Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lawyer Dude, continued

ItToday's pics are of beautiful, muscular man thighs which so remind me of my the sweet Brazilian boy who's been sharing my bed in recent weeks.  I asked him, where did you get your amazing thighs?

He replied:  "I played soccer all my life.  Of course!  I'm Brazilian!"  I can't get enough of massaging them, running my hand up them and being in between them when I suck his cock.

This is a continuation of the LLawyer Dude story, last post.     Lawyer Dude and I had one of the liveliest, gayest, funniest and most interesting conversations I ever had.  Topics were wide-ranging including our sexual histories and coming-out to travel, movies, politics and our marriages.

He was indeed a mover and a shaker and had served as legal council for both the Ontario and federal Conservative parties.  As a result, he was on a first-name basis with numerous important politicians including cabinet ministers and past Prime Ministers.  I said:  "Really?" with some disbelief so he got a photo album and showed me a slimmer, late 80s version of himself posing beside then Prime Minster Brian Mulroney.  He was a junior legal counsel on the conservative campaign bus

The effect of his joint wore off and I asked him why he felt the need to smoke up just to meet me. He told me that he had anxiety issues and occasionally took a zanax to deal with them.   

I was finding him increasingly cute, irresistible even, mainly because of his sparking personality, but this came to a crashing halt at the view of his shrivelled, puckered ass.  Every one of the fit, 70 year old men in my locker room had better looking asses than him!  It was just gross!

I told him how much pleasure I get making other men cum and often have difficulty in receiving pleasure myself.  Lawyer Dude said that was his experience exactly.  He explained:  when closeted men, gay or bi, are attempting to have sex with their wives, the only way that they can get aroused themselves is to give their wives pleasure.

All of their partner's moaning and writhing is now we get aroused, not by the physicality of the woman herself.  He said that is just the way we're wired, how we developed in our sexual responses and now, we just do the same thing except that we get aroused by pleasuring men.

I can't say that this is typical of ALL closeted men but it matches my experience perfectly.  What a

Lawyer Dude also took the greatest delight in all my stories which I've posted on this blog; of the back seat blowjob interruptus22 year old virgins, the spanking dude and of sex in a garden shed.  "I love it!  You are making up for lost time!  You want to experience it all!"

He added that he could not imagine me in an LTR or marriage with anyone in his fifties;  I was far younger in my exuberance and spirit of adventure than anyone my age (51).

You need to find yourself some 40 year old who is as adventurous as you. I know lots of them!  Just let me introduce them to you!  I said:  "I don't want to live in Toronto."

We talked non-stop from the moment I arrived at 7:00 pm to well past midnight.  My hotel was an hour away by transit, so it would be a very late arrival indeed.  Lawyer Dude suggested I stay the night and leave for work from his place.  He asked:  "Would I like to sleep in his bed with him?....... hopeful pause..... or on the couch?" 

I said firmly and with no regret:  "The couch."   I had an extremely good sleep and left at 6:45 arrive just in time for work.  I left him a note thanking him for the excellent conversation and the dinner he ordered in for me.

I added that although we weren't boyfriend material, I hope that we could become good friends.

Lawyer Dude sent me several messages the next day on Grindr:

I had a great time last nite.  BTW, thank you for the note.
Yes, I definitely want to be your friend too. 
I know I'm not your type sexually.
I really enjoyed our evening.  Really.  After u left I jerked off like 4 times.

I don't know if our friendship will continue, but we have exchanged a few messages on Grindr since I've returned.  It's up to him, really.

The final pic was taken a moment ago in my front yard;  we're having a late spring blizzard!  Sean, do you recognize the shorts?  Will winter ever end?


  1. Brrrrr! Keep the snow up there in the north. It's nice out here in Toronto! Glad you made a good friend. I know what you mean about butt ugly. I was shocked when I saw one.

    1. I'm glad I met Lawyer Dude but I would not yet describe him as a 'good friend'. These online friendships need a mutual effort to maintain although I do come to Toronto fairly often.

      So far, I think he still is hanging in there because he expects to get into my pants one day.

    2. What a waste of time and energy. Why do I get the feeling your friend does this all the time with new tricks? There are lots of men out there who does the same thing. Or they go to the bars, sit and wait for something to happen. Or as I have seen, the men are there every time I go to the trails to cruise, years ago. I'd go maybe once a week if I have time but every time these men are there. How sad. They really need to get a life. Or read your blog to get ideas and do some volunteer work. If doing the same thing over and over does not work, change your plans but maybe not your goals.

    3. I did feel sorry for him and found him a bit desperate. If he was in the habit of doing this sort of thing, he certainly hasn't been successful at it!

      As you said, he could easily volunteer for some Pride committee or a position with the LGBTQ community centre on Church Street and he could meet potential gay friends in a more natural, professional setting.

  2. This is why guys need to stay in shape as they age. It's unfortunate that this guy let himself go like that.

    1. Yes, you're right! All his money and other considerable assets are much diminished in the dating pool by his horrible physique, unless your a rent-boy type who is solely motivated by money.

      And Lawyer Dude has let himself go to such an extent that no amount of dieting or ab crunches will help.

    2. I'm not so sure you are correct. I'm assuming it's never too late to start. It may take longer, more work, but starting an exercise routine at any age surely couldn't hurt. It's not going to turn him into Tom Cruise, but sounds like any improvement would be a good thing.

  3. Really glad you made a friend! You sure can't have too many of those! And not every meet up has to be a sexual thing. But you already know that.

    Peace <3

    1. Yes.... the older the guy is, the less likely it is that the first meeting(s) involve sex. With the younger guys, it is entirely about the sex and as quickly as possible!

      I have developed friendships with younger guys who I've been with several times, but only after the sex has happened first.

  4. That last photo seems a 'slap back into reality'

    1. Yes, for sure! I think this has been the harshest winter I've ever experienced and it will be winter-like here well into May. :-(

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