Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Home Alone

With reference to my previous post, here are some tips for the bathhouse newbie.  (note:  it's from a barebacking site, a practice which I'm NOT in favour of)

Except for a handful of nights,  most of my kids have been living with me continuously for the past six months.  With the start of the new school year, they had set up a schedule alternating weeks between their parents' houses.   But they haven't been sticking to the schedule, deciding to spend extra weekends or even weeks with me often on short notice.  It broke my heart to cancel a planned sleep-over recently with Hunky 22-year-old when my daughter phoned to say she was staying with me an extra week.

Hosting has become nearly impossible.  In the past week alone, I've cancelled hookup opportunities from at eight appealing guys, all younger than me with four in their early twenties.   Most of these guys had hooked up with me in the summer.... I'm always happy to know that I have satisifed customers wanting more!

Last night, my daughter spent the night at a friend's house and I was home alone.  I had planned to spend some sweet, naked time in my own bed with some sexy young man:  cuddling, kissing and sucking cock.   But I was very tired and had a lot of work to prepare for Parent-Teacher interviews this week.   So I spent the night alone and didn't even log onto to avoid having to explain to some appealing guy why I didn't want to hook up with him right then.  If you say "no" too many times to a guy online, he will quickly stop asking.

But I should be careful what I wish for.  Soon, my kids will all be living on their own and I will be here in my 'empty nest.'   One of the greatest fears of closeted married men is that they will lose contact with their children if they come out.  That certainly hasn't happened to me!

Although the kids love their mother, they find her difficult to live with.  They complain to me about her being bossy, angry, lazy and disorganized, with an attitude of "I'm right all the time" and "It's my way or the highway."   I refuse to be drawn into these complaints but I do point out to them that I lived under those conditions for twenty years.

By contrast, I'm a "cool dad" who is infinitely more relaxed about everything ( perhaps too relaxed.)   As well, the kids' real emotional attachment is to my spectacular waterfront property with endless recreational opportunities rather than my wife's little house in town.   So... I shouldn't be surprised that they prefer to spend time with me.

Eventually, I will talk to the kids about my desire to entertain men in my own home.... and I know they will be okay with it.  But that must wait until our divorce is finalized because (1) my wife will hear about my hookups and (2) she will have a very hard time with it;  it may prompt her to attempt change the terms of our agreement and increase her demands.  

I just don't want to open that can of worms!


  1. I thought maybe that first pic was of you, then I saw the tramp stamp that said, "Deliveries in Rear". Now I'm SURE it was you!! I wish we lived near each other. I really want to hang out with you.

    1. Cubby, that's flattering, but first guy is most definitely NOT me. My legs are good but not that good! And I would have a belly hanging down as well.

      Yes, I think of that often... I would so like to hang out with you and Greg on a regular basis. We'd have so much fun together. So far, I have no actual (platonic) gay friends in my town, only gay guys who I've hooked up with....

    2. And your "Deliveries in rear" comment .... ha, ha, ha! You're a funny guy! I haven't had much bottom action lately so that's something which would certainly NOT be printed on my tramp stamp....

  2. I'm only speaking for myself here, but I would not think hosting random hook up guys at home with kid there is a good idea. Even if they say they are okay with it. If it was one steady guy (i.e. A serious boyfriend) that would be okay, but a string of hook ups? You might want to give that some more thought.

    1. Thanks for your concern, Jim! You're jumping to conclusions a bit! I'd NEVER bring home a string of random guys with my kids in the house.

      Two out of three of my kids are adults and so will be able to handle being told that I was having a man friend over for the evening. I'd ask: "Could you arrange to stay at your mother's house?" "How about a sleep-over with a friend?" Even this conversation would mainly occur if I was in a regular LTR and no just for any random hookup ....

  3. That talk with your children is important because their being fully knowledgeable and accepting about all the aspects of your life is vital to you and also to them. But I am sure you'll handle that as well as you've handled everything else so far.

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