Wednesday, September 19, 2012

At the nude beach

This is a timed post as I'm Toronto getting a needle biopsy my prostate.  Ouch!  Details to follow.

I've been to Toronto countless times but never knew there was a gay clothing-optional beach until I read about it in this post written by The Gay Groom, blogger and published author.   I LOVED my time at the nude beach.... it was the second-favourite thing I did during my Big Gay Weekend.  My favourite thing was having coffee with Jeffrey himself.

I emerged from the treeline and stepped onto Hanlon's Point Beach... I was instantly the centre of attention of about a dozen naked guys who looked up expectantly.  Will he or won`t he?

I suddenly had a change of heart but then thought, "What the hell... no use being chickenshit about it!".  Of all the gay things I've done over the past year (especially my visit to Steamworks the previous night), this was very tame.   So, I ripped off all my clothes and spent the afternoon enjoying the cool breezes caressing my private parts and the hot naked men around me.

I also very much enjoyed (I'll admit) being checked out by the naked men as well.  I do have a bit of an exhibitionist streak as my regular blog readers will know.   I did not appreciate, as Jeffrey wrote, ".... the influx of lookie-loos – clothed folks trying to get a cheap thrill walking on the beach.." 

It was a coolish day so only about 12-15 guys were naked that afternoon ranging in age from 20 to 60, but the majority were young and very hot.  An equal number of young gay men were wearing sexy Speedos, so it was all good. 

Some of the naked guys around me:  a white guy in his mid-40s to my left with his twinky Asian boyfriend ....  to my upper right, an amazing older man (late 50s) had a bit of a belly but with the calves, thighs and ass of a Greek  God.  Fantastic!  My favourite man of the afternoon!   Farther to my right was a trio of ripped Hispanic guys in their late 20s, not naked but wearing Speedos and very easy on the eyes.

A late 20s couple arrived with an infant child.  The young woman stripped naked... and she was quite attractive.... and I waited expectantly for her hunky husband to do the same.  I was thinking, "Come on buddy!  Take your clothes off ... please, please, please... you can do it!"  and he didn't!  How fucked up is that?   His lovely wife was naked all afternoon, cavorting in the lake, and he sat on the beach wearing long pants and a shirt... Darn, darn, darn,!!!

The ripped Hispanic dude walked past twice.... the second time, I noticed him holding a IPhone in the palm of his hand facing me.... hmm... did he just take my picture?  Who cares?  I rather liked the idea of him pleasuring himself later using the picture of my pasty-white lard arse.

During the afternoon, I was cruised a couple times a tubby, elderly man in his 70s, fully clothed, who'd circle around me and then stop and stare from about eight feet away..... he'd then retreat to the treeline behind me and wait hopefully, thinking I was going to follow.  If I wasn't so law-abiding, I would have thrown some rocks at him to get him to move along.   Annoying!!  On his third cruising attempt, he tried to strike up a conversation but I turned my back on him and he gave up.   

It wasn't his age or unattractiveness which was the issue;  had he been naked or at least wearing swimwear, I would have talked to him.

On my way back to the ferry, I decided to bravely walk the length of the beach naked, carrying my clothing to repay all the naked guys who'd provided such sweet eye-candy all afternoon.  As I passed by an attractive late 30's couple, I noticed the husband (who was wearing a coral pink micro-Speedo -- the gayest swimming suit in the world) staring at me intently as I walked past.  His eyes followed me as I continued far down the beach.  I thought, "Is she clueless?  How could his wife NOT know that he was attracted to men?"  Jeffrey later pointed out to me that she probably was well aware of her husband's M2M attraction and had made it a part of their marriage.

I very much look forward to being naked at Hanlon's Point Beach again.....


  1. Glad you had fun at the nude beach. And I really enjoyed having coffee with you too - and today as well! Hopefully we can do it again the next time you are in town in October.

    1. Thanks Jeff! Yes, I enjoyed our conversation enormously and look forward to seeing you again. I arrived home at midnight and was struck by the differences between Church Street and my remote(ish) waterfront home.... it's as though I was on another planet!

  2. What a fun day! The guy with the iphone may have been hinting that he was on Grindr or similar geo mobile app. The couple with the gay husband - maybe she was his faghag and the respective spouses at work?

    Hoping for good news on both the biopsy results and recovery from the procedure.

  3. Sean: excellent suggestions! I'm pretty clueless about 'the scene.' Those possibilities would never have occurred to me.

    The procedure went exceptionally well. They had already taken a couple of tissue samples when I had to ask them if they'd started... it was so pain-free. I was on the streetcar less than an hour later, heading to meet Jeff on Church Street.

  4. Hahhaaaa BB, you slay me....

    "my pasty-white lard arse."

    Well, you've posted enough pics of your back side, so I feel qualified to say, pasty white, yah (but who said that was a bad thing?) but lard? Hardly!!

    Honestly, I wish I could have been there with you. So brave! I don't think I could have ever done that. But, I sure would have shared a beer with you afterword and talked about it all!

    1. Jack, in the anonymity of the big city, there was no bravery needed. You just drop trou and the deed is done! There was no chance of running into anyone I knew. But it would have been much more fun if you had been there with me.

      Toronto Island is a treasure! It's incredible to be naked in such a secluded, natural setting within sight of (and less than a mile away from) a metropolis with many millions of people. I can't wait to go back on a scorching hot July day!

  5. I love nude beaches but there are very few of them here on the East coast. A couple I used to enjoy were closed by prudes who unleashed lies and fear to close them down.

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