Thursday, February 20, 2014

TMI Questions: the scent of a man

The actual title of these Too Much Information  questions by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy was "There's Something in the Air."  But I like my title better;  more provocative.  Sorry, big guy!

1. Do you have a sensitive nose?  Not at all.

2. Do you have allergies?  I'm slightly allergic to really cheap perfumes like Axe Body Spray which the boys at my school used to drench themselves in, although it now seems to have gone out of fashion.  It's the occupational hazard of being a teacher.

3. Do you have a big nose?  My nose is on the larger side and I very much like it.  It's a "power nose," one I share with my father and my late grandfather.  

FUN FACT:  About six months before the full onset of puberty (around the age of 12), a boy's feet and nose grow to their full adult size.  This is why many adolescent boys look so gawky because it takes many years for the size of their face to catch up to their new adult nose. 

4. Are there any smells that trigger memories for you?   I have a fabric ornament of a hobo which is stuffed with (I think) cloves.  Scents are the most evocative of all things and this one brings me back to my earliest Christmases.

5. What are some of your favorite food aromas?  #1:  Freshly baked bread.  #2: Apple and cinnamon desserts.

6. What are some of your favorite smells in nature?  A pine forest.

7. Do you use air fresheners?  No.  They trigger my asthma!  In any case, they only mask odours and don't eliminate them.

8. Do you like scented candles?  No, but sometimes it's hard to find nice unscented ones.

9. Which food smells make you want to hurl? Rotten meat.  During my childhood, a groundhog climbed into our well and drowned.  My father retrieved the bloated, decaying carcass many days later.  Just typing these words makes me want to vomit at the memory.

My brother is a fireman and occasionally has to retrieve bloated, decaying human bodies which have been under the ice all winter.

10. What is the absolute worst smell for you?  Other that the smell of a rotten, bloated carcass, my least favourite is skunk which our dogs have been sprayed with many, many times.
What smells or aromas turn you on? 
The scent of a man, hands down.   I don't mean stale body odour, but the scent of man who showered several hours ago and didn't use any scented products.  I'm not sure if it's smell of pheromones, testosterone or some other natural steroid, but the scent of a natural man very erotically-charged for me.

I also LOVE the slightly musky scent of uncut cock as long as it's not too rank.  Yum!


  1. Now I look forward to our next session to give you a massage. This time I will pay more attention to the smell! Like you I love the scent of a man. And love the smell of uncut cocks!

  2. Whenever I'm with a man, whether I've had sex with him before or not, I always seek out his scent wherever it may l lurk. I go for armpits first, that excitingly musky smell, and bury my nose in his pubes, then all around and deep under his cock, everywhere between his legs. I lick and taste and inhale him.

    1. Will, I love how you describe being with men, getting every bit of sensual pleasure from the experience. I feel exactly the same way!


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