Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pride 12 of 12

Blogger Chad Darnell has a project where people from all over the world take 12 pictures on the 12th of each month and post them on their blogs.  Check out everone's pictures this month: here is Chad's 12 of 12  link list.

This month's 12 of 12 pictures are on the theme Gay Pride, taken at my small town's fantastic Pride Family Picnic.  There were many people wearing very cool pride clothing and accessories: T-shirts, hats, mini-dresses, packsacks, umbrellas. purses and the like.  I would have felt  too intrusive to take pictures of them, so I limited myself to photographing inanimate objects.

I only stayed for a short time so as not to aggravate my spinal injury, but I'm very happy I went .  It was another step forward on my gay journey!  Baby steps!  Details to follow in next post.

#1:  Canada leads the world in LGBT rights and protections
#2:  microphones decorated with rainbow streamers.


#4:  One of my kids painted this clay pot for me.

#5:  The public service unions were represented.  No one noticed the irony of the "Good Jobs" sign hanging on the Port-a-Potty.

#6:   I bought my first pride flag.  Sweet!



#9: Local musicians performed all day long.

#10:   Two things to note here.   First, our city police department had representatives at Pride with the goal of recruiting LGBT folk to become police officers.   Second, I was ogling the hottie young policeman, he of the wide stance, amazing bubble butt and the tightest possible pants.  I wondered, "If he was chasing some criminal, how could he even run in those pants!"   I was also thinking, "Hmmmm...... is he showing off the goods on purpose?"

I didn't dare get any closer to get a proper pic.   Damn!!


#12:  my freebie pink triangle frisbee

BONUS PIC:  Lucky #13 -- I am practicing for my first gay leather event; maybe a harness would be a better look?  I still have my mid-80s black leather pants.  I fill them out better than ever!


  1. O Canada, how I admire you!

    Buddy, you have a few really hot shots in this group!!! Oh lord! Happy Pride.

  2. No one noticed the "Good Job" sing... but you did!
    Mmmm! I wonder why! LOL.
    I'm happy to see that your recovery is going well!
    Wish you the BEST at your first leather event.
    And police officers in thight pants: WOOF! ;)

  3. You seem very comfortable with your body and showing it off. Aside from the pleasure of seeing a great-looking man here, it's good to know you're in a good place with your physicality/sexuality.

    Best wishes on the spinal recovery!

  4. Nice pics - and the flower pot from your children - that's a positive move and your children should be commended for their open mindedness and love - that is something rarely found in such youngsters today!

    I'd say go for the harness and the 8-'s leather pants - didn't the 80's just rule!

  5. Good for you, bud! And I'm glad the recovery is coming along. If you see the police officer around town, go up to him, introduce yourself, tell him that you saw him at the Pride Event, and take it from there. He might be "family." He might not. But it's worth a shot. Even, if he's not, you just made a new friend. You can never have enough of those!

  6. anne marie in phillyJune 12, 2011 at 2:44 PM

    oh sweet mother of still my heart...SUCH GREAT PIX, sexay boy (#4,6,13)!

    looks like your town puts on quite a show. YAYZ for your "first time"!

    (we now return to drooling over pix 4,6,13)...

  7. hohoho
    you are 'too young' for leather, that comes later when you are jaded.
    for now - get laid.

  8. Thank you everyone for all your kind words! Yes, I'm looking forward to next year's event; I hope to be able to attend with some new friends and/or get involved in the organizing committee.

    What I really want to do is to attend a big city Pride Parade, but it can't happen this year due to my injury.

  9. Dr. Spo: My first "leather event" might not occur for a great many years. Such events do not often occur in this town, if ever, especially when it is -30 degrees in winter. I think the +50 age requirement for leather bears is a bit old school; there are younger leathermen out there, too.

    As to "getting laid", that probably will be the next step on my gay journey. However, peer pressure to have sex didn't work on me when I was 15 and it won't work now. When I decide that the time (and partner) are right for me, it will happen.

  10. Happy Pride to you! I enjoyed your photos. Thanks for sharing your day...

  11. Wonderful post and hot pics! Now you've got us lining up to relieve you of your virginity.

    I've been to big city prides and small town prides. The big city prides are kind of breath-taking in terms of sheer numbers. But there's something so sweet and intimate about the small town prides that they hold a special place in my memory.

  12. Thank you for posting these! I'm a British Columbian living abroad at the moment, so this entry just fueled my homesickness. :) Pride events in small towns just remind me how awesome BC (and Canada) can be at times.

  13. Thanks, everyone for reading and commenting! Hey, "Anonymous from BC", why don't you e-mail me?


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