Monday, April 16, 2012


This has got to be my most boring post ever, but at this minute, I have no drama or angst to report. Somewhat unusually, I have all three kids and three dogs with me tonight.  Sweet!  

We spent the evening eating and hanging out together. My new home is extremely cozy and was more so tonight with freezing rain, hail and fierce winds  whipping up a pounding surf.  Sitting here listening to the crashing waves is much more exciting than being at my old house on the suburban-style cul-de-sac.

It's fantastic being here without all the tension and drama that always happened when my wife was with us.  My wife just pisses people off all the time with her bossiness, interference and micro-managing ways. Before long, she puts everyone is in a foul, snappish mood.

My mortgage was finally approved but my requires my wife to sign off on the deed. I have no doubt the will throw up some more roadblocks before that happens! The kids and I also had our first serious conversation about what my financial situation might look like after the divorce.  Challenging times ahead!

With a mortgage, alimony payments and help needed for university tuition, there will be no extra cash (ie: none) for many years to come.   The kids and I discussed this problem and agreed that we would do everything needed to keep our waterfront home.   We will just make it happen!
Photo-shopped, but still a fun pic.

All the kids have summer jobs and would fund themselves as much as possible.   We also agreed that, if necessary, we would vacate our home for a week or two in the summer tourist season and rent it out.   The $1,200/week (or more) for rent would certainly pay a few bills!

To make up for the boring-ness of this post, how about some hot guys in transparent white?   A couple of years ago at the beach, I noticed was mesmerized by a early 20ish guy wearing white board shorts which went semi-transparent when wet, somewhat like the second picture.   A very rare sighting indeed!

The hint of that thick, meaty, cut cock on that young man literally made my mouth water. I had to walk by a few times to get a better look; old perv that I am. 


  1. Hey, it wasn't THAT boring. :-) I guess it's a trade-off; instead of having a lot of disposable income, you get your freedom and a house you and your children love in which you get to spend time with them without the tension and upset you've had to experience in the past. Fingers are crossed that the final agreement goes without further upset.

  2. The awkward boners pics are really fun :-)

  3. anne marie in phillyApril 16, 2012 at 3:49 PM

    mmmmmmmmmmmm, boners!

    you and the kids will be fine; enjoy your togetherness, cause it's all you need!

    please to give us a tour of a room in the new home? with perhaps a nekkid pix in said room? (she says hopefully) :)

  4. Thanks for commenting, everyone! Yes, it will be sweet living here, I hope. Anne marie: yes, I will take house pictures as I go along. Right now, it's looking pretty chaotic.

  5. That does not sound boring at all, it sounds like "Life' and a relief too.

  6. No drama? No angst? Sounds good to me. I like boring. :)

  7. If you have time, you might find this interesting:

  8. Should we commission a reality TV film for you "Buddy Bear Couchsurfs Across the Continent" while you rent out your lakeside home for the season?

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