  3. Since you're on the subject of underwear, I have a question about myself. Am I a freak, or is this okay?

    I love to buy my underwear at the thrift store. The thought of another guy's junk living where my junk will be living gets me going.

    That feeling fades as I get used to each pair, but it's strong the first time I wear them, and when I'm picking them out.

    Problem is, I feel like such a creeper when I'm at the second hand shop, searching through "used" boxers, and I feel like an embarrassed kid (which I am NOT) when I take them to the cashier!

  4. Cubby and RG: Thanks, guys ... you are my most faithful commenters!! Cubby, I updated this post with info on the history of union suits and a couple of picture links of sexy guys in red union suits.

    RG: Would you consider submitting a pic in support of Sean's Undie Monday posts of you wearing some boxer briefs? I'll bet they look fantastic and sexy on you, with your amazing, beefy thighs!

  5. Explorer Jack: Your first comment here! Woot!! I get most of my underwear from thrift shops as there are interesting brands there which I can't buy locally. Main reason for buying at thrift shops: The undies are very cheap, a couple of dollars or less for a pair.

    Gosh, no, you're not a freak! I can't imagine anything sexier than "another guy's junk living where my junk will be living," especially if it's a jockstrap. *** palpitations*** I get a full erection just look at the undies on the rack!

    As to your embarrassment at the cash; for Pete's sake, just get over it! I'm sure the cashiers don't care or even notice and they've probably seen it all before anyway.

  6. Oh man, I have to start commenting more - I'm being bumped by Cobby and RG :-(

  7. anne marie in phillyApril 16, 2011 at 1:47 PM

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, me likey the simpsons! AND the furry torso!

  8. Very nice pictures, especially the union suit. You wear them well. Now you have to put up a picture of you in a thong, since you mentioned it.

    I prefer briefs now. I used to wear boxers, but now it's low rise briefs. I've been looking for a few new ones, but I haven't found one yet, so I go commando sometimes. Will you be posting a picture of that too?

  9. Sean: awww, buddy, I'd love you no matter what! I'm not keeping track of how many comments you make!!!

    anne marie: Thanks! The Simpson's undies are my favourite: a thrift store find.

    Middle Man: Thanks! I really like the 2xist briefs of many types (no-sho etc) as they all have a great support pouch but are not at all constricting. I have a partial commando pic to post but it is some other guy. I'd never post a commando pic of me, at least not on this blog.

    I mentioned the thong as a 'teaser', to see if I would get a reaction. I'll think about posting a thong pic of me, if I can take one that won't gross everyone out.

  10. Hello. Love the pics.

    Like you, I sleep in my boxers. But for my everyday underwear, I wear the "trunk" style. It's like boxer briefs only shorter. I think trunks are sexier coz they are shorter. There are low rise (no-show) trunk underwear as well. You should definitely try them... and maybe post some pics in them ;-)

  11. I know I'm boring when it comes to underwear. Boxers during the day and boxer briefs at the gym. I have a few pairs of briefs but don't like them. I'd rather go commando than wear briefs!

  12. you left out split crotch panties.

  13. RJ: Thank you! I think I have some of those! I'll check.

    Jim: Good to hear from you! It's funny, two of the sexiest guys on my blogroll (you and RG) feel the same way about briefs... hmmmm... Jim, the gay underwear police will not come swooping down on you for your "boring" underwear choices.

    I know all our blogger friends would agree, the sight of a super hot guy like you in his undies would NEVER be boring, regardless of the style. You could try some of the cool new colours and patterns in boxers / boxer briefs; they're fun and can really make a person feel sexy!!

    Ur-spo: Ick! When my panties get splits in the crotches, I normally throw them out.

  14. Just found your blog -- great question and really like everyone's comments. I am 6'5" so they don make union suits long enough without strangling my nuts. I'm also A long distance runner, so wear those lined runnin shorts (tough when I bone up running). Boxers sleeping, boxer briefs during the day. Commando in cargo shirts!

  15. Loki: checked out your blog... wow, it's hot!! Thanks for stopping by.

  16. For the first 16 years of my life I wore mostly Fruits of the Loom, thanks to my mom.

    Then I went commando. Hey, I was on a very thight budget you know!!!

    Then around 35, I convert to boxer-briefs.

    For some reason, I never consider underwear as a sexual turn on... But I do get the kick out of wearing another man's jeans (without underwear) and boots though, if that could redemm myself. ;-)

  17. I'm an early morning runner so I use that to influence what I wear since I have about half briefs and half boxers. I wear briefs when I know I'll be running the next morning which is most of the time. I wear the boxers otherwise. I will have to try out boxer briefs, maybe used, since I never thought of buying it at Goodwill, etc until I read the comments.

    Nice pics!

  18. I can relate to both Explorer Jack and DeepBlue above in getting a buzz from wearing another guy's undies or jeans (the latter without anything underneath, natch!) - and also on going commando. I believe that here in the UK about 10% of men admit to never wearing any underwear - and that's only the ones who declare it, so the actual figure is almost certainly higher. I'd be interested to know if it's a similar percentage in other countries. In my cruising days, when going out for the night I certainly never wore underpants under jeans or leather trousers - they just got in the way when it came to the need for spontaneous action.
    However, for 'normal' everyday wear I'd always choose boxers over briefs. There's just no competition!

  19. I totally agree with Raybeard... about spontaneous action. ;-)
    And leather... definitely commando! I even take off the silky lining so to have direct contact with the leather, although they can get quite sticky and hard to take off :D. But I live in a land called Winter, so...

  20. Amazing comments, guys! There seem to be a lot of advantages to going commando!!!

    Self-disclosure: I still have my pair of black leather pants from my early 20s. I always thought I looked hot in them; they look even hotter on me now (IMHO) because I fill them out better. Sadly, there is no place or event at which I could wear them in my small town.

  21. Keep those leather... you never know... And as for an event... WE'RE ALL WAITING FOR PICTURES!!!! ;-)

    Before I could afford my onw leather pants, I once did house sitting for my *straight* neighbours (watering plants, feeding the cat...). The guy had some leather pants and cowboy boots. Well... for one week, I'd cross over and I'd put on those pants and boots and... you know... God, it's impossible how horny I could get!!!

  22. Deep Blue: loved your 'leather pants' story! I bought mine in the early 80s when I lived in Quebec for two years. Leather pants weren't uncommon at that time and place; relatively mainstream. When I moved back to English Canada (as you know, a very different world!), leather pants were nowhere to be seen!

    Yes, if there was a leather pride event or leather bar in some major city, I would certainly wear my leather pants and black biker boots. As to other possible leather accessories, dog collars and chest harnesses and the like, perhaps not.

  23. Great post.... you look sexy in all of them. I also have various underwear for various activities in response to the level of support needed. I have never been a person that 'tucked', wearing it up, which requires a different support system altogether

  24. anne marie in phillyApril 17, 2011 at 2:02 PM

    interesting comments!

    this girl has been commando since 1977 - both TOP and BOTTOM; talk about liberating! and no, I don't give a fat rat's arse what anyone thinks about that!

    I always enjoy seeing a furry guy in his undies!

  25. D@vid: good to hear from you! I didn't know that "wearing it up... required a different support system" ... sounds highly technical! I must have missed that lesson at Underwear 101.

    anne marie: I laughed out loud at your comment! Gosh, you're funny!! Reminds me of my grandmother who, in the 1940s and 50s, refused to wear the whalebone corsets that all her friends wore. She was a larger lady and "let it all hang out" for her whole adult life. She was happier and healthier for it.

  26. Great post and responses Buddy...

    My everyday choice is Jockey "no band" boxer briefs (black or grey)... In jeans or shorts I usually go commando...

  27. Well, all the 'commandos' are tumbling out of their closets now, aren't they? It's getting me quite excited - but please don't stop!

  28. I do have to say you take some GREAT sexy pics!

  29. Boxer Briefs are my preference... At night I sleep in boxers.

  30. Dude - to begin with - very sexy pics! I like boxer briefs the best - they hug your ass and butt and they are so snug and sexy! My faves are D&G following by Andrew Christian. As you've said my gayness evolved with my style of underwear - now I like jock straps (the sexiest piece of men's underwear).

    I remember Cubby's post on this debate some time ago - must be a popular topic!

  31. Tom, Rich, BosGuy, Steve: thanks for stopping buy and commenting! I'll be on the lookout for those brands mentioned.

  32. Firstly I have to say your Hot! I'm sure you'd look good wearing anything (or nothing ;-)) with your body. I've just come across your blog, bun intended. (Enough of that) I don't have a blog myself and I've only just read one other that was about people and there every day journey or life. I'm enjoying it. I'm 41 and live in Ireland. Anyway to add an answer to your question, I believe most men in Ireland wear boxer briefs. The one thing I'm surprised at is that nobody said they wear nothing in bed. I can't stand wearing anything in bed. Maybe that's another question you could ask?

    Thanks for sharing and I hope to keep reading

    Rob Ireland

  33. Rob Ireland: thanks for reading and commenting. Very exciting!! I love sleeping naked but only do it in the summer here as it gets quite chilly in the winter, even with the furnace on.

    I used to love sleeping naked as it was an opportunity to press against my wife and get her all hot and bothered. Obviously, that's ancient history now, but one day when I have a male partner, that would be fun to do.

    Please check out some of the many fantastic blogs on my blogroll, divided into two categories: closeted/bi/gay/married/dads on one list and just regular gay guys on the other. I'm assuming you have an interest in one or both of these categories?

    I recommend Idle Eyes and a Dormy, Another Mile Marker, Jim's stuff or Spo-Reflections to name a few. Also, it would be great fun if you could e-mail me!


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