Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I'm largely moved out to my new waterfront home.  Too exciting!!   I can't describe what an enormous pleasure it is to arrange my new home as I see fit.  Even during the best times of our marriage, my wife was quite bossy and controlling.

There were constant negotiations over things which didn't matter, such as which drawer the cutlery should be stored in.   I'd invariably defer to her wishes to keep the peace, but it was a constant annoyance, her desire to "do battle" over everything.

Now, I am free to hang my pictures and artwork, arrange furniture and the kitchen in any way I Goddamn well please.  I never anticipated how much I've missed that freedom over the past 20 years.  My new home is looking FABULOUS!

There is much to do at our "sold" home before it closes on April 30th.   I am still spending much time there, although it is essentially an empty shell.  Although we raised the kids  and spent our entire marriage there (including many happy times), I not sorry to leave it behind.  The house represented a chapter in our lives which no longer exists.

It's been a long time since I've worn my jockstraps, both black and white, since I packed them away last October.   When I find them, I will post a few new pics of me in all my jockstrapped glory.   Until then, you will have to make do with these hotties.


  1. If you need a photographer when you are modeling your jockstraps, I can point and shoot with the best of them.

  2. Are you telling us that isn't you in the first pic?
    Seriously though, I have been in my own little place less than a week and I have to say it has been interesting. I can move the furniture the way I want. And I have been trying to learn to keep things clean and ordered. It is nice. It will be nicer when I get the damn cable and internet working properly, but I think I can say I am not the least bit lonely for the most part.

  3. What is fun is wearing one that is bright in colour; and show it in the locker room. As the only 'accepted' colour is white, a red or yellow one etc. is startling.

  4. Congratulations! I'm sure it feels good to be moving forward.

  5. wow - that last one in green is OUTSTANDING!

  6. anne marie in phillyApril 5, 2012 at 4:40 PM

    WANT the guy in the last pix!

    and congrats on getting a home of your own!


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