Monday, July 15, 2013

Spanking Fetish, continued

Warning:  In recent months, I have not been giving as explicit descriptions of my hookups as I did earlier in my blogging life, mainly because these descriptions were getting repetitive.  But with this one, I'm not holding back!  

Five days after my encounter with Spanking Fetish Dude, I'm still not sure what to think about it.  He originally messaged me on but it was several days before we were both available. 

Spanking Dude had sent me hot pics of his face, ass and cock and for once, the person I met matched his pictures exactly.  At 5'-9"and a trim 180 pounds but had a flabby, jelly-like belly but hey ... let's not be picky.  Otherwise, he was a handsome guy with a perfect hygiene, a neatly trimmed goatee and really bad teeth.  He might actually have been the age he claimed to be on his profile, 36.  And he had the sweetest little terrier, Dexter.

Spanking Dude was a fantastic, aggressive kisser .... our kissing alone would have made the visit worthwhile.  I love being with a guy shorter than me as I can still kiss him while fondling his cock, balls and ass.   He moaned loudly when gave him a light prostate massage.   It was so hot!.... nothing gets me harder than when I get a guy into such a highly aroused state.

Since he was rather .... er.... roomy, I was able to massage his entire perineum (the area between the sack and the crack), squeezing it hard between my thumb on the outside and two fingers on the inside.  This area is rich in nerve endings and clearly, I had hit his g-spot as he began shouting out in pleasure.   My gosh, what must the neighbours be thinking?

He had a beautiful uncut cock but it remained stubbornly limp for much of our encounter;  a bit off-putting to me.  What to do?  What to do?  Finally, explained that he ONLY gets hard when he's spanked.

He wanted to me spank him with his leather belt until red welts appeared on his ass.... I hesitated... er... maybe not.   But I spanked his skinny ass with my hand as hard as I could, twenty or more times, until it was cherry red while he continued to moan in pleasure and shout aloud:  "I've been a bad boy!  Spank me hard!"  I have to admit, it was very arousing.  I put on a cock ring so I'd remain rock hard for phase II.

After all that spanking, he did achieve a semi, so I put on a condom, lubed his ass up well and (I'm finding it embarrassing to write this) pounded his ass mercilessly, in every way, in every possible position and for what seemed like a very long time while he continued to shout out his pleasure. 

As I said before, his asshole was quite roomy so, in a bold move, I inserted my finger to continue the prostate massage while my cock was also pounding inside him.  He screamed: "Oh my God!  No one's ever done that to me before!"  Too funny!

Finally, I collapsed atop him in exhaustion, drenched in sweat, ripped the condom off and gave myself a hand job to finish in seconds and he finished himself off shortly after.  Note: I'll probably never cum while wearing a condom.  They have a huge desensitizing effect on me.

Afterwards, we cuddled and chatted about our jobs and families and hugged as I left.   I was invited back anytime and I'm still thinking about it.

Overall, it was a really good experience with just a few downsides:  (1)  My arm and shoulder were sore for two days afterwards.  (2)  Although I did the spanking willingly, I'm really not fond of doing it.  (3)  I much prefer playing with a cock that gets nice and hard.


  1. Have you ever tried non-latex polyethylene condoms? They are very strong for those deep vigorous poundings and they transfer heat and, therefore, sensation better than latex. You can feel things inside with them that are muted by a latex condom (I had a fuckbuddy once who'd had some surgery on his colon; there were a couple of ridges of scar tissue--I have never felt anything so good during sex in my life as pushing in and pulling out past those!). You can find them sold along with the ordinary latex variety. They may be a little more in cost but are SO worth it.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I've never heard of them. I'll get some right away.


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