Thursday, February 13, 2014

TMI: Winter Olympics

Here is timely Too Much Information question set by question set by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy.

1. In general do you watch the Winter Olympics?   I haven't had a TV in the house for over ten years, so the answer is "never." I really don't have the time for TV-watching, anyway.

But I'd watch if there was a gay TV channel which featured only those Winter Olympics sports involving hot men in spandex bodysuits:  luge, 4-man bobsled, speed skating and cross-country skiing. 

2. Winter or Summer?   Coming from The Great White North, I prefer the Winter Olympics.   I would watch the Summer Olympics only for the men divers and water polo players. Also, the bouncing bulges on the runners in spandex shorts are pretty hot, too. 

3. What are your favorite winter events? Do you follow any of them outside the game?  Not at all.  I very much enjoy watching a real-life NHL hockey game but those opportunities are few and far between.  But I'd never watch professional hockey on television.

4. Which sport needs to stay and which one needs to go?  I think all the Winter Olympics sports should stay.

5. Which is the weirdest sport?  The two-man luge must have been designed by a gay man.  Two (probably) straight, athletic men in spandex body suits lying on top of each other?  Really?

6. What is your POV on boycotting The Olympics by countries and or athletes?  Boycotting the Olympics would just have hurt the athletes.  But I am in favour of boycotting Olympic sponsors and I approved when some governments refused to send their heads of states.

7. Are you boycotting NBC or any Olympic sponsors?  No.

8. Do you think boycotts are effective?  As boycotts are practiced by the general population, they are not effective.  But piss off a bunch of gay men, then watch out!

9. If you were an athlete what would you do?  I'm quite a good snowboarder but only on a slalom course;  I would never do those flips and twists at any age.  I'm not a bad cross-country skier, either;  I've competed in eight or more 50 km ski races in my life.

But for a  man my age, the only Winter Olympics sport which could be an option would be curling.  I have only curled for a season or two in my life but was quite good at it, actually.


  1. I follow them via the news reports; I have many other interests and obligations so the BBC's "potted" version suits my needs very well. Also, I'm not particularly a chauvinist. I enjoy seeing whoever has won an event get the recognition all the brutally hard work, guts and skill has gotten them.

    1. I'll have to check out BBC. Although I do respect the women athlete's hard work, I am really only interested in the men. lol

  2. Replies
    1. I certainly could use some of your sunshine and hot temperatures! This winter has been endless.

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