Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Soooo tired

I arrived home from Toronto at 2:00 a.m. and am just heading off to school six hours later.....  soooooo tired!   This is just the cumulative exhaustion brought on by driving 3500 km the previous weekend and by a busy first week of teaching.

I had a fantastic time but it turned out to NOT be a particularly sleazy weekend.   The high points included having coffee with a handsome and charismatic author and spending an afternoon on the 'gay end' of the nude beach on Toronto Island.

I had a great time at a couple of gay stripper clubs including my favourite place, Remingtons, and spent most of the night at the Steamworks bathhouse which was terrifying WAY BEYOND my comfort zone. Also, I spent most of one day at a university campus (hottie frat boys and lots of nerdy ones. Woot!)

On Monday, I had my *sshole poked by a nice older gentlemen but this was during my highly stressful visit to the cancer hospital.  I'm returning to the Prostate Centre next week for a medical procedure. Details on all of this to follow. 


  1. Hey Buddy, I really do want to hear about your experience at Steamworks. I'm sorry I didn't send you an email regarding what to expect. My first time at a bath house was also a little mind blowing and disappointing all at the same time. My first was Steamworks in Berkley, California. I couldn't figure out way no one was talking ;-)
    Get plenty of rest. As a teacher you get confronted by all those germy kids ;-)

    Thanks for sharing.
    I hope your prostrate biopsy goes well.


  2. Maybe a pleasant rather than more exciting but stressful weekend was better at this time. Fingers will be crossed all week for you!

  3. Hope everthing goes well !Is that you in the first pic?

  4. I enjoyed having coffee with you too, Buddy! Hopefully we'll see you again soon :)

  5. Thanks, everyone, for commenting! And thanks, also, for all your good wishes. I will be back at the Princess Margaret in one week (Sept. 19) for a needle biopsy.

    Although I resemble the guy in the first pic, it is just of some random guy from the internet.

    1. quelle dommage! I was hoping that was you!

      sending you good karma for a negative cancer test!

  6. anne marie: Thanks for your positive thoughts, sweetie! **HUGS**. I must post another bare-assed-in-bed self-pic of me very soon, as a special "thank you" for you, Will and all my other regulars.

  7. good luck with the prostate;
    take paper and pen, as the emotions therein will cause you to forget what is told to you.
    I wish I was in Toronto with you!

    1. Thank you for the good advice! As a cancer survivor, I already knew about the feelings of anxiety and dread which I would be experiencing and took paper notes all day long. The cancer clinics generally request (or suggest) that the patient brings a friend or family member to the consultation for that exact reason.

      As I had no family in Toronto, I will have to be a lone wolf. AROOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

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