Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dogably Pawfect Saturday

Here are some more hot men / cute dog pictures for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday.

I arrived in Toronto at 10:00 pm last Wednesday night and went directly to Remington's .... by far my favourite Toronto hangout.   What I like best about Remington's is that the dancers go onstage looking like dozens of young men you see on the street every day:  jeans, running shoes, T-shirts.  And then they peel off their clothes to reveal their flawless bodies and beautiful cocks.... hot!!!

It was a slow night so I got lots of attention from the shirtless stripper boys between their acts, which I love.  Yes, I know they're hustling for lap dances and I tell them right away that I'm not paying for one.  But many of them stay anyway, to chat. flirt and get all touchy-feely with me.... hugging, fondling, whispering in my ear.  So sweet....

That is my cue to flirt right back (and I'm very good at it!) and get touchy-feely with them.  After all, I gave them fair warning that I would NOT be paying for it.  

One sweet Arabic-looking dancer was the most perfect specimen of manhood I'd ever seen... beautiful face, dark skin, flawless body shape, lightly muscled and lovely cock.  He returned several times to chat and to kiss my neck, rub his hands over my inner thighs and bulge... he was an incorrigible flirt, the best I'd ever encountered.   And I matched his flirting, move-for-move and even cupped his bubble butt (with my hands under his jeans) to increase the pressure as he ground his rock-hard cock into mine.  So hot!!!   I nearly wavered on my "no lapdance" rule but in fact, I had no money with me.

He said that I reminded him of Bruce Willis.  I said, "Hmmm.... I look nothing like Bruce Willis."   He said, "It's not what you look like ...."  He struggled to explain himself.  "It's in your're just bad!   Up to no good!!"   I'd agree with that.... I'm often full of mischief but I was feeling extra incorrigible, probably fuelled by the two large draft beer (rather than my usual one) and a free vodka shot which the bartender passed out to all the (five) customers.

I was delighted when, after his third dance of the evening,  Arabic Hottie stepped off the stage and went directly to where I was sitting.  We fondled each other while he poured out his story: from a conservative Muslim immigrant family, closeted (his parents would prefer him dead than gay, he said), working his way through university.)   I could offer little advice to him but to suggest he become financially independent as soon as possible and then proceed with an "out" life with or without their approval.

At closing time, 2:00 am, I gave Arabic Hottie a hug and wished him the best in his life and staggered up the street to the Steamworks bathhouse where I stayed until about 9:00 am.   More about Steamworks in my next post.


  1. WTF Buddy Bear??!!! I haven't stayed awake until 9:AM (except for work, which I HATE) since I was 13 years old. How do you do it??? Amazing. Can't wait to hear the story.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you, Jack! It's a boring story.

      By 2:00 am, I had been awake for over 20 hours. I got a small room at Steamworks ($30.00!), had a shower, soaked in a hot tub with some hot naked men (but no hanky-panky)and then went straight to sleep.

  2. you sure know how to work a crowd !

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