Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to school

Here's another TMI post from Sean of Just a Jeep Guy.   The pics are from

1. What level of education have you earned? Where?
I have a four-year Bachelor of Engineering degree (chemical) and worked in the chemical industry for eight years before I decided I didn't really like it.  I then quite my job at the age of 30 and went back to school to get my one year Bachelor of Education degree.... the best decision I ever made!   I don't want to disclose my university as it was in the town where I now live.

2. If you went to college, did you join the Greek system?
No... I don't think it existed where I went to school.  Anyway, I would never have fit in to such a elitist group.

3. If money and time weren't an issue, would you go back to school? What would you study?

I always was an excellent student but there is nothing taught at universities which would be of interest to me now.  I would only consider returning to acquire a skill such as welding or gourmet cookery.  Going to art college would be very cool as well.

4. Ever make it under the bleachers?
No, I never made it anywhere, with anyone.  I was a virgin (hetero and homo) throughout my college years when I was aged 18 to 22.  For my second stint at university, I juggled my studies with looking after a baby while my wife worked full time.  I "made it" in the sense that my wife and I were having sex every day at that time.

5. Knowing what you know now, what would you change about your education?
Two things I would change.
(a)   I went to my home-town university so that I could live at home to save money.  I deeply regret missing that out-of-town college experience.

(b)   I went into chemical engineering without having any idea what it involved.   I should have done much more research into the selection of my major and even taken a year off school to explore my options.

What was your best or worst experience in school?

I loved every aspect of my schooling from Kindergarten through to university;  it was all good!  

My worse experience was becoming gravely ill with a malignant melanoma which had metastasized widely during my second year of university;  I wasn't expected to live.  I missed half a year and spent the next two years catching up and coping with the after-effects.  Through it all, I refused to be set back in my studies and was proud of the fact that I graduated at the same time as my peers.


  1. I love that guy in the blue shorts!

    I guess you're making up for those lost years by hooking up with all those young 20 somethings!

    1. Yes, I am making up for lost time. Although (I keep reminding myself) that I had a healthy, exciting sex life with my wife for the first part of our marriage and ended up with three fantastic kids.

      It's a complicated situation, but I think I'm avoiding hookups with guys my age because I am nowhere near ready for a relationship. Hooking up with the young guys is fun and uncomplicated. Older guys have more baggage, are often lonely and yes, are more likely to be looking for something more from me.

  2. Your comment about older guys is true. I lost a great guy because he was looking for more. OTOH, I lost another one because he thought I was. Ah, it is complicated. If I could just combine the best of each of the hookups.


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