Saturday, September 29, 2012

Impure thoughts

These pics for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday are all of dogs who serve in police K-9 units.  These brave dogs are often sent into the line of fire to apprehend a suspect or to save a life.  I challenge any dog lover to read these stories of Canadian police dogs killed in the line of duty without crying.

Other ramblings:
  1. After living with me for five months, my son is now alternating every two weeks between my wife's house and mine.  So far, they're not fighting constantly as they did before.  My daughter also spends about half her time with me.
  2. I hope to now have some "alone time" to host the many hot (and interesting) men who want to spend time with me. 
  3. Our legal separation and subsequent filing for divorce has been stalled by my wife for over four months "It's too hard!"  Recently, we've gone back and forth with our 40-page draft Separation Agreement several times, correcting dozens of errors, removing unwanted clauses added by the mediator and penciling in new ones suggested by my lawyer.  Of course, my wife added a few more (unreasonable) demands but I think that our agreement is ready for our final signatures.  Woo-hoo!!
  4. My school year is going really well... fantastic students!  But for the first time in my career, I constantly have to banish "impure thoughts" from my mind regarding my hot 18 year old male students.  This is an unwanted and unexpected side effect of my summer spent hooking up with 22 year old men.... my new reality of experiencing young men as sexual objects.  (But please don't regard this confession as a "red flag".. I will NEVER have sex with a student, ever.)
  5. The 24 year old Perfect Physical Specimen is anxious to get naked with me again but still insists that he's straight.  He messages me every day to chat and increases the stakes each time, "When we're together, we can kiss if you want.... but no tongue!  I'm straight, you know!"    And the next day he'll say, "It would be hot if I lubed my ass and you rubbed your hard cock between my ass cheeks.... but I don't want anything up my ass!"   Too funny!  But he's a sweet guy.


  1. You may or may not know this but just like a 6 pack of beer is all it takes to make a straight man gay, all it take is some rubbing and long stroking and you perfect guy will be pushing back onto you. Be sure to start with a condom on, tell him you like it that way better, so that he feels even more comfortable and relaxed when he feels you and the urge.

  2. Wow! Sean, no, I didn't now that at all ... I must try it! In fact, I haven't tried the 6 pack of beer trick either; I'm just so inexperienced in the art of gay seduction!

  3. You are sick man who should not be around children!

    I am kidding, I am sure female teachers have the odd impure thought about the male students that blossomed into Men over the Summer, it would be naive to think it wasn't normal.

  4. You're a funny guy! Yes, Any teacher would have to be dead to not have those thoughts cross his / her mind occasionally ... especially
    when the students are adults.

    We've had several teacher sex scandals in recent years (including one in my own department!).... but ALL involved heterosexual married men having sex with grade 12 female students.

  5. Tell your perfect guy it doesn't count as fucking if only your cockhead goes inside. You never know, he may buy it. Then tell him it doesn't count unless the full length of your cock goes inside. This distinction is critical to him, since he's so straight and all ;-)

  6. I think Perfect Physical Specimen, who keeps texting so avidly, will gradually start suggesting more complete sexual experiences. If you keep providing what he wants he should soon want a great deal more; patience and your own sexual skills should win fair lad.

    There actually have been serious scandals involving female teachers and high or even middle school boys. I remember one where a woman and a 14 year old boy were tracked down by police. She spent a couple of years doing time and he married her when she got out. And there have been others.

  7. I have a gay friend who was a teacher for many years. From what he has told me, heterosex between teachers and students is much more common. I know he never would. I think most gay teachers wouldn't take the risk. straights don't seem to worry about it as much.


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