Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Lonely

The pictures of the sexy dudes in pink to the left and below were taken by the very talented  Marlen Boro.  You've heard of drunk dialing or drunk texting?  Well, how about drunk blogging?

A few days ago, I closed the sale on my new "grandpa" car... a gently-used, low-mileage 2005 Buick.

The original alcoholic owner (now in a nursing home) kindly forgot an unopened bottle of rum under the driver's seat.  The rum had been there for over three years and I've had far too much of it tonight.  

It is nearly midnight on Valentine's day and I am reflecting on my last two Valentine's Days.

Last year (2013), I spent a sweet Valentine's evening with a 22 year old student, originally from Trinidad and Tobago.  Quite chubby and very tall (6'-7"), Jerry disproved the myth that all black man have big cocks, but he was very sweet and the best-kisser-ever.  Jerry still texts me regularly but trying to mesh our busy schedules has proved difficult. 

On the previous Valentine's Day (2012), I had my first gay sleepover ever with a 54 year old married guy who (I'm ashamed to admit), I fell in love with and who turned out to be a total coward and liar. 

I know that Valentine's Day is all commercialized bullshit, but spending it cuddling with my stinky litttle dog, blind in one eye and partially disabled doesn't quite cut it.  I would have much preferred making out with some hard-cocked man.

I spent my Valentine's evening:  (1)  soldering copper water pipes, replacing ones which had burst open due to freezing, (2) drinking rum with an apple juice mixer, chosen for its vitamin C content and (3), watching Martha Stewart cooking DVDs.   Doesn't everyone realize how seductive she is, that sexy bitch!

It's been a very long, cold winter here.  I've been without running water for several days now but the solution remains elusive. I still have my lingering, hacking cough and painful sore throat and my house is in compete chaos as my renovations seem never-ending.

I suddenly feel lonely.  My eldest daughter (in culinary school) is presently applying for an overseas internship for later this year and middle daughter is thriving at university over 1,000 miles away.

Today, the biggest kick in the shorts happened when I found out that my son (17.5 years old) has applied to get into a commercial diving program some 2,000 miles away with the goal of becoming an underwater welder. Hazardous!  He's a very strong candidate to get accepted.  Our baby might be leaving the nest.... and going far, far away.

At their age, I would never had the courage, confidence and independent spirit that my kids have.  They are all hard-working, polite, frugal and fiercely independent.

Despite our disastrous marriage, everyone says that my wife and I are the best parents they know and as a result, our kids are making their way in the world with confidence.  But it makes me very sad to see them go.

But I am years away from even wanting to find Mr. Right.  I am in no way recovered emotionally from the horror of my marriage, let alone to let anyone else into my heart.  But there are many candidates for Mr. Right who are interested in me.

Just this morning, I was chatted up by a a gay, very fit, early 60s university professor (who I had met previously at school) while sitting in the hot tub at the athletic complex.  But I just don't see myself being with a "Suit."   I much prefer the dirty boys, the playful, earthy blue-collar guys such as construction worker Jamie, my favourite man of all time or the aboriginal miner dude who I see as often as possible.

Anyway, off to bed!  I just received a text that my son and eldest daughter will be coming here on Sunday and will be staying with me for a week or more.  I'm so pleased! 


  1. {{{{{hugs}}}}}

    it's february, a depressing month if there ever was one. thank bob it's a short one! the fact that baseball has begun (spring training) and that warmer temps are on the way (next weekend) is lifting me up from under the 14 inches (of snow) we received on thursday.

    have a lovely visit with your kids.

    1. Thanks, sweetie! Spring will be in the air very soon.

      Re-reading this post in the light of day, it seems a bit embarrassing and whining now. After half a day of work, my water is now flowing in the house. Woo-hoo!

    2. It was NOT whining, it shows you are human. It shows you also don't always have things wonderful. And it is rough to deal with the things you described. Be easy on yourself. Please

  2. While I love the winter, the conditions you endure might be too much for even me. I like my running water!

    I think you're allowed to whine a bit now and then. Life isn't always perfect, and I spent Valentines night alone, not even a stinky dog was about.

    Interesting how your son has decided to go somewhere (presumably) warm for training. Commercial diving is a hell of a profession. It is far from romantic. It can be lucrative once you get past the apprenticeships and training programs. Good luck to him! And just think, with far-flung children, you have an excuse to travel the world to visit them.

    I'm sure having the two there for a week or more will be great, and will relieve much of your winter woes!

    Peace <3

    1. The commercial diving school is in Canada where it's only slightly milder than where I live. Part of the curriculum involves the students practicing their "hard helmet" deep sea diving under the ICE! Yikes! I wish he would do something less hazardous.

      It would be a fantastic adventure for a young man. If he doesn't like the lifestyle when he's older, he can always switch to welding on the surface such as in construction and on the pipelines etc.

  3. Do you leave the water dripping constantly even when you're not using it? Any movement in the pipes can keep it from freezing. I realize here that you probably have much colder night temperatures than we do here but this trick works for a water pipe that runs through an exterior wall in Fritz's Center and was a chronic problem until he started letting it drip and there's been no problem since.

    There's no question that you have interesting, vital young people for children. Good for you and for them. They may roam far (my daughters have) but I bet, like mine, that they'll keep in fairly close touch and and be very loyal to you.

    1. Thank you for your complements regarding my children. I certainly hope they'll keep in touch when they leave!

      The dripping tap trick does work but when we get our extremely cold temps, even pipes with a full flow of water will freeze instantly.

      Locally, the 100% failure-proof method (which I'll do in the summer) is to place the insulated well line (usually 1" plastic pipe) and place it in a 6 inch diameter flexible pipe. Then, a system is set up by which hot air can be blown through the larger pipe all the way to the well.

    2. Amazing, but of course that will work. I would never have thought of double pipes and the hot air trick.

    3. It is a pretty extreme solution but it's needed in my case when the temps reach -40 .

      Also, my property is mainly exposed bedrock so my well lone is covered over by just two feet of dirt.

    4. Sorry to bring this up. If you have that much trouble with the supply line, how will you keep the waste line flowing?

    5. The sewage lines usually require no insulation or heat tracing at all and in fact, are sometimes not even buried. These lines are sloped and so are empty 99.9% of the time.

      The turd just flows along to the sewage tank in just a few seconds and so it cannot freeze. And once in the septic tank, all the fermenting bacteria and decomposing organic matter keep it very warm even at the coldest temperatures, at least in these parts.

  4. Valentine's day can be tough. I got lucky this year; I was mostly oblivious to it.

    I am glad that your kids are visiting, and that you got the water running again.

  5. I live in So Cal where the weather seldom gets below 40 degrees above zero during the winter (today is was about 75 degrees, sunny). But, on the flip side, you might have heard, we're running out of water.

    Wherever you live, it's always something. Take care, BB. Thinking warm thoughts.

  6. I do like summer more than winter. :-)


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