Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bored at the No-Tell Motel

For family reasons, I was suddenly called upon to drive over 600 miles across one of the most remote northern  British Columbia highways.  You can drive for hours without any sign of civilization.... endless rocks and trees, trees and rocks.  I love the wilderness and this sort of scenery but it's not everyone's cup of tea.

I stopped overnight at a motel in a small sawmill town of less than 1,000 people.   It is a very remote even by Canadian standards; with a couple hundred miles of wilderness to the next big city.

I lived for years in just such a remote small town and never gave the gay issue a thought.  Since coming out, I now look at everything with a gay perspective.  What do you do if you are growing up gay in such a small, remote, blue-collar town?  What if you're the only gay in the village? 
The answer:  "Move to the big city, young man!"

What's a bored, middle-aged gay guy to do in a tacky highway motel?  Take half-nekkid pictures of himself and post them online, of course!   I hope you like them!

NOTE:  For most of my life, I thought that my lard-arse was too big.   One of the biggest discoveries I have made since edging my way into the gay world is this:  having an ample butt is usually considered an asset in the gay world.  Who knew?


  1. I'm going to focus on the self-pic since I have no experience living in such a remote area.

    1) Love the photo
    2) Turn around -LoL-


  2. very nice ASSets all around!

  3. Glad you could find something to do in this remote area!
    Great Pics..

  4. Someday Mr. Winky is going to make an appearance on this blog. When will that day be?

  5. Above the comment box it says "Please tell me what you're thinking"

    Yummy. Nice legs, nice butt.

  6. Small town of less than 1000 people? 600 miles of driving? Sounds like the beginnings of a horror movie....but it took a turn for the better - my thoughts - gorgeous butt and perfect legs - what a lucky bastard you are!

  7. I do the same things in hotels when I travel... nothing like half naked pics....looking good!!

  8. you are a hoot! and cute to boot !

  9. ooooo may I be your bath toy please? :)

  10. Thanks for commenting, everyone! I wish I'd been at the end of marathon training; that's when my ASSets and legs really look amazing.

    BosGuy and Cubby: the answer is "never" (everyone would be disappointed), but I will probably do some pics where there is a hint that Mr. Winky is there.

    SteveA: thank you! The 'horror movie' comment is truer than you could imagine as there are many eccentrics living in these remote areas. This area even has its own Unabomber, of sorts.

    Kelly: Yes, I've enjoyed your half-nekkid hotel room pics for years.... where you do think I got this idea?

    I wouldn't say "no" to you, Adam, that's for sure.

  11. anne marie in phillyJune 30, 2011 at 6:09 AM

    OMFG, I open up your blog entry this morning and YOWZA! I sure am awake now! and horny! and there's nothing I can do about it cause I am at work!

    damn, you are one hawt fine dude! SUH-WEET!

    (oh, did you write something up there? I hadn't noticed...)

  12. I think the Internet will play a great part at bringing the world to those remote places and help all gay men out there to connect with one another like they've never been able before. And I also think that... er... did I see some... assets... over here?
    Happy Canada Day BB! (I know it's only tomorrow, but I may not be on line so...)

  13. Great pictures! You're a much braver man than I.

    BTW, I am jealous of your ass. That's the one part of my body that I don't like. Typical white boy with no posterior. <>

  14. You may be bored in a small town more often! Nothing to be ASShamed of from my POV!

  15. I don't think that I would ever be disappointed in anything that you have!

  16. love a great ass. here's to more half nekkid motel pix!


Please tell me what you're thinking!


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