Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bottoms seeking a top
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I am very lucky that my children are with me nearly all the time .... but my slut phase is really starting to suffer.   I think they're avoiding my wife's house because she's so grouchy and bossy all the time.   After just five days at my wife's house, my son came here for the weekend but told me a moment ago that he's staying for two weeks!  

It's awkward constantly telling guys "No, I can't host."   You have to be logged onto POF a lot of the time to get offers from the horny young men cruising the site for sex.  It's amazing how quickly the offers dry up if you're not doing this.

Back seat blowjobs have lost their appeal for me (for now), mainly because winter is fast approaching and the evenings are getting very cold.  Also, there is only so far I am willing to go in a back seat.  Imagine this headline in our local rag, "Teacher Caught With Pants Down at Cruising Spot!"   I'd much rather kiss and cuddle some sweet guy guy under the covers of my own warm bed. 

I think the largest group of guys I've turned down recently have been bottoms seeking a top.  I don't know what the statistics are on this but it is my impression that there are whole lot of bottoms seeking tops.  I'm not very confident about topping yet and I won't do anal sex with some guy I've never met.  At least, that's what I'm telling myself right now.

On several different occasions recently, I did consider topping a stranger as they seemed quite articulate and intelligent after a lengthy chat.  But then after I had semi-agreed to be their top, these conversations took a weird turn, at least for me.

Conversation #1:
Bottom 1:   Do you mind if my friend is in the house?
Buddy Bear:   Why?
Bottom 1:   He wants to watch you fucking me.
BB:   No, sorry, that's not happening.
Bottom 1:   What about if I fuck you and he watches us?
BB:   Not interested....

Conversation #2:
Bottom 2:    Are you into insertions?
Buddy Bear:   What does that mean?
Bottom 2:    A golf ball, a huge dildo.
BB:   And you want me to stick them up your ass?  No, I'm not into that, not at all.
Bottom 2:   How about water squirting?   Fisting?
BB:   I'm REALLY, REALLY not into that.  I strongly suggest you set up a profile on  There are lots of guys there who are into that sort of thing.
Bottom:  Hey, thanks, dude!

What I'd like to find is an experienced versatile fuck buddy who can host and with whom I can practice my anal skills.   What I don't want, however, is a guy who's "marriage material", someone who will want to start a relationship with me or, worse set, someone who I will become emotionally attached to.  I'm just not ready for that;   it's too soon!

Been there, done that, for both of these things.  


  1. The most important 3 things about topping are - wear a condom, stay hard, listen to the btm. You're not likely to "hurt" a btm unless you force him and as long as you stay hard (for at least 15 mins) most btms will think you are either good or great.

    Topping does not put you at greater risk of getting an std then oral or lots of roaming hands. A condom with take care of most of them. Know your stds and how they are spread.

    Guys looking for sex on hook-up sites are generally not equating anal sex with an emotional connection. You do what you're comfortable doing and respect what you partner wants.You'll figure it out.

    1. Sean, thanks for the excellent advice on topping. I'd never, ever engage in anal sex without a condom.

      My problem with being a top, at least at first, was that I was over-thinking it. For me, there was (and maybe is) a certain "ick factor" in sticking my cock up some guy's poop chute, especially if there was a poop smell wafting up... causing me to get soft.

      My most successful topping experience, we had a shower first so he was squeaky clean and I wore a cock ring so I stayed rock hard the whole time....

  2. What I'd like to find is an experienced versatile fuck buddy who can host and with whom I can practice my anal skills. hohoho And washes dishes I hope. That would be a nice fellow !


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