Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Meaty Asses

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Whew!  I seem to have restored my blogroll and blog-counter after it mysteriously disappeared.   I think that my old Blogger template was no longer supported, so I was forced to select a new template.  Everything was restored, so all is well!

I sometimes wonder how many people are actually reading this blog?   I normally get 900 to 1000 pageviews per day.   I suspect the vast majority of those are generated by guys who are clicking on every item in my blogroll.  Each click generates another  pageview.   When my blogroll disappeared for a couple of days, my site visits dropped to about 1/10th of that.

I really should back up my blog as it has become a record of my amazing journey over the past 16 months. It would be tragic to lose it all. 

The new owners of the house did a final inspection of the house and they absolutely loved it.   This was the final hurdle, I think, as the purpose was to satisfy themselves that all the conditions to finalize the sale of the house have been met.

It's great to leave a home that I built myself (and loved) to people to have such exciting plans for it!  The owners also have a great deal of money to play with so there will be big changes coming!

This will be the final weekend in our old house.  The plan is to have all three kids sleep over (including the oldest now home from university) for a final pizza / movie night.  All day Saturday will be spent doing the final 'move-out' with my parents helping.  

My emotions have been raw for a long time and now I'm starting to consider what it will be like to leave a home I've lived in for over 22 years.  I started as a single, 27 year old guy (an innocent young boy, really), getting married, conceiving and raising three kids there.  I'm sure when I leave the home for the last time on Monday,  April 30th, I will be crying my eyes out.   Luckily, I am extremely lucky to be moving into my new waterfront home.  Too exciting!!!


  1. Hey Buddy, I'd like to send you an email, but the address I have for you appear to be old, since you are not responding. What is an email address you'd want me to use?

  2. Amazing how when you put your mind to it, you can accomplish amazing things. Congratulations. I'm looking forward to the continuing journey!

  3. There may be a bit of a wrench, especially since you built the place yourself, but you'll probably be okay. When I moved from the house which had been home for my first 51 years — a home which I had considered perfect — the new house was so good (and I had been expecting the move for several months) that I never looked back with regret.

  4. I wish I could be there for you and pat you on the back and say "there, there, now Buddy."

  5. When I moved out last month. I was excited to have my own place but there was a bit of pain seeing the house in the rear window. As a military kid, I moved a lot but I have lived in this house almost 33 years. I kidded Sarah when me moved from first house. We had only been there 2 years and she cried like a baby. NOW, I understand why. I think for now, I am glad you will be staying there and I can go to it. You will do very well. I have no doubt you will cry, but there will be some joy in those tears as well.

  6. In 2007 I put up for sale the house I had lived in since 1972, where I had raised my two adopted daughters and where the great years of my career had come out of my studio. I had several pangs during the showing and sale process but strangely few on the day of closing when Fritz and I began phase two of our relationship, finally being able to live together and build the new house meant specifically for us.

    You, too, are going to something new, your own along with whomever you you choose to share it. And you're going as a new man in a new skin, fully yourself at last. That's exciting -- may you be very happy!

  7. New home = New life... you can bring the memories with you and leave all the baggage behind. Congratulations and good luck.

  8. Thanks for all the support, everyone! Yes, I see my exciting new life ahead!!

  9. anne marie in phillyMay 1, 2012 at 12:08 AM

    nice arses! so kissable AND smackable!

    I am so happy for you, buddybear! slowly, your new life is being assembled, piece by piece. you have a special friend, you have your kids and family...what more is there to ask for!


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