Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Started

Over the past 12 years, I have had to gradually admit to myself that I was attracted to men.  In my small-town isolation, I thought that I was the only guy in the world with this problem;  my own private secret. 

Big discovery!  There was a world-wide blogging community of bi/gay guys just like me; married with kids  and all at different stages in their complicated journey.  It seems that we are all in our 40s - what's up with that?   Several have encouraged me to start my own blog to record my journey.   It seems a very efficient way to share my story.  Along the way, I hope to receive (and maybe even give) some sensible, experienced advice.   


  1. Growing up in the early Fifties (I was born in 1941), I always knew I was attracted to men. There was never a question about it although I did try the straight route. From the time I was four years old (I remember because it ws before I went into first grade when I was five years old), I knew I liked being around males more than females although it wasn't sexual at that time. I also grew up in a small town and just assumed I was the only boy who felt that way. It wasn't until I got into high school that I found out about "queers" but they were effeminate guys and I knew I wasn't "one of them." It wasn't until I was in the Army (way before DADT) that I met other gay guys just like myself. We all have our unique journey. I find each person's story unique and interesting. I look forward to reading your blog. By the way, blogging is great therapy. I talked two of my friends (one gay and one straight) into blogging when they were going through a life crises. Blogging has helped them immensely as I am sure it will help you.

  2. I don't understand about the 40s thing either, but I sure am glad I found the blogging community a couple years ago. Like Ron said, blogging is great therapy. I can say without hesitation that I'm a better person today than I was two years ago, and have a strong feeling two years from now you'll be saying the same thing.

  3. Welcome to blogging - I started mine as a mere whim - 5 years later it is a wonderful world I could not do without.
    May I suggest you visit Joe at Mind The Bear? You strike me as having a very similar background; he's been where you are now; he may have some inspiration or advise for you.

  4. Looking forward to reading more!


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