Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hookup in a garden shed

Wow! It's been four days since I've blogged!  Since I left home at 4:00 am on Tuesday, I've been on the fly ever since;   working, visiting Church Street or other gay Toronto hotspots, hooking up or trying to arrange hookups.

I'm in Toronto for eight days, hired by a temp agency in an education field, but we were specifically told not to blog, Facebook or tweet about it.   All expenses are paid by them; airfare, hotel and food, and salary is pretty decent as well, so it will help a little with my present cash flow problem.  The day-long training was pretty stressful but now I'm getting into the swing of the work.

A few highlights so far:
To escape the humidity and heat (44 humidex), I spent several hours on the 'gay section' of Hanlan's Point clothing optional beach.  During my previous visits to Hanlan's (May 2013 and September 2012) I was overwhelmed by being surrounded by hot, naked gay men.  These visits happened out side of the main beach-going season when it was cooler, so I think there was a larger proportion of hard-core, nudist gay men there.

Tuesday's beach visit was a bit disappointing.  The beach was packed but around half the people there were young women, many topless.  They were very attractive and I admired their free spirits, but I have no interest in looking at boobs.

There were lots of really fit gay men in their 20s and 30s there but the majority weren't naked.  Boys, you all have balls, why don't you use them and take your shorts off!  As a compensation prize, all the gay guys wore sexy swimwear;  skimpy, bulge-enhancing, colourful of the 'speedo' style.  In some ways, this was almost hotter than seeing them naked.

 I set up a Grindr account for my visit using only a pic of my worn-out face.   Grindr has a GPS locater is very cool, especially in the hotel.  "Hot dude X" is 50 feet away."  

I've been swamped .... swamped I tell you!.... with messages from hot,  young guys of every colour, and every one of them is looking for a Daddy.  There does not seem to be any old farts (50 year olds like me) on Grindr at all.  I am by far the oldest guy I've seen on the site.

I've only received messages from guys in the range 19 - 30.   Just over half have been from Asian dudes in their early 20s who I all turned down.  What a gay stereotype!  Old white guy with an Asian twink half his age.

Another big, black dude "40 feet away", with a cock like my forearm messaged me with two works:  "room number?"   I blocked him.  lol   But I did accept a sweet hotel visit from a nerdy-sweet, skinny 25 year old who looked like me many decades ago.   But my most notable Grindr success was a very late-night hookup (1:00 am) with an sweet Italian construction worker in a small metal garden shed in his parents' backyard of million-dollar home.  The shed was equipped with a leather love-seat, flat screen TV but no air conditioner.

It was one of my hottest hookups ever, temperature-wise (with the extreme heat alert) and with the sexiness factor.  Here are his details:
  • Italian construction worker, 6'-0"
  • Body type:  fat-free, muscular, lean and sinewy.  HOT!
  • Lightest dusting of body hair with a treasure trail snaking down his lean torso
  • Skinny, shapely ass
  • Handsome, scruffy face
  • Major "Daddy Complex"
  • Monster cock .... nine inches, at least, the biggest I'd ever seen in real life.
  • Lives at home with his parents and younger siblings all of whom were in the house
  • Claimed to be bi, but I'm absolutely certain that he's full-blown gay
  • He still still hasn't come out... to himself, let alone his family.
I could not convince him to to come to my hotel room, 10 km away.  He told me he just wouldn't be comfortable doing that ... and in fact, wasn't comfortable with hooking up with me anywhere.  But his passion and horniness won the day. 

OMGF.... he was the most passionate man I've ever been with, with a pent-up hunger for man sex!  Fantastic kisser!   Responsive!  Vocal!  Insatiable! Craving skin-on-skin contact.

The love seat filled up most of the shed and what little room remained was filled with watering cans, gardening tools and the like.   So when he begged me to take his bottom virginity, it didn't go well.

For one thing, his bottom was far to tight for me and there wasn't room to maneuver into the necessary position or to even straighten out.  The temperature in the shed was around 100 F, 100% humidity so by the time, gallons of sweat was pouring off of us.  Slippery when wet!  So sexy!

With regret, I left at 2:00 am because I had to get up at 7:00 to commute to my job.   I invited him for some sweet, air-conditioned sexytime in my hotel room on Saturday but he may or may not be comfortable with that idea.  Most unusally for me, I begged him to come.  Please... please....  please.  I've NEVER done that with a guy!

I already have arranged for the skinny, nerdy-cute 25 year old student and Carlos, a early 30s lightly-muscled Hispanic dude to come over (separately) on Saturday, but I'm sure I can accomodate them all.



  1. Hot, hot, more ways than one. You are like a kid in a candy store with an unlimited gift card.
    Have fun.

    1. Well, it's not exactly an "unlimited" gift card. As a 50 year old, I'm sure I get a tiny fraction of messages and hookups that a hot, young guy would receive.

  2. Ah, Italian guys! As it happens, I am one and love it when I manage to spend some quality time with one. Let me suggest that you do hook up with at least one of the young Asian men who are so anxious to to be with you. There is no harm and some bragging rights involved with experiencing all the variations and cliches at least once. You've already got a lot of notches in your bedpost but I'm sure there's a good deal of wood :-) left.

    1. Yes, Italian men have moved to the top of my "A" list, that's for sure. Okay, okay, I'll try out an Asian twink hopefully this week. Last time I was at Steamworks, there were a lot of them looking hopefully in my direction.

  3. "Old white guy with an Asian twink half his age." Even if is cliche, sign me up!

    1. LOL It's partly the demographics of the town where you live. Toronto is the most ethnically diverse city in the entire world.... Asians, south Asians, middle-eastern guys, Italians, Hispanics and Portuguese men galore, to name just a few.

  4. Hey Man, you've already got a nerdy 25 yo, an Hispanic dude, and maybe the Italian guy, why not pick out the most intriguing Asian Twink and make it a four pack.

    Think of the memories...

  5. It sounds like you're really making the best of this trip! Hope you get to enjoy a nice, big finish!

  6. Just curious. While you lived a straight life -- e.g., before getting married -- were you also a slut with women? I know this sounds like me passing judgment (I am a virgin in his 50s so I can get away with that, actually), but I am wondering why -- with kids and income issues -- you chose this hedonistic lifestyle? If is is consistent with what you did in your 20s, fine. But, if it is not, it seems you're trying to live up to some sort of gay stereotype. Odd, and, in the end, possibly self-destructive.

    1. Wow! Judgemental is just the beginning!! I have so many issues with your comments that I hardly know where to start.

      When I have spare moment from my debauched, hedonistic and self-destructive "lifestyle", I will write an entire post dealing with this. Look for it by Sunday morning or sooner.

    2. Hey 'anon' with no sign off name:
      You ask why he would choose this..? Humm you mentioned being a virgin in your 50's.
      Since you've NEVER had sex with another human being then there's the answer to your question.
      Go have wild uninhibited sex with someone and just maybe the light bulb will go off in your head.

      Tim from MO (a married bisexual)

    3. Hey Tim, thanks for your support and your great response. Very funny!

  7. I´m in Toronto too, latino guy... would love to hook up, big fan of yours

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

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