Friday, January 21, 2011

Stylish Blogger Awards

I've been honoured as a recipient of the Stylish Blogger Award, which really is sort of a meme or a chain-letter.

The requirement is to tell some things about yourself and to create a list of other bloggers which I choose to pass the award on to. Here they are:

Some things about myself:
  1. I absolutely love my job!  Most of the time, I feel that I am extremely lucky to be there.
  2. While attending the births of my two children, I learned that the 'real thing' is nothing at all like those grade six childbirth videos;  they left out the smells, the screaming, the terror, the emergency Caesarian....
  3. Like so many men today, I was a "house husband" part-time for five years, and helped raise each of my two kids from infancy. We balanced our work schedules, so each of us worked part-time and stayed at home with the kids part-time. It was the most rewarding and important work I've ever done.
  4. I worked my way through university in a hospital cafeteria: every day, I collected and washed tons of greasy dishes, pots and pans.  I loved the job and the hospital's working environment!
  5. I saved nearly every dollar I ever earned, starting at the age of 12, so that I could own my own house, mortgage free. This was an important family value.  At 30, I did own a very nice house and was nearly debt-free.

My Stylish Blogger Picks are:
  1. Is the a Way Out for a SoCal Guy?  He's a 44 year-old married guy with nearly-grown children.  He personifies the qualities of integrity, self-reflection and intelligence as he grapples with issues of his sexuality and its potential impact on his family.  
  2. New Day, New Life  He's a late 30s guy from the Midwest, married with young children.  A fantastic hands-on father, he also blogs about his sexuality and its potential impact on his family life.
  3. Michael in Norfolk: Michael is an inspiration to this gay/bi married guy.  In his words, "Out gay attorney in a committed relationship; formerly married and father of three wonderful children; sometime activist and political/news junkie; survived coming out in mid-life and hope to share my experiences and reflections with others."
  4. My Journey Out: Chris is an incredibly funny 49 year-old guy in DC, married with two teenagers. Chris has been on his own for two years and is in a relationship his "Tiger Cub" from Toronto.
  5. Java Junko, Rob is a young, very funny 30ish guy who lives in central Manitoba, Canada. He has a splashy, fun and stylish blog filled with his favourite music, hot guys, pics of his handsome self and photos of his cake-decorating masterpieces.
  6. West of Mayberry 'Large Tony' is a 34 year old guy living in east Tennessee, with a funny, sexy blog with a beautifully-crafted writing style.  Scroll back to read the story about where his nickname 'Large Tony" came from.


  1. Your blog is a great read! I'm hooked. Honesty and humour all wrapped up in posts! And you get extra points for calling me young ;) Thanks for the props!

  2. Thanks, everyone!

    Oh, Rob (Java JuNKO), you're just a baby!! Speaking as a decrepit old fart (48), I can say more of my blog readers are in my age group (40 - 70) than yours. Thanks for the complements! Honesty? Yes, I've been brutally honest; it can be a very difficult thing. Humour? Maybe, sometimes....don't know!


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