Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter Activities

Tomorrow Monday, I hope to start writing about a few 'red flags' about my sexuality while growing up.    I think I'm procrastinating a bit .... hesitant to start revealing all that stuff.  I need to 'just do it!' 

Right now, I'm exhausted!  I spend the last day chaperoning (with a female chaperone) 24 seventeen-year-olds on a wilderness retreat;  a church youth group.  Lots of fun snowshoeing in pitch darkness through the bush, campfires and outdoor "team-building" games....but all physical activity is much more exhausting at -20 C.   Luckily, the sleep-over part was done in heated cabins, although not a lot of "sleep" was going on.

Today, I hope to go cross-country skiing or skidooing with some of my kids.... a bit too cold for snowboarding because you generate your own wind chill as you do it.
About the picture at right, it is traditional for people from Scandinavia, Russian and many other northern countries to either roll in the snow or swim through a hole cut in the ice after a sauna....
It's very invigorating;  I prefer ice swimming because some types of snow can sting like needles.  We do this very rarely as it is a lot of work to cut a swimming hole in 12 - 18" of ice.  Also, I have the slight concern that ice swimming is invitation to a heart attack.

In the old country (Norway), our  relatives, some of them octogenarians, (including the old ladies!!!) go ice swimming regularly.  They think it's a healthy thing to do.
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  1. I think I'll just stay in the sauna while y'all go jump into the ice!

  2. One 17-year-old sounds too much for me; I cannot imagine to dozens of them.

  3. Nice getting to know you better! Take your time in relecting on your past. As you do, it might help guide your future.

  4. I snow-skiied once and I really like doing it more times but not any chance is coming soon. Alas!

  5. I'll only roll in the snow if I'm right next to a jacuzzi. That can be fun.

  6. Jim: A good plan. Most people I know would agree with you!

    Urspo: I love working with this age group! The kids were fantastic; we've done this with as many 42 seventeen-year-olds. However, I'd sooner set my hair on fire than do the same outing with a bunch of 13-year-olds.

    SC Guy: Thank you! I'll take your excellent advice.


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