Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hunky shower men

In my daily visits to our Athletic Complex, I've been treated to fantastic sightings of some gorgeous 20ish men in the communal shower room.  Yesterday, I felt like a fat, thick-around-the-middle old fart as I showered alongside three magnificent young men with voluptuous asses and thick, uncut flopping cocks.

They were absolutely stunning young men, even more beautiful than the hunks pictured in this post.  
During recent online chats, I've been bragging to some local gay friends (my age) about all my sexy times with my Sweet Brazilian Boy.

To a man, they all requested to be invited to a threesome with me and Lucas.  My response was a firm: "NO!", partly because I doubt that Lucas would be receptive to such an arrangement. Retorted one of my friends in frustration:   

"You're not going to share him, aren't you!  You want to keep him all to yourself!!"  

To that I said:  "You better believe it, baby!"    lol

I do understand that Lucas will eventually move on to other men, sooner or later.  And I think that he should do just that .... if only to make the most of his gay Canadian experience.

In fact, the day before I left for my eight day trip to Toronto, I suggested to Lucas that he should consider hooking up with some other guys.  He looked shocked and said: "OH NO!  I'd NEVER do that!!!"  Too sweet!

Lucas continues to message me sporadically most days on Grindr:  "Good morning!",  "Hey handsome Daddy!" and I respond in kind and we occasionally exchange selfies.  We get together one or two days per week which is all that either of our schedules allow.

A big dilemna:   Lucas is coming here after school today (Thursday) but for the first time, my son will be in residence.  My son knows that I hook up with guys but we never discuss it.  In fact, he has met a couple of my hookup dudes in some funny accidental meetings.

But given Lucas' young age (21), I really don't want to introduce them unless I'm forced to. I know I'm being cowardly, but I don't even want to tell my son that I'm entertaining a gentleman caller this evening and that he shouldn't expect to see me around.

Conversely, I don't want Lucas to think that I'm ashamed of him;  that he is some dirty little secret.

At this point, my plan is to just sneak Lucas into the Love Nest where we will spent several hours of sweetness and hope that we don't run into my son as we leave. Thoughts?


  1. Tell your son that you'll get a friend to come over - he is old enough to understand. Maybe you can tell him he is shy, still struggling with how being openly gay. Explain it to him that this young man probably won't feel comfortable meeting him. I think your son will understand that and won't be curious when you sneak him into your lovenest.

  2. and all three of those guys wanted you. ;)

    I think it's respectful to be desecrate. No child, no matter how good their relationship, really wants to know about their parent's sex life, just that they are happy and not ashamed. I think your kids would want to meet your friends and that special guy (when you meet him).

    1. "All three of those guys wanted you?" No offense, Sean, but I SERIOUSLY doubt that!

      Thanks for the great advice! I know that I will proud to introduce the special man in my life to my kids but I would rather that they NOT know about all the men I hook up with. lol

  3. T'wer it me...I'd reschedule. If this was a possible LTR, it would be different... But, hook-ups come and hook-ups go. Your son, on the other hand, will be leaving for school in a few months, right? Spend all the time with him that you can.

    1. Yes, I plan to cherish the time I have left with all of my children.

  4. jeep-guy has it right (except for spelling discrete)...

    your son might indeed be curious, but i would do exactly as you plan... so my wish for you is that it will be successful, all around...

    btw - my boyfriend and i have his son living here with us for a few months... we added a door so that there is some extra separation... turns out that _he_ usually texts rather than knocking or just barging in... younguns can be sweet that way...

    gl, h.

  5. If you keep using the Love Nest, eventually it's bound to happen that your son and one of your guests will come face to face. It goes with the territory. Let it happen when it happens.

    (Good advice IMO, which I wouldn't necessarily follow in your place, because I understand the reluctance to be that "in-your-face" about it — I've felt the same way about my older brother meeting my gay friends from blogworld, even though we don't have sex.)

    1. Yes, my son has accidentally met three of my hookup guys over the years and we all survived!

  6. I think it's inevitable that your son is going to run into you again with a lover. I realize you're concerned about the age factor, but if he says anything, it's a teachable moment - reminding him that older men can teach younger ones.

    But at the same time, I understand your reluctance. It is a bit of an age difference. And Kat has a good idea with how to deal with it. Sean is also exactly correct! Good advice all around!

    Peace <3

  7. Jeep guy hits it bang on! Have fun

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