Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So many men.... so little time (and energy)
Monday and Tuesday are always my busiest nights on for hookup opportunitites (but why?) and last night was no exception. 

My son was to start a two-week stay at my wife's house yesterday so I had arranged for Hunky 22 year-old to spend some sweet time with me, in my own bed.  Woo-hoo!  Of all the guys I've been with, he's permanently at the head of the line.  And it's not just his beautiful body and big cock which are the appeal;  he's smart, funny, interesting and sexually adventurous. 

But then we found out that my wife would be out of town and my son would be with me for another week.  With enormous regret, I cancelled Hunky but was able to say "yes" to a hookup with a beautiful 36 year-old guy from India whose wife and kids live in another city.  He's smart, funny and passionate;  a fantastic kisser and  cuddler who I'd hooked up with in the spring. 

But after an extremely busy day at school, I was soooooo tired, I couldn't face a 30 minute drive back into town, so I messaged Beautiful Indian dude to cancel. 

In the meantime, I was messaged on POF for a hookup by  Perfect Physical Specimen, horny as always, and by two other appealing guys who'd been chatting with me for some weeks, a 32 year old single guy and 47 year old married guy.   Since none of us could host, I turned them all down. 
Later in the evening, I had another offer from a 44 year old married guy seeking his second-ever hookup with a man at his own house;  his wife was out of town on business.  He's having sex with men in his wife's bed? .... forget that idea!

By 9:00 pm, I was no longer tired when a 21 year-old student POF-messaged me:  "Can I suck your cock?"  Ka-ching!   I messaged back, "I'd like to suck YOUR cock!  But is the back seat of my car okay? I can pick you up in 30 minutes!"   He agreed and off I went!

At our meeting spot, a slim, handsome young man with ginger-coloured, shaggy hair jumped into my car.  Irresistible!  And punctual!  We sped off seeking a private place to park.

Handsome Student: "Do you have anything?"  
Buddy Bear:  "What?  Do you mean diseases?
HS:   "Yes!"
BB:  "Well, other than the green pus dripping out of my cock, I'm fine!  I'M KIDDING!!  THAT WAS JUST A JOKE!!!"  `... well I thought it was funny...

He was an engineering student, very intelligent and articulate, and he asked me about my former career as an engineer and about some classes he was having difficulty with.   Hey, maybe I could offer him tutoring in exchange for sexual favours!

We found a very dark parking lot in a safe neighbourhood.  At my request, I unzipped him and took off his tight jeans.  OFMG!   Yet another big, beautiful, fat uncut cock ... mouth-watering!   Is it something in the water?  Do all these boys have fat cocks?

It was the usual sweet blowjob experience for me; plenty of meat to play with, ample foreskin and enough length to ram the back of my throat.  He was not vocal but I could judge how it was going by his change in breathing.   Unlike some young guys who cum very quickly, he went on and on and on. 

Finally, he pumped his load into into my mouth... I so love a hot, throbbing cock!!  I held his twitching cock in my mouth for a long time afterwards, caressing the shaft gently with my tongue.  I spit into my cum rag  (take note, Jack!) and took his cock back into my mouth and applied gentle pressure.

He zipped up:  "That was awesome!   Now it's your turn!"  Whoops!  I had to tell him about my needle biopsy and that I couldn't get a blowjob just yet.   He said:  "Well, I'll just have to give you a blow job the next time we're together!"  Sweet!

He was highly sympathetic and asked me about the procedure and my prognosis.  In turn, he told me about his recent treatment for epididymitis.   We continued our lively discussion as I drove him home.   I said that I would not message him so as not to seem like a creeper  ... but he could message me for hookup anytime he wanted.  He agreed.  At his house, he turned to me with a sweet smile, shook my hand and said, "Thanks!"  What a nice young man!

And what a sweet way to spend an hour!


  1. Lovely.

    You have more luck on POF than I do, that's for sure.

    1. Jason: POF is the #1 dating/hookup site in Canada and I've great success with it. I've abandoned all the other sites ... but it's probably not as well-used where you live. By the way, I've added you to my blogroll.

    2. Hi buddy bear, would you like to exchange blog links?

    3. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, most kind.

      I'm giving POF another try, see what happens. GayDar is probably the most popular over here.

  2. OH MY! I NEVER had that much action when I was single str8 girl!

    smooches! (jealous)

  3. Point taken Buddy Bear. And, should I embark on any Automobile BJ action in the future, I'll replace the napkins in the glovebox with a cumrag! hhahahaaa. Great story!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. I think it's good the guy asked about STDs. I always did.

    1. I agree! I thought, "Good for him!". It's good to have met a young guy who was informed and concerned about the risks.

  6. And you descrribe quite well the pleasures of the uncut cock and foreskin! Exceptional in the US where being cut is the rule and gives you status, Oh I forgot you were in Canada!

    1. some times I wish I had nature penis... But I am circumcised and I did try restoring , but I just couldn't handle it...


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