Saturday, August 20, 2011


Lard Arse
You must check out these self-pics posted by sexy-hot bloggers Rob,  D@vid , Bartlebi, and Kelly  (check out Kelly's eighth picture of him in the shower!  Woot!!)  You guys are inspirational!

I've stolen their idea and have posted a few pictures of myself. Right now, I'm easily 25 pounds heavier than my marathon training weight.  All that extra weight is around my middle, so there will be no shirtless pics of me for now!

I've been extremely busy working dusk-to-dawn preparing my house for sale, decluttering, moving boxes to storage, completing countless jobs and coordinating the work of some paid help.   The plan is that as soon as my wife finds a little house in town to buy, mine will go up for sale.

The real estate market here is absolutely booming and most houses are selling very quickly, sometimes at prices higher than their asking price (due to bidding wars.)  Insane!   The problem this creates is that my wife is having a great difficulty even finding a suitable house to look at.

We want to get this buying and selling of homes over with as soon as possible so that all of can us get settled into our new lives. Also, there is a concern that our real estate market might cool down with all the bad economic news in the world.
It will be said to leave the home where I've lived for over 20 years and raised our kids.  However, if our present verbal agreement holds, my new home will be in an absolutely spectacular location.   Very exciting!!!

Before any of these real estate transactions go ahead,  we need to meet with our mediator-lawyer who will help us negotiate our final separation / divorce agreement.  This will be stressful and something, I think, that we are procrastinating about.


  1. that is not a lard ass... and thanks... keep up the self pics!!! and good luck with house selling and buying...

  2. Can you mortgage your present home and use the money to buy the new properties, and then repay the mortgage when you sell the present house?

  3. anne marie in phillyAugust 20, 2011 at 9:03 AM

    me wanna (lightly) pinch that arse; it's cute!

  4. Thanks Kelly and anne marie for the kind comments!

    Naturgesetz: We will have no trouble with financing during this transitional period! We are selling the most expensive of the two properties we own so that will clear all of our debts with cash to spare.

    I will be taking sole ownership of the other home which we already own. My wife's new house will be a very small one, so in the end, she will likely own it debt-free.

  5. OK, enough half-nekkid pics for today. Get back to work! (We look forward to your half-nekkid pics when you take your work break tomorrow). ;-)

    Will J

  6. you aren't standing in poison ivy there, are you??

  7. Will: While packing, I found a pair of early 80s short shorts, abstract pattern in fluorescent colours with split sides. Maybe I'll model them for you tomorrow.

    Dr. Spo: No, it poison ivy doesn't grow here... it's too far north.

  8. anne marie in phillyAugust 21, 2011 at 9:44 AM

    OH PLEASE MODEL THEM FOR ME AND ME ALONE, dear buddy bear! ;-)

  9. Your ass looks phenomenal!!!!

  10. D@vid: thank you for that! Wow... and I mean WOW!!!

  11. Honey, what I wouldn't do with/to your 'lard' ass!!!

    Don't worry about the 25 pounds. It will come off easily, albeit slowly, if you put your mind to it. I am proof of it. This may be a little hard to believe, but in the six weeks since we met, I lost another 10 pounds!

  12. The first thought I had when I saw you six weeks ago was, "Wow, is he ever slim!" Congratulations on the weight loss; you're inspirational! Pretty soon you'll be so skinny that you won't have a shadow.

  13. I like the lard arse lol! You look great man! Sweet pics!

  14. I think you look great! keep it up! I would recommend holding off on the buying as traditionally, summer time is the busiest time in real estate. I would sell your home now and buy in the winter. Usually in the winter, you can negotiate and find a better deal as there are less buyers. Granted there will be less inventory, but I'm sure you'll be able to find a home that your ex will like. Good luck with the mediation and marathon training! David


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