Sunday, April 13, 2014

A 19-year old gay virgin, continued

I'm back from an amazing eight days in Toronto!  Some of my experiences might even be described as "life-changing" in a small way and I will blog about these in the days to come.  I met numerous extremely interesting gay men, most platonically,  who I expect to remain as long-distance friends. 

The behaviour of the big city gays on the hookup sites and Grindr  was a challenge.  There were many more flakes, players and "all-talk-no-action" guys than I ever experienced in my home town, but that story will appear in another post.
Sp here is the continuation of the story of the 19-year old gay virgin.  By the way, Virgin Boy, at 19, is younger than two out of three of my children.  Gulp!

After a short chat, Virgin Boy asked if he could come over.  He wanted to lose his virginity, NOW, before he lost his nerve!!!  He lived some 45 minutes away (in good weather) and I questioned the safety of the treacherous, ice-covered highways.

He assured me that he was a good driver and armed with my address, he set off.  I followed his progress using the Grindr GPS:  30 miles, 20 miles, 2000 feet etc.  OMFG!  I couldn't believe that he's actually coming!

Virgin Boy looked like every other hunky hockey-playing young man:  handsome, blue-eyed, 5'-11", broad shoulders, narrow hips, juicy ass, lean and lightly muscled.  He had masses of shaggy blonde hair;  sort of a teen boy version of Farrah's 70's hairdo.  Virgin Boy was absolutely gorgeous and visibly trembled as we shook hands.

At my suggestion, we got comfortable in bed with our clothes on.  I find it very awkward getting undressed in front of a stranger and the mutual removal of clothing is the sexiest foreplay. 

We drank our beer and I gently asked him about the history of his same-sex attraction and he gradually relaxed.  From a very early age, he knew that was attracted to men but as a masculine dude, was certain that none of his friends or family had any idea about him.

He had never even been touched by a man so as we talked, I ran my hands all over to ease him into it gently;  inner thighs, chest, belly, bulge and jawline.

I eased his jeans off to reveal tight turquoise boxer-briefs tented with a huge hard cock and sporting a big, slippery, wet spot at his cockhead.

Virgin Boy (soooo embarrassed!):  Oh my God!  I'm leaking!  Oh no!
Buddy Bear: (laughing) You're a cum factory!  Dude, that's good thing, believe me!

I quickly got both of us naked and we got right down to business.  It was all sweetness!  Virgin Boy was a pretty good kisser and, unlike any other lover I've had, followed my lead every step of the way.  I sucked his cock and he sucked mine. (I could barely feel it!)  I gave his cock and balls a silicone-lubed massage and he insisted on doing the same to me.... OMFG!   It felt sooo good!

As things headed up, he became more and more aroused and vocal:  "Fuck me!  I want you to fuck me now!"  I lubed his ass and gave him a one-fingered prostate massage while he moaned and writhed.  SO HOT!   It was obvious that he will be a devoted bottom one day, but I said:  "Dude, not today, another time.  You're really tight... I don't want to do that to you right now; not on your first time.

After about 30 minutes, I said that it was time for him to cum.  I sucked his beautiful fat, uncut cock, ramming it into the back of my throat as he moaned and caught his breath.  Finally, he let loose with a gusher of nasty-tasting, bitter cum. (Smokers have the worst-tasting cum.  It was the only think not perfect about Virgin Boy.  lol)  A Big Gulp!

He collapsed back on the pillow and closed his eyes.

Gay Virgin (in a small voice):  Would it be terrible if I said I can't do this anymore?
Buddy Bear:  Baby, no problem!
Gay Virgin (with glassy eyes):  But you didn't cum!
Buddy Bear:  Erik, I can jerk myself off in ten seconds.  But it would be ridiculous to do that right now.  This is all about you!  It's all about you, sweetie!
Gay Virgin:  But you didn't get anything out of this!
Buddy Bear:  I enjoyed every single second with you, right from when you got our of your car.  It was all good!  Quit worrying about it.
Gay Virgin:  ... okay..... (and then in a little boy's voice)  Tell me about how your coming out went.

I told him the story while I stroked him gently;  he remained motionless and looked like he was about to cry.  I emphasized a few points, paraphrased here:

  1. You will come out on your own terms, whenever and to whomever you want.
  2. I feel lucky to be gay and one day, I hope you will feel the same.  You're just starting your life.  You're handsome, smart, have a hot body and a beautiful, fat cock. I'm so envious! You're going to get more sex that all of your straight friends put together. 
  3. Gay men are warriors;  I've never met a gay who didn't have courage.  Virgin Boy said: "I don't have courage."  I replied;  "Baby, when you need it, you will have the courage you need.  I promise."
  4. You are very lucky to be living in Canada and in our town:  you'll get nothing but support.  No one in your life will think anything different when you tell them you're gay.
After a long while, I said that he really should be driving home;  it was past midnight on a school night!  He got dressed, I walked him to the door and shook his hand.  He literally ran to his car and sped off into the night.  I followed his GPS progress in reverse:  1,000 feet, 10 miles, 30 miles until he got safely home.

I sent him one final message on Grindr:
"I wish you all the best, Erik.  You're an intelligent, courageous young man and I know everything will work for you in time."

He responded:   :)  Thank you.


  1. How nice! What a man you are, Buddy Bear! So cute! When he was embarrassed that he was dripping. Hope he will appreciate it someday. Toronto is the city for him, for young gay men. You are lucky to live in the country where most people are real, including gays. I just do not know what it is with cities. They say they are interested and then suddenly, changed their minds. What the ....

    1. Thanks, Rick! Yes, so many of our young small-town gaylings go to the big city for gay adventures, be it Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal. A big city really is the place for them.

      I'm sure we have some gay players and flakes in my town but there is generally still politeness online. For example, most chat conversations here are ended properly, even if to say "Sorry, not interested."

      This was NOT my experience in Toronto where they end abruptly without a word; maybe there is just too much choice of guys there and the big city anonymity so guys don't think it's necessary to be polite.

      PS: Rick, I just answered your private e-mail as well. xoxoxo

    2. Yes! I'm still reading it and re reading it! Amazing! Where do you find the time and energy to write me an email. I thought I would not hear til next week cuz you are busy! Thank you for what you did to the kid in this story. He went home very happy! Big hugs, hope we meet again. xoxoxo

    3. Thanks, Rick! Responding took just a moment; I was home alone all Sunday and did indeed have the time to write. xoxo

  2. You are so kind. He NEEDED this more than you will know. You weren't aware at that age. Some of us were but were in denial. You have saved him much heartache. Bless you.

    1. True as my first time was not that great. Buddy bear gave him a great first time and now the kid can move forward from there. Buddy Bear has a heart of gold!

    2. Thanks, gentlemen! You're too kind! I must point out, however, that I did get much pleasure out of the encounter as well. Cuddling, kissing and sucking cock with a sexy and very fit young man isn't an unpleasant task.

  3. Erik is very lucky and you're freaking awesome.

    MY first gay experience wasn't glitter and stardust and all that jazz, but I'd say I turned out well.

    I hope the best for him.

    1. Yes, me too! I'm sure he will be fine. As I'm said, I'm envious of his exciting gay future. Thanks for commenting!

  4. So cool. You're a fine man, BB. This was exactly what he older, more experienced gay man to show him it's all right. He's better off now than he was before he met you.

    Peace <3


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