Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Big Fat Gay Weekend

I have my first appointment next Monday at a major prostate cancer centre .   As I've already blogged, I have not been diagnosed with anything but have had some worrisome PSA results and a strong family history of the disease.

Coming from a remote small town with no gay scene,  I plan to make the most of my visit to the big city.   It was just over over a year ago when I first went into some clubs in Toronto's gay village.  

I was the ultimate in middle-aged gay virgins and had never kissed a man or held a man's hand, let alone taken a cock in my mouth or up my ass.  I was absolutely scared to death .... but what a difference a year makes!  Now, I'm a million times more confident as a gay man in my desirability and sexual skills.  So, here's my plan:
  1. Fly to Toronto on Friday evening and proceed directly to Church Street, arriving at 10:00 pm ...... still a bit early for 'the scene.'
  2. Go to one or more of the gay clubs such as Flash, Black Eagle (leather) or Woody's, I'm not sure which.   I have no agenda or real expectations but hope to get into some mischief.
  3. Friday night:  I have no idea where I will sleep on Friday night but I hope to find a warm bed somewhere, preferably with a hot man in it.  I am far too broke to pay for a hotel room.  Who knows?  I might end up on a bench at the bus station.
  4. Saturday:  take a 3 hour bus ride to a small town for a "duty" family visit.  If I'm too tired, I might sleep there overnight.
  5. Saturday p.m.:  return to Toronto where I might attend a Pitbull Toronto event.  I don't know where I would sleep but something will.... er.... arise.  Correction:  the Pitbull event was Sept.1...
  6. Sunday:  I'll get an all-day transit pass and have a free day roaming Toronto, something I love to do but I don't know where or what.   I do plan to buy a couple of discreet Pride T-shirts to wear to class this semester.
  7. Sunday late afternoon:  go to the home of my wife's brother and his family where I will stay overnight.  They are fantastic people who extended the warmest welcome to their gay soon-to-be-ex brother-in-law.   Upon hearing of my health problems, my wife (to her credit) arranged for me to stay with her family in Toronto.  Should I end up having surgery for prostate cancer, I will stay with them for my weeks of convalescence.
  8. Monday morning: go to my consultation with one of the leading urologists in Canada.   I'm reasonably confident that he will react well when I tell him I'm gay.  My prostate  has received more attention in the past six months than in the previous 49.5 years combined so my gayness could have medical implications regarding my prostate.
  9. Fly home to Hicksville, arriving in my own bed with my little doggie at midnight.
  10. Tuesday morning:  haul my sorry arse out of bed at 6:30 a.m. and get ready to face my 70 students who will have no idea what a weekend of debauchery (I hope) their teacher had.


  1. Have fun! the Village is a scene!. We have friends, at Alexander and Church, with whom we hang out when in Toronto.

    Don't party so hard that you forget the appointment.

  2. love the blog. try I did it in Orlando, Florida. It was def a good experience. Have a great time!

  3. Take good care and I hope the doctor says that your new lifestyle is just what is
    needed to keep that prostrate healthy!!!

  4. I'll have my fingers crossed for you on your visit next week to Toronto. Have fun on Church Street. It's a great n'hood.

  5. Have you considered the bath? Hookup or not, you can get a cheap bed and a shower, steam, even a cock or two. Just thought. I know of two of them right off church. You can get more gay detail of the area from
    Play hard, play safe, repeat.

  6. Thanks, everyone! I only hope I won't be too tired as it's been an exhausting starting school this week.

    Pulsebeat: Now there's an idea! I know there's Steamworks on Church. I guess you meant that you can pay for a cubicle for sex but actually sleep there for a while? That would never have occurred to me.

  7. Hey Buddy! Yes, rent a cube and sleep, if the moaning in the next cube doesn't keep you up. I have done this at Waterworks in San Jose, California, US. Of course I took advantage of the situation ;-)

  8. May I also suggest go to Glad Day Bookshop and buy my book? Seriously though, I'm guessing you won't get much sleep in a bathhouse but it is someplace to put your head down. Though I of course know nothing about them as I'm a married man ;)
    Hopefully we can meet up for a coffee on Monday morning and you can give me a pre-blog rundown of your adventures.

  9. And one other thing you may want to try is our gay nude beach on the island - if the weather is not inclement. Can give you directions if you want.

  10. Hi Jeff, thanks for all your suggestions. And I'm really looking forward to meeting you. Very exciting!! And if the weather is nice on Sunday, the gay nude beach sounds like my cup of tea... I googled it and came up with this link forHanlan's Point?

    1. Yes, that's it! Hopefully you will have good weather on Sunday. You take the Hanlan's Point Ferry (there are three different ferries) and then follow the signs (or the gay men) to the beach. They have lounge chairs and umbrellas to rent if you are so inclined as well.
      See you Monday morning!

  11. Wishing you the very best! My Fritz had cancer n his prostate, chose he radiation treatment option, beat the cancer and still has a very good sex life. I'm part of the treatment, of course, and I do my very best to, ah, attend to his case as often as possible. Warm hugs to you!

  12. When we met at Niagara Falls I got the impression you had not been to bed the night before. I suspected, but didn't ask. Now I'm convinced of it. Is it true?

    1. Yes, that is correct! I had a very late night at Flash on Church Street and then I drove 4 - 5 hours to Niagara Falls to meet you and Greg the next morning. It was my very first time in a gay club. I didn't hook up with anyway and in fact, was a gay virgin at the time, but it was pretty exciting for me anyway.

  13. wow what an agenda. Get some sleep in all of this.
    I am glad to see so many gave ideas; no further words from me are needed.


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