Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sleeping Naked

I often sleep naked during hot humid weather. Now, however, I always think of being  nekkid with Hottie Nurse, our arms and legs wrapped around each other, his head on my chest....

I'd love to cuddle with any of these guys.  Any favourite men (or poses) from the pics below?






  1. I cannot sleep naked, I always get aroused.

  2. anne marie in phillyAugust 14, 2011 at 7:28 AM

    nekkid sleeping is a MUST for me in summer! winter, I need to put something on (like an old t-shirt) cause this delicate flower (heh heh heh) gets chilly!

    I would sleep with ANY of these dudes!

  3. I will take one of each for each day of the week and #2 twice. I think I am more like #6 but not as hairy, and I sleep naked only if I am by myself. I would really like to try cuddling/sleeping naked with someone else, but that rarely happens.

  4. I know the guy in the first picture. Used to live in Dallas. ;)

  5. After careful review review of the photos and reflection, sleeping isn't what immediately comes to mind.

  6. I prefer sleeping in a pair of boxer briefs and a short T-Shirt. It's what I find sexiest on a guy. Of course, sleeping naked while wrapped in the arms of another naked guy is Paradise!

  7. Mind of Mine: "I always get aroused." You make this sound like a bad thing. ;-)

    anne marie, Will, WranglerMan: thanks for commenting!

    Bartlebi: hmmm... why don't you try to recreate picture #6 for us? Hot!!

    Jim: How cool! He looks adorable sleeping there!

    Cubby: I'm happy for you! In the meantime, I'm DEEPLY WOUNDED that no one realized that one of the six pictures is me *** sniff***.

  8. It is when I have work the next day and I am so tired from the 4 0r 5 wanks I have had in the night.

  9. I normally just sleep in boxer briefs... But i've done number 3 a couple of times....

  10. BB, no socks in bed, pleeez! ;)

  11. Mind of Mine: 4 or 5 wanks? Oh, to be in my 20s again!

    Deep Blue: Yes, picture #4 is me. I rather like that shot! I promise, I'd NEVER wear socks while having sex! What a faux pas that would be!

    However, I often sleeping wearing socks in winter as my feet get cold; poor circulation in my old age? Also, our temperatures can dip to -20 to -40 degrees.

    For this picture, I had to put on my socks as the bottoms of my feet embedded with dirt and impossible to clean; I do all my gardening in bare feet.

  12. HAHA! So do I! Winter can be such a bitch for those popsicle toes of mine! :)

  13. I have slept naked for more than 45 years. I can't imagine sleeping with anything on. As for getting aroused, what's wrong with that?

    Jack Scott

  14. Buddy, you got a HOT ASS! I knew I should have raped you when I had the chance. Damn my stupid law-abiding ethos! I guess the two hugs and nipple tugs I got will have to suffice.

  15. I KNEW pic #3 was your fine ass. It was the socks that tipped me off - it's SO you.

  16. Cubby and RG: Thanks guys! ***blush***

  17. I don't mind socks. Not when the rest is available.

  18. I too love sleeping naked....Plus my penis is free, and I feel very comfortable being a male nudist too...


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