Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ass play

On Friday night, I was messaged on by the guy who belonged to the spectacular ass below, to the right:  do u like ass play?  What a beautiful ass!  And I am very partial to darker-skinned guys.

After a few minutes of texting, Juicy Ass Dude revealed that he grew up in Calgary and didn't go to high school in my town.  Therefore, he wasn't a former student or anyone I had ever met before.

I told him that I was a high school teacher and he didn't comment.  All clear!  Woo-hoo!

Although I normally insist on "the full package" including kissing and sucking cock, I couldn't say no to this horny young man.  He wanted only ass play and nothing else.  Within ten minutes I was speeding down the highway.

In the past two years, I've grown to absolutely love playing with a man's ass..... licking, rubbing with lube, giving a surface massage or going in deeper to the prostate.  Even "straight" married men who are resistant to having their asshole played with will eventually get into it.

Juicy Ass Dude asked me to come into his rental house without knocking;  he would be the darkened living room on all fours. He had this fantasy of being "taken" by some mysterious stranger.  I really hate going into a strange house in this manner and insisted that he blink the lights when I arrived as an all clear signal.

I arrived and then he texted:  "oh no! my roommate came home early!!"  I replied:  "Okay. I'll park down the block... come out to my car"  which he agreed to.  We'd do the nasty in the big back seat of my grandpa car, the big ol' Buick.

He approached the car out of the darkness and to my horror, I recognized him.  OMFG!   Juicy Ass is student teacher at my school!   He finished his five week placement at Christmas and now he worked with us for three afternoons a week on a literacy project.  Awkward!  I say 'hello' to him every day!

Juicy Assed Student Teacher:   You can't tell anyone!
Buddy Bear:  I don't gossip about the guys I'm with.  But I told you that I was a high school teacher;  why didn't you tell me that you worked in the schools?
Juicy Ass:   I didn't think of it!  I'm from a city with over a million people; this would never happen back home!
Buddy Bear:  Hey, this is a VERY small town, especially the gay part of it.  Sorry dude, I'm not licking your ass!  At least not while you're still on your placement.
Juicy Ass:  I should go.
Buddy Bear:  No.  Let's chat in my car a while.  Please.

He claimed to have had little experience with gay sex and from the many questions he asked, I'm sure it was true. He was particularly interested that I was out to everyone:  family, colleagues and students.

Juicy Ass was not out to his orthodox Muslim family and planned never to be out to them or to his future students.

Buddy Bear: (... rolling eyes)  "Why? Are you joking! I knew you were gay.  It was obvious!"
Juicy Ass:  (horrified)  How did you know?  I didn't know that you were gay."
Buddy Bear:  Your voice;  it's pretty feminine, the way you walk, the way you wave your wrists about.  Even that purple shirt you wear at school!  There was no doubt that you're gay!

He was upset with this revelation which was not my intention. I tried to soften my bluntness by saying that my gaydar was much more highly developed that in most people (a true fact) which mollified him somewhat.

I tried to convince him that being gay was a good thing; that I now consider myself lucky to be gay.  I hope that I made some progress in changing his mind about himself.  Being gay shouldn't be some horrible, shameful secret.

We parted company with a hug and later I received a  text from him:
Juicy Ass:  "You're sexy!  Maybe we can see each other again sometime."
Buddy Bear:  "Thanks, dude!  I enjoyed our talk.  Maybe when your placement is over."
Buddy Bear:  "But you have my permission to think of me when you jerk off."
Juicy ass:  lol.  It will be a wet dream.  ;-)

I can't wait to see  him tomorrow at school.  He's going to feel so awkward about this!


  1. We have the same taste in men! Sometimes the men from the Middle East can be of the hottest hot! How about Latino men? You like those types? I do. And if you wish, we can talk and do ass play with your appointment. This way you can enjoy this more when you meet other men. I sure hope like hell you connect with him before he leaves.

  2. I'd like that, Rick. I've had very few men do ass play tome and the ones that have done so didn't really know what they were doing. I believe that you have to experience something at the hands of an expert to really learn what it feels like .. and how to do it to others.

    I like ALL men, blondes and pasty-white ginger dudes. But I really, really like darker-skinned men: aboriginals (and there are many in my town), Hispanics, all Mediterranean men of all kinds and Middle Eastern Dudes

  3. Hiding and fear is so foreign to me. Your friend will eventually come out... and be much happier. The last gif is hot as hell! And I say that as a top who knows his ass ;)

    1. I now feel the same way. I have to urge to get every closeted man to come out. Be free! And yes, that is one hot ass.

  4. Over New Years, I was in a delightful ass play three-way that grew out of a massage gathering. Each man on the table got a full body massage with hot coconut oil, a prostate massage with one and then two fingers while being kissed continuously, and finally a big happy ending. This is a great way to finish an evening of having "the boys" over, too.

    1. Very hot! All the participants were very lucky!

  5. If he's obviously gay then everyone probably knows anyway (or at last suspects)
    I hope he finds his way.
    I love how you write that being gay is a good thing, because it sooo is and every gay man should think that. Unfortunately some don't.
    It's such a personal journey for all of us and we all have our own story but I wouldn't change a thing about myself even if I could.

    1. I don't know if I would say it is a good thing, I'm at the point that I am glad I accept who I am. I can't say that straight guys shouldn't be straight.

    2. Justin: yes, I would say that it was OBVIOUS to everyone that Juicy Ass that he is gay, including his mother. But at my school, no one would care if he was or wasn't.

      I truly feel lucky to be gay although I wouldn't give up my "straight" life when my children were conceived and raised. I know that some gays can be bitchy towards each other, I really enjoy the instinctual understanding and support and which exists between gay men of all ages.

      I think being a part of a persecuted minority (not that I'm persecuted, but gays elsewhere and in the past) strengthens the bond between gay men.

  6. When you read his profile, age, height, middle eastern, gay...Did that not make you think of the purple-shirt-wearing gay who you say hello to everyday?? I always try to see if I can match an anonymous profile with any of the guys at my office before hooking up lol.

    1. No! I normally do a much better job in screening potential hookups to avoid guys from my school community, but I was mesmerized by his beautiful ass.

      Although I often refer to the "small town" where I live, in fact there are still a few hundred active gay guys on so it is unlikely that I would have recognized him from his profile alone.

  7. Great Post. I'm glad you got to talk. I hate to see young guys stray away from being out. I wish I grew up in an era where is was "good to be gay." I'm just not sure that it was when I was growing up.

    1. PS> I hope you continue the story. How he reacted when you saw him at school, etc..... good luck to him.

    2. I suspect that being from a conservative Muslim immigrant family has played a big role in his reluctance to come out. He is a bit unusual in his ambivalence towards his gayness for someone of his age.

      I am proud of the many young gay students at my school are who completely out and very self-confident about it. There are lots of them!

      I'll keep you posted as to what happens when I see him again!


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