Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Random thoughts .... and pics of men with beefy thighs

Furry, muscular thighs are among my favourite parts of a man's body.  I love being squeezed between them  and squeezing a hot guy between mine.  I love a pair of muscular thighs spread as wide open as possible as I work over a guy's cock and balls with my mouth.  Now for the random thoughts:
  1. The kids and I have haven't heard from my former wife in over a week and it's been great!  She and a friend have been on a driving trip to a town 2,000 km away.  

  2. Although we've been extremely cordial, it's annoying to receive her texts several times a week.  She tries to micro-manage the kids but when they reject her unsolicited advice, she gets angry tries to drag me into the conflict.  "Can you get your son to do _ _ _ _ _ _?  Talk some sense into him!" 

    I then have to explain to her that (a) she is being unreasonable (b) the kids know what they need to do  (c) they're adults and are capable of making their own wise decisions.

  3. My Love Nest is nearing completion... and I can't wait!  I can entertain men in complete privacy anytime I want, even if the kids are in residence in the main house. 

  4. Ethan (the transgendered dude) and I spent an evening together, first in a restaurant and then walking in a park.   His was the most soul-baring and (in some ways disturbing) conversation I've ever had.   But I'm not ready to post about it yet.

  5. To pay the bills, I have accepted a week-long education-related temp. job in Toronto  in mid-July.  The pay is pretty good and I'll be put up in a hotel with meals included.  Best of all, I get to have some big city gay fun!  Woo-hoo!!

  6. After weeks of being too busy for man-sex, I am to host several fit, smokin'-hot guys this week;  some in mid-afternoon and another late at night.  They're all in the prime age range 35 - 38.  :-)

  7. I haven't texted or seen Big Red in over a week and I'm feeling guilty about it;  I do like him and not just for hooking up.  I can now have him over to the Love Nest soon.  The difference between Big Red and the other guys is that I probably would introduce him to my kids, should they happen to meet. 


  1. If you like strong thighs wrapped around you, try a dancer. Dancer's legs are the best - long, toned, and muscular...

  2. look out, canada, buddybear is on the loose and looking for some hot manflesh! should I call out the "mounties"? :)

  3. Well, how good to hear -- a whole lot of news and all of it very good indeed. And from one thigh man to another, thank you VERY much!

  4. Pleased things are working out for you! Trust you celebrated Canada Day in style!

  5. Sounds like a great summer!

    Let me know if you get down south. If it works out, we can meet!

    Peace <3

  6. I love that erect penis....Its welcome to side in me.....


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