Saturday, October 27, 2012

Too Much Information

I missed Jeep Guy's TMI Thursday this week, so here it is!  This one is rather long so for now, I'm doing just half of it.  The pics from Awkward Family Photos are a nod to Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday....


1.  The number of homes you've lived in.   I lived in my parents' home from birth until I was 22.  At 27, I built (personally, with my family) a rather grand home on an 'executive-sized' suburban lot in which we raised our family for 22 years.   As part of my divorce, we sold our marital home last April and I acquired my present spectacular waterfront property. 

From the ages of 22 - 27, I rented five or six different houses, apartments and rooms as my career took me from Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland and British Columbia.   I liked every place in which lived but for me, owning my own home was of primary importance.

2.  The number of cars that you've had.   I have no interest in cars other than to get me from "A" to "B" and will never buy a new car, ever in my life.   I tend to buy cars which are two to six years old and drive them until they are around fourteen years old. 

The cars I've had include:
-early 80s Ford pickup truck.  Loved it!  The vehicle of my youth!
-late 80s Dodge Colt  (Mitsubishi).   Drove it in major cities all over Canada.... My favourite ever car.
-mid 80s Ford Tempo.   Biggest pile of ka-ka ever built.
-early 90s Mercury Sable wagon.  Boring "okay" familly car, great for carrying loads of kids.  I drove it until the frame rusted through and it collapsed on the highway....
-late 90s Chevy Astro Van.   Fond memories of this reliable gas guzzler as we used it for driving trips all over the continent.
-six year old Toyota Corolla.  My present car.  I like it!  I am now 'sold' on Toyotas, but a full-sized pickup truck would be a better fit for my rural lifestyle if it weren't for the terrible gas mileage.

3.  Approximate number of sexual encounters you've had.  
My wife is the first and only woman I had sex with |(I was a virgin well into my 20s.)    We had a lot of it in the early days of our marriage but it dwindled off to no sex at all within five years.... for reasons we now all know, but I didn't figure out until ten years later.  I was gay!

Since January 2012 when I signed up on, I've hooked up around once a week... maybe a little bit less, if you count casual encounters such as back seat blowjobs.  I could hook up every day as I still seem to be very popular with desirable guys of all ages, but job and family demands and hosting problems limit my availability.

4.  Number of siblings you have.   I have one older brother.  Although I'm the youngest in the family, my role was that of the "older, responsible, first-born child" because my brother had his problems and dramas growing up.  Most parental attention was (and still is) focussed on him. 

My wife used to get enraged by the way my parents treated me as compared to my brother but I always told her, "It has made a stronger, more independent person."



  1. It's interesting that you seem to have good luck on POF. I thought that site seemed disorganized compared to others

  2. Interesting post, thanks for sharing yourself with your readers, envious of your present water front home. I've always wanted to live near the water but never have.

  3. RB: It must be a popular site in certain areas and not in others. I swear by it and have had a constant stream of fantastic POF guys messaging AND hooking up with me. I've deleted my profile on so many of the guys on it just creep me out.

    Stephen: Yes, I'm VERY lucky. Waterfront property is a very valuable commodity.... especially on this body of water. I wouldn't be able to afford to buy this property now at its present market value.

  4. We have a lot of commonality here.

    1 - I've lived in 4 places: The same apartment in NYC from birth until 22, my own apartment in NYC with roommates for 2 years, a small apartment for 2 months in upstate NY when I was in my mad dash to get out of NYC, and the house I bought Vermont 2 years ago. Like you I just wanted something of my own.

    2 - I'm with you here. I have no interest in cars, and wouldn't buy new. I bought my first car when I left NYC, a 2008 Trailblazer. 'Totaled that recently and bought a 2001 Buick Park Ave.

    3 - Hook ups at my boxing gym in high school and the high school girlfriend. Then a couple of encounters going into college. Celibate for 3+ years of college. After college there were 2 years of way too many hook-ups to count. Then some time to reflect and regret.
    And now I'm happy to say it's just me and my husband Chris.
    It's a journey for us all.

    4 - Like you I'm the youngest. Two older sisters. I'm close to both. I'm sure growing up I got more attention because of my stutter and the issues surrounding it. But I think my parents both did a pretty good job trying to be balanced and fair.

    Like everybody else, for a few things in this life I got dealt a pretty shitty hand. And for other things, I was exceptionally fortunate.

    1. Victor, thanks for commenting! Yes, there are a lot of common elements between us. Too bad that I don't have your gorgeous, sexy body in common with you as well.

  5. Interesting post, great to learn more. Oh and all those cute lil doggies.

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