Saturday, April 26, 2014

Coffee date with an obese gay politician

Today's pictures of Speedo guys are posted in defiance of the 30 cm (12 inch) snowfall we received yesterday.  Blahhh!  But we had a rare April snow day off from school!

In my last post, I discussed the possibility of entertaining my Sweet Brazilian Boy while my son was at home.

Brazilian boy had been trying to arrange a meeting all week and sent me Grindr messages each day:

  • Are you avaible today? :)  I am horny lol
  • I am avaible in the weekend. It is up to you my sweet friend.
  • I am missing your kisses!
  • I love to stay with you... it is always a good time yo share.  Very sexy and sweet  canadian ever!
  • cant wait to see you!

As it turned out, my middle daughter was arriving home from university that same evening.  Since she and my son are very close, I suggested that he and my oldest daughter pick her at the airport and spend the evening hanging out at my ex's house.

My son accepted this suggestion readily, so Brazilian Boy and I spent a sweet four hours in bed without having to deal with the issue of introductions.  He is a passionate and sweet kisser and we spent hours kissing, caressing, sucking cock and sleeping in each other's arms, as well as cumming twice, each.  Bliss!

Ironically, this 21 year old has taught me more than anyone about the value of slowing down during love-making; to savour gentle, slow kisses.

 Two years ago, I posted about being sent fully-naked pictures showing the full face of a publicly elected official in my town.   The pics featured ass cheeks spread wide open and open crotch shots in abundance.... but the worst part was that the Gay Politician was morbidly obese, +400 pounds at least.  Ewww!

I had previously met Gay Politician because his daughters had attended my school;  we served together on Parent Council.

Since then, Gay Politican (55 years old) divorced, came out and is now an advocate for the LGBTQ cause.  His photo regularly appears local newspaper ads:  "City of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ :  a Proud Supporter of Pride Week!"  I admire how he has embraced his late-in-life coming out.

In recent months, Gay Politician has been messaging me persistently on Scruff, Grindr and, suggesting a meeting.  Finally, I told him:  "Fred, we've met in real life.  We served on Parent Council together ten years ago," and signed off with my real name.

He followed up with repeated requests for a coffee date.  I reluctantly agreed, but I warned him that I was recently divorced and was in no way ready to date anyone, let alone an LTR.  I also told him that I wasn't attracted to overweight people. Due to his aggressiveness, I felt the need to be really blunt.

Our coffee date today went well;  he was charming, intelligent, ambitious and okay-looking but with unique, brilliant blue eyes. We had much to talk about during our 90 minute coffee date.

He had bariatric surgery last year and so far, has lost 160 pounds with another 100 pounds to go.  Gay Politican looked better but the yards of loose skin were not a pretty sight.  He is still massive and in fact, had difficulty walking due to his obesity.

He was quite touchy-feely during our coffee date and insisted on giving me a big hug at the end.  Gay Politician said he hoped to see me again and he said: "I know you don't like fat people", and suggested going to the theatre or a restaurant another day.

I agreed that I was definitely not attracted to overweight people and said, cautiously, that I would consider going out to dinner with him.   I cannot imagine in a million years going to bed with someone who I considered so physically unattractive, no matter how much more weight he lost.

This is a bit of a dilemma:  Gay Politican is seeking an LTR and I am definitely not interested in him in that way.  I wouldn't mind being his platonic friend but by agreeing to go out with him, I fear he will continue to push for something more. Tricky!




  1. Alas, not everybody can look like the fellows in the photos. Gay men can be rather harsh about size and proportion I hope this man finds someone who will like him just as he is.

    1. This is true! Given his age (55) and his obesity, I fear that he will have a very difficult time finding a boyfriend.

      I hope I didn't sound shallow by writing this post, but this is honestly how I feel about him. The men I hook up with are often chubby and have bellies, even the young ones.

      I am perfectly fine with chubby guys. In fact, sleeping with one makes me feel less badly about my own ever-thickening waistline.

      But I know for sure that I will never find a morbidly obese man sexually attractive. Even if I wanted to, I would never get aroused.

  2. This post title is not going to rack up the search engine hits - I hope!

    I'm glad the second date went so well. You came 2x with him - is that a first?

    1. You'll notice that I didn't include any photos of morbidly-obese men in this post. That would have been a real boner-killer. lol

      Sweet Brazilian Boy and I have been together four times; I just haven't blogged about the other times because I only blog on every second or third day; anyway, all of our sweet encounters have been basically the same.

      Each time, we're in bed continuously for 4 - 5 hours and he always falls asleep for a little while after rounds 1 and 2, either spooning me or cuddling face-to-face in my arms (so sweet!) .

      His cock is usually ready to go again after a recovery period of 30 minutes. (he is 21, after all!) So since we're together for so many hours, he usually cums 2 - 3 times and I have no difficulty in cumming twice.

  3. Replies
    1. We broke the historical, all-time record for snowfall accumulation for the entire month of April, but with that ONE DAYof snowfall.

      And our total snow accumulation this winter is in the top three in our entire record of weather history. :-(

  4. I think you just have to be considerate but consistent in your message that no relationship is possible. No need to be too blunt about it, but firm and consistent. I know you know this. Of course, having another ally in a public place can help all sorts of campaigns when it comes to supporting the LGBTQ agenda!

    Peace <3

  5. Even if this guy does lose the remaining 100 pounds he will still have all that loose skin, and that will be awful. I don't blame you at all. Maybe you should have just blocked him. Now he knows who you are and may pester you forever.

    1. Thank you, RB! My thoughts exactly!

      We live in a very small city (or a big town) with an even a smaller gay community. We both volunteer at many of the same LGBTQ committees and Pride events and will be running into each other often.

      I want to remain on a friendly, "Hello! How are you?" basis. It would have been cruel to block him and I felt duty-bound to warn him that his Squirt profile wasn't as anonymous as he thought it was. (meaning, he didn't know who I was but I knew who he was)

      So, in the end, I am happy with a "just friends" arrangement and I plan to stick to that.

  6. I spent an afternoon with an obese gentleman one time. It wasn't a pleasant experience.

    It sounds as if you've been very upfront with him about what you're looking for in a friendship. You may need to remind him of that from time to time, but at least there's no ambiguity about it.

    1. Oh and I love the gentleman in photo number 3 (blue bikini, furry chest). Wouldn't mind seeing him hanging out at the pool. :-)

    2. Yes, I LOVE the look of that masculine, fit, non-twinky dude. Woof! He is my ideal type of man, a perfect physical specimen, and I've hooked up with far too few of guys like him.

    3. Thanks, Robert! Another point which I hadn't mentioned previously: I work hard at being fit and am quite athletic. My love of sports is one of the most important things in my life.

      I live in a recreational paradise where I do a great deal of hiking, cross-country skiing, camping, snowboarding, cycling and (formerly) running.

      My ex wife was heavier and had knee problems, so she never did any of those activities me. This was okay because my three kids came with me over the past twenty years but they are moving away now, so now I do these things mainly by myself.

      My future boyfriend must be able to do many of these fitness activities with me and Gay Politician will never be able to.

  7. Buddy, I think you just need to end it with the heavy politician. It totally sucks being on the rejected end of a hopeful budding romance or friendship, but the rejection is compounded when one is strung along with hopeful thoughts of a deepening relationship, only to figure out later it was all one sided. It's easy to be not pick up on subtle clues when one is infatuated. It seems cruel to be so blunt, but it's even more cruel to let someone be allowed to fool themselves into thinking one thing, and the reality is another.

    1. Thanks, Jack. You've certainly given me much to think about. The fact is that the Gay Politician was messaging me repeatedly on three different hookup sites far beyond what would be considered "normal", given the fact that I was ignoring him.

      That does suggest that he was a bit obsessive about it.

  8. Wow some hot speedo guys, hope all is going good Buddy

    1. Thank you, Justin! Everything is going extremely well with me. I wish I could see more Speedo guys like that in real life, both in the pool and in my bed, rather than just in photos. :-)


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