Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where is Buddy Bear?

Yesterday, I travelled a couple thousand miles to a major city for a four-day trip for my work.  The first commenter who can guess where I am will win a valuable prize, but I haven't decided what. Maybe a face pic of me?

Since I am traveling with a dozen seventeen-year-olds who are in my charge, there will be no "gay fun" on this trip. This will be very different from my last trip, my Big City Gay Adventure, which I wrote quite a few posts on, from this one , that one and ending with this one   In particular, there will be no hotel-room hookups with random guys. To do so (and to be caught) could possibly result in the loss of my job and a revocation of my professional certification.  I may be courageous in my gay journey, but I'm not stupid!

There is still much fun to be had on this trip, however. We are having the greatest fun mercilessly teasing the young man who attempted to board the plane with his library card as his only ID!  Being a very small town, the plane was delayed by ten minutes while his mommy raced back home to get his passport. What a hoot! 

It is so much fun working with young people!  Some of the small-town teenagers on our trip had never been on a plane before, much less been to a major city.   The whole group was, in the words of one of them, "quivering with excitement" as we took off.

While the young people had some free shopping time, I strolled through the gay village and took these pictures:


  1. Where are you? Let me guess.... Sodom?

  2. I think a little adventure is in order. Or at least try to meet the guys from 1G5G.

  3. Cubby: Sodom? Close guess!

    MiddleMan: I had to google 1 girl, 5 gays. I didn't know it was a Canadian show. Cool! I did sneak away to a male stripper club for two hours last night and had a great time!!

  4. I know where you are, but only because I googled it. So I won't spoil it for others. :) Enjoy your good clean fun time!

  5. Me too, Buddy Bear, enjoy the vista at Church and Alexander, and yes please do send photo, lonely out here at the beach.

    East Hampton, NY

  6. One of the loves of my life, there were only 4, lives there. We me at a tennis tournament in DC and I went to Toronto to visit him (again during a tennis tournament). Loved it there.

    Do you really need a passport to go from BC to Toronto? That threw me.

  7. WCS: You win the prize... I'll send a face picture of myself, if you want it, that is!

    Trip: Wow, I didn't know I had a reader in the Hamptons! We visited a relative who lived in Southamptom in 1967 (aged 5).

    Sean: Thank you for those kind words (and sweet memories) about Toronto. The young man in question didn't have a driver's license, so the only government-issued photo ID he had was his passport. Any Canadian who wishes to travel to the USA is required to have a passport, so most of us do.

  8. Buddy Bear

    Quite an avid reader, love both the blog and your honesty. We're a little farther to the east, maybe about 10 miles. You must revisit now that you can properly enjoy the furry lifeguards!
    All best,

  9. Buddy Bear don't make it so easy next time. The black eagle photo gave it away for me. Have fun on your trip. I wouldn't mind a face photo either though.

  10. Priape stores are only in Canada, I think. Oh how I love Canada! My partner and I travel to Montreal once a year for the go-go boys at the strip clubs and just to be in another country.

  11. I win? Wow! Of course I would love to receive the prize! :)

  12. My guess would have been Montreal, but that's the only Canadian city in whose Gay Village I have froliced. And very happily, too! Canadians are very hospitable.

  13. @Will - Yes, Canadians are very friendly folks and not to mention the ones I've had to good fortune to be with had REALLY BIG DICKS!LOL

  14. I've been in Toronto for the past four days. Very busy with matters related to the trip, chaperoning my young charges. Was at Remington's male strip club last night until 1:00 a.m. and up again at 6:00 am. A lot of fun! Some lovely eye-candy!!


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