Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PART I: Random facts about me...

To fully understand my story, some information about my background might help.  This list was a bit too long so it will be continued tomorrow in part II.   

-I've been married for 17 years
-Have two children

-I'm pretty active:
       -skiing - I love it!!       
       -walking or hiking, prefer wilderness areas
       -running: I;ve competed four full marathons since the age of 35
         -sea- or lake kayaking
       -competitive cycling

-Winter is my favourite season; my only problem with winter is that it doesn't last long enough. Here, we are normally skiing from mid-November to the mid-April.

-I don't like to do video or computer-based games: In my entire life, I've probably spent less than 5 minutes doing video games as a cumulative total. I'm just too restless to sit there do it for any length of time.

-I played hockey until I was about 13. I sort of liked it, but I hated the parents (not mine) screaming at the players from the stands; also it was starting to get quite violent and I didn't want to be injured doing something I didn't really like.

-I don't really like doing team sports mainly because I hate letting the team down if I made a mistake. 

-Now, I do play non-competitive 'scrub hockey' 
-I love the sport of curling ... very Canadian!

-Took phys. ed. all through high school, although I didn't have to and I wasn't very good at team sports. I liked most of the sports we did. Ironically, I absolutely hated high school wrestling; I thought having to touch another guy was gross!  I might enjoy it now, however :>)

-I have had broken bones five or six times: these were all the result of either careless accidents. I was very reckless when I was younger. 

-I'm an excellent cook!  It is one of my favourite things to do.

I think that' s quite enough for today!


  1. Welcome to the blog world, buddy! Can't wait to read more of your thoughts, stories and experiences.

  2. I like your blog. Your writing is unpretentious and interesting. That is my style and the type of blog that I like to read. I'm a naturally nosy kind of guy so I'm enjoying reading all about you and your life.

  3. That is a fine introduction; I am curious to see where your blog will go in its goals and contents. Any agenda so far, or is it 'make it up as I go along?"

  4. I'd stay you are a fairly rare bird if you think winter doesn't last long enough :-)

  5. Sean, Thanks, buddy!! It's very exciting! By the way, photos on my blog far will be mainly NOT be taken by me but be from internet sources...

  6. Ur-spo: While I would like the blog to be completely "out there" like those fantastic bloggers Sean or Kelly, complete with pictures of self and friends, and at this point anonymity is essential. It wouldn't be helpful to those in my life to be completely "out" online, while so much needs to be resolved at home. I will try very hard to focus the blog on my journey rather than discuss others.

    I expect to blog in the manner of all the guys like me on my "Gay/Bi Guys: Married / Divorced with Children" blogroll. I expect it will be an efficient way to share our stores and receive / give suggestions. Eventually, I will also want to do other things, such as Chad Darnell's 12 of 12.

    I'm also sure, like Sean and Blobby, that I will be commenting occasionally on GLBT issues and news from a Canadian perspective, in an advocacy or information role. Time will tell!


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