Saturday, September 15, 2012

My night at Steamworks bathhouse

This pic from the Steamworks website

I left Flash at 1:30 am and walked up the block in the rain to Steamworks;  I couldn't show up at my in-law's unannounced at that hour and I had no place else to go.

I expected a dirty, sleazy place with the floor sticky with cum, full of fat, elderly guys who couldn't get sex any other way.  I apologize for being cruel, but that's what I thought.  I couldn't have been more wrong.

The entrance was modern, clean and attractive with security systems much in evidence.  I paid $30 for the smallest cubicle (the last one available!) and made my way down a confusing labyrinth of dimly-lit hallways full of switchbacks and dead ends, past glass-walled rooms with men making out in showers and hot tubs.   Dozens of naked men were in view at all times, most with a thick white towels tied around themselves while porn played on several flat-screen TVs .

All the men were gorgeous specimens younger than me, the majority with lovely muscles and shaved chests. About 40% of the clientele were magnificent black man  (I assume on the 'down-low'.)   The rest were white men in their 30s and 40s with quite a few twinky Asian boys and young frat boys thrown into the mix.

Most disconcerting of all was the absolute silence except for the head-thumping techno-pop music.  NO ONE SPOKE but somehow managed to hook up by some  non-verbal signals.    Naked men were everywhere, prowling around after their prey; others were kissing or sucking cock surrounded by an audience, many jerking off as they watched.

Other men were waiting in cubicles with the door open, either on their hands and knees, doggie fashion, with their assholes pointed at the door  (EWWW!!) or on their backs, legs spread wide open, playing with their cocks.

In larger room, a muscular black man was topping another black man, doggie fashion... just pounding away, while several men watched, tugging at their cocks.

I circled around and around, hopelessly lost and increasingly terrified uncomfortable, trailed by a couple of naked men.  Other men deliberately brushed up against me in the narrow hallway.  I returned to the front desk for directions and then found my cubicle.  Several guys watched me closely as I fumbled with my key with trembling fingers in the semi-darkness, finally collapsing into the room and locking the door behind me.

To my surprise, it was very nice.  There was a smallish single bed with fresh sheets, pillow, a bedside table with a few condoms on it and a full length mirror installed horizontally on the wall opposite the bed.  Wow!  It would be hot to have a mirror like that at home!

I rested a bit to get a little less freaked out and then made several brave and naked forays into Sodom and Gomorrah ... joking... scurrying back to the safety of my cubicle between each.  I was again followed by hot men, watched closely by many others with some brushing up against me as we passed.  Hot!  And scary!

On my various trips,  I found my way through the maze, went to the washroom and had a shower.  In the glass-walled shower room, I was joined instantly by two hot guys silently watching me and fondling their cocks but not speaking.   I didn't know any of the signals or protocols.... was I to just grab their cocks and go for it?  Disconcerting!

I found it intensely erotic, sexually-charged, terrifying and depressing all at the same time.  But I was beyond exhausted, having been awake for over 20 hours.  I retreated to my cubicle promising myself that I would hook up with some guys in the morning and slept soundly for over five hours.

I awoke at 7:00 am with one of the worst headaches I ever had.  It was excruciating to even blink my eyes, probably caused by the beer I drank earlier, dehydration, the techno music thumping continuously and a strong smell of pot.  I emerged from my cubicle and, incredibly, there were as many hot cruising guys as before.   I drank some water and had another shower (again, with an audience) but my headache was worse than ever.

I emerged into the fresh air and morning sunshine of Church Street feeling like Dorothy leaving the Land of Oz. 

I want to go back to Steamworks one day... I need to give it another try.


  1. Fun to watch, but don't think I'd want to actually do anything there.

  2. Wow, an eye opening post. I think you and I come from a similar frame of mind. I've never been to a bathhouse, but I like how you described your experience.

  3. I agree that a gay bathhouse really isn't really the place for a Teddy Bear such as myself. I love kissing and cuddling and always seek some sort of communication and an emotional connection (however slight) with the men I'm with. Another problem is that I'm an quite uncertain about anal sex which seemed to be a big feature of the bathhouse, but I could be wrong about this.

    Having said all that, I would like to try Steamworks again. If I was well-rested and fully informed as to the hidden "signals" I think it could be incredibly hot.

    1. Awww...
      I love to cuddle too!
      TBH,I like it better than sex!

      I could never do anonymous sex in bathhouses with strangers I haven't even spoken too.Seems kinda weird giving them access to my most sensitive body parts. :/

    2. I've been there, too, when visiting Toronto and I've hit up a couple of bathhouses in other cities too. I don't do much there, but the atmosphere is highly sexualized. I actually like the whirlpool and steamrooms and I get very horned up being around naked men, occasionally witnessing some live action, then go back to my hotel and take care of business by myself. No worry about scary stuff that way.

      And yes, there's a whole silent culture in a bathhouse. Took me several visits to get comfortable with all that. See this article for a guide... Or this one:

  4. I've never been to a bathhouse -- among large groups of men in sexualized situations and have taken advantage of that fact, yes -- but they've been men I've known at least superficially and not total strangers. I've done hook-ups with total strangers and not been freaked by that, so why should I be hesitant about all those total strangers in one place? The psychology of all this is interesting.

  5. Thank you for sharing this experience, as I have pondered what bath house are and if I should venture into one in Paris.
    I have never been, obviously, I think venturing into one alone must have taken some guts.
    Now I know.
    Thank you Adam for the articles.

  6. Thanks, everyone for the interesting comments and Adam for the articles.

    Theaterdog: I talked about my Steamworks experience to several of the stripper boys the next night at Remington's strip club and they often are taken there with their 'tricks' or 'Johns.' They said that it can be a much better experience going there with a partner. Also, with a partner there are unlimited opportunities for threesomes, foursomes etc.

  7. Buddy - that was excellent reading/you did a great job in your prose, for I 'felt I was there"
    I lived literally across the street from a bathhouse when I lived in Chicago, but I was too chicken to enter. Later, when I felt bold enough, I was seeing patients I knew who regularly went there. I did not want to meet up with my patients in a bathhouse! So I did not go.
    The lack of talking/silence sounds like a deal breaker for me. It sounds eerie. I realize I need some verbal interactions to make sex complete.


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