Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Randomness
Here are some Easter Sunday hotties.  I'd planned on recreating the first as a self-pic to post, but I've somehow misplaced my camera in the move.  Darn!

We are not going to church this Easter Sunday.  In fact, in the first 30 years of my life, I never attended a single church service.  Not one!

My parents' were troubled by the hypocrisy of the church-goers they knew.  These "churchy" types were more often involved in moral lapses such as drinking to excess or cheating on their taxes or their spouses.

This open-crotch shot makes me hard:
 I wish I was between his legs.

Having been married in the church and baptized the three kids there, my wife and I felt guilted into attending.  We quit after about a year for various reasons:
  1. Going to church with three young children was more work than actually going to work.
  2. It was tiresome hearing the same message every week, "You're all a bunch of sinners and you're going to rot in hell", when we knew that were were good people.
  3. I wasn't getting a thing from the services, spiritually.  It was all repeating passages by rote ..... mindless and meaningless.
  4. Our pastor was involved in an abuse scandal involving 13 year olds and said to the congregation, "It's your fault for not finding it in your hearts to forgive me."
Okay, we're done here!!!

I'm having a very pleasant four-day weekend with most of my kids at my new waterfront home.  The new header picture shows my spectacular and highly unusual front yard.   You can see why I gave my lawn tractor to the purchasers of my old house!
These bunnies are way too hairless for my tastes, but I'd do them all, given the chance.


  1. I love the new front yard. Lawns are so overrated. I also love the pics as always. Your post could not have been more time spot on! I met this guy yesterday. So hot!!! We discussed religion and I think I am going to visit his church my next sunday off. To be honest, being raised Catholic and knowing they don't want my kind. LOL has always been problematic for me. I mean I want religion but I don't want to be condemned for something I didn't chose. Wait, Rick Santorum says I did!
    Anyway, I am kind of excited to get back into the religion thing with a church that can be welcoming to me. I guess: Once an altar boy, always an altar boy

  2. I wouldn't have considered going to church as an exciting gay first date! I'm glad that you are reveling in your freedom, sampling the all-you-can eat buffet of hot guys.

  3. anne marie in phillyApril 11, 2012 at 6:23 PM

    such a front yard! lucky you!

  4. Hey Buddy, I didn't say it was the FIRST date. LOL As for the buffett, lets just say it is time to step back.


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